The best TV episodes to watch this Valentine's Day

04 Feb 2017

The most (commercially) romantic day of the year is right around the corner, where love hearts, chocolates and roses will be in every shop. To really get into the romantic mindset this year, we’re looking back on some of our favourite TV shows to see how these characters celebrate the big day with their loved ones. Because Valentine’s Day has brought us some great TV episodes... 

The Big Bang Theory: The Locomotion Manipulation (S7 E15)

It’s a Valentine’s Day to remember on The Big Bang Theory, as Amy, Sheldon, Howard and Bernadette go on a trip away to Napa Valley, which Sheldon only agrees to because they’ll be travelling on a vintage train. During the journey however, Sheldon ends up abandoning Amy to have dinner with another train enthusiast. When he returns Amy is upset that he’s ruined their romantic weekend away, and Sheldon starts to pantomime romantic gestures. Suddenly things take a dramatic turn however, and the beloved ‘Shamy’ mark a major romantic milestone.

Pretty Little Liars: Along Comes Mary (S7 E5)

The relationship between Ezra and Aria has been shaky at best over the course of the Pretty Little Liars’ seasons. It didn’t help matters that their relationship started off as a teacher-student love affair. But after 7 seasons of ups and downs, break ups and hookups, Ezra finally decides to put it all in the past, gets down on one knee, and ask the most romantic question of all. But will she say ‘yes’?

Pretty Little Liars

A to Z: M is for Meant to Be (S1 E13)

‘M is For Meant to Be’ is the finale episode of A to Z and is a sure-fire way to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Zelda and Andrew’s relationship is put to the test when Andrew lets his ex stay at his place, and Zelda ponders a new career move. In the end Zelda decides to take the job and move to New York while Andrew confesses his deep love for her on her voicemail – but as with all good romantic sitcoms, there’s a twist. We’re left to wonder what will happen to these two love birds once the series ends.

a-z tv valentines day

Friends: The One With the Candy Hearts (S1 E14)

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little help from our friends. The One With the Candy Hearts is season 1’s 14th episode – and also marks the first time we meet the one and only Janice. Chandler tags along with Joey on a Valentine’s Day double date and ends up being paired with this memorable ex. Across town Ross is also on a date with a new flame, but runs into his ex (and her new wife) at the table next to them. Back in the apartment is where things really start to heat up however, when Phoebe, Rachel and Monica decide to burn mementos of their past boyfriends. As luck would have it they accidentally start a fire, which brings three cute firemen into the building. It’s definitely a Valentine’s Day for the books.


Mike and Molly: First Valentine’s Day (S1 E16)

Mike and Molly’s very first Valentine’s Day is a hilarious but heartfelt episode sure to get you in the mood for romance. Mike is excited about having someone to share Valentine’s Day with and goes a little overboard, planning a romantic dinner out, carriage ride around the lake, and cake from Molly’s favourite bakery. But when he goes to pick up the cake he meets a handsome baker who tells Mike he used to be engaged to Molly. This discovery throws Mike into a downward spiral, wondering why Molly wouldn’t tell him something so fundamental.

Mike Molly Valentines

Which Valentine’s Day TV episode are you most excited to watch this February 14th?

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