What makes the perfect on-screen mum?

21 Feb 2018

There are a few on-screen mums who truly stand the test of time, so we’ve gone through the WB vault in search of those all important personality traits that some of our favourites share. After all, there’s a lot that goes into being a great mum, so what if you could choose the best bits from some of the most iconic maternal characters? See if you agree with our list...


There’s nothing that makes a mum more memorable than a good sense of humour, and The House’s Kate (Amy Poehler) epitomises the hilarious mum. When they decide to start an illegal casino in their home in order to afford their daughter’s college tuition, Kate and husband Scott (Will Ferrell) get into some pretty crazy scenarios. They’re impossible not to laugh your way through, yet at the heart of it all is the couple’s commitment to their daughter.

The House

Work ethic

Whether staying at home to raise the kids or heading back to the corporate world, the best on-screen mums are incredibly hard working. Anne Hathaway takes on the role of Jules in The Intern – a character so dedicated to her job that she’s single-handedly built an entire e-commerce fashion start-up. She’s a mum who’s juggling a lot, but with a little help from new intern Ben (Robert De Niro), she manages to stay on top while still being a fantastic role model to her daughter.

The Intern


Selflessness is one of the main qualities of any mum, and that stays true for on-screen portrayals. In Blended, divorcee Lauren (Drew Barrymore) knows better than anyone what it’s like to raise a family on her own and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to putting her kids before herself. When she goes on an all-expenses-paid trip to Africa with her family and bumps into disastrous ex-date Jim (Adam Sandler), she finally realises that it’s okay to let people in and take help when needed.

Drew Barrymore in Blended Warner Bros


There’s no better example of a loving on-screen mother than Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) in the Harry Potter franchise. Not only was she a caring mum to her own family, but she takes Harry in and treats him as her own. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Molly’s love for her family sees her take on the infamous Bellatrix Lastrange (Helena Bonham Carter), proving love and kindness are never a sign of weakness.

Harry potter Warner Bros


Based on the best-selling novel, Everything, Everything follows 18-year-old Madeline (Amandla Stenberg), whose debilitating illness means she can’t leave the confines of her house. Her mum Pauline (Anika Noni Rose) is focussed on keeping her healthy and protecting her from the germs outside, even if it means keeping her away from boy next-door Ollie (Nick Robinson). Despite the ups and downs that ensue, Pauline’s motivation is only ever keeping her daughter safe.

Everything Everything Nicola Yoon Warner Bros


Jennifer Aniston’s character Sarah in We’re The Millers may not be a real mum, but she certainly proves herself to be a great stand-in. Sarah is dedicated to her pretend children and family, as they play dress-up to get across the border in order to smuggle drugs into the country. They might start off as strangers thrown together to make a little cash, but Sarah takes her responsibility seriously and shows strong loyalty when things turn sour.

Jennifer Anniston We are the millers


Leigh Anne Tuohy from The Blind Side is an inspiration to us all. Based on a true story, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) takes in homeless teen Michael (Quinton Aaron), who’s been in and out of the school system for years. She’s determined to give this young man a better life and for him to excel in both school and sport. Through her support and deciation, he gets accepted into several universities on a full-ride American football scholarship.


Do you agree with our perfect on-screen mum list? Who would you add? 

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