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Strength, flight, invincibility, heat vision, an unswerving sense of justice: they’re all family traits. Kara, Superman’s cousin, also survived the cataclysm that destroyed their homeworld of Krypton. And when she comes to Earth, she’s Supergirl! 

Creative forces behind Superman: The Movie take another page from the DC Comics lore with this fun and effects-packed adventure about the Girl of Steel. Helen Slater plays the title role, posing as Midvale prep-schooler Linda Lee, battling a sorceress (Faye Dunaway) for control of an alien power orb and enjoying an unexpected dating ritual called kissing. Peter O’Toole and Mia Farrow add more starpower to the ultrapowered excitement. All you in Midvale and beyond, have no fear: Supergirl is here!