Cara Delevingne talks Suicide Squad and getting her yellow belt in martial arts

05 Aug 2016

As far as superhero films go, movies with Batman in have always been the most colourful when it comes to the villains. While other heroes fight villains bent on wealth, revenge or world domination, Batman’s rogue gallery steers distinctly towards the strange.

So the new Suicide Squad movie should come as no surprise, placing the Dark Knight’s bad guys front and centre-stage. As well as (of course) the Joker and his idiosyncratic former therapist, Harley Quinn, we have Boomerang who… we’ll let you guess what his weapon is, Killer Croc, (again, the clue is in the name) and El Diablo, who can summon fire. But in this freaky gallery of characters, perhaps the strangest of the strange is Cara Delevingne as Dr. June Moone and her magical second personality, Enchantress.

So how do you bring a character to life who seems weird and wonderful in a world that already has Superman and Wonder Woman?

Suicide Squad - Enchantress

“A character like Enchantress is so out of this world, but the reason I think David is such a wonderful person to do this movie is that he makes everything so grounded and real, and brings it very much to this planet,” Delevingne says. “David saw Enchantress as this powerful person, almost like a bully, but a big part of her is missing; she has been hurt and is very vulnerable – and anyone can relate to that.”

Playing two characters

Of course, a character having a double identity isn’t exactly news in the DC universe, but for Dr. June Moone the problem is a heightened one. She is literally two people. Indeed, Delevingne’s favourite part of the role was playing those two people off of each other.

“My favorite scene was probably when I first meet myself, in essence – when June first meets the Enchantress,” she says. “I acted out the two different parts on two separate days for the scene when the characters meet each other face-to-face.”

The two characters had different make-up, different costumes and different mannerisms, and Delevingne even gave different accents for each side of her personality.

“Dr. June Moone is American, but I felt that the Enchantress is English,” Delevingne says. “She’s been on this planet for many, many years and America is obviously a newer country. I imagine that since she’s older, she’d be speaking Latin or something like that, but since an English accent was probably more realistic, I thought that that would be a better choice.”

Training up for the part

Obviously, being a powerful sorceress half the time means we can expect some jaw-dropping special effects from the Enchantress. She leaves the shooting and running and hitting people with hammers to the rest of the time, but on the rare occasions we do see Enchantress in action – it’s all Delevingne.

“The first day was fun and memorable – I had to fall like ten or twenty feet down a cave chute,” she says, remembering one of the biggest stunts she did for the film.

Although the Enchantress herself might not stoop to hand-to-hand combat, Delevingne herself was happy to learn.

“I did a bit of fight training anyway, just for fun, and to develop the physicality of the character,” she says. “Everyone trained in martial arts, which was very fun, and I did get my yellow belt.”

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