Films That Are Safe to Watch With Mum

16 Mar 2017

For your mum, spending a bit of time together is priceless and can result in a year’s worth of brownie points. Watching a good film is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things you can do together, but there’s that potential minefield of awkward x-rated scenes that can quickly make things go downhill. To avoid any blushing, fast-forward inducing moments, we’ve selected a list of mum-approved favourites that mean you can sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

The Intern Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway

In a film about generation gaps, it makes sense to cast big stars who best define both the classics and the modern greats. As such, the blend of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in this movie about a senior, experienced businessman joining a plucky New York City startup, is a grand one. This light-hearted comedy drama isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues, but on the whole keeps it clean and fun.

Café Society Bobby Dorfman Jesse Eisenberg Veronica Blake Lively

Leave it to Woody Allen to conjure up a tale of dreams and whimsy that’s still grounded, with snappy dialogue and rounded characters to boot. Jesse Eisenberg steps forward as the wide-eyed idealist Bobby Dorfman, with Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively at either side. The film trails his aspirations from the Bronx over to Hollywood, weaving in romance and hijinks with effortless 1930s style.


Settle in with a box of tissues if you’ve got this epic on standby. There’s never been a film quite like it, with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett’s performances becoming all the more poignant with each viewing. While the idea of a couple ageing in opposite directions is an intriguing one, the film weaves something implausible into a believable and heart-wrenching narrative that ticks all the boxes.


This movie adaptation of the cult Danny Wallace book turns out to be a fascinating look at positive lifestyles from a new angle. Jim Carrey is Carl, is a lazy and unmotivated guy who seems to be waiting for life to get started, yet it’s only when he starts saying yes to things that life truly picks up.


Richard Gere and Diane Lane are no strangers to sparkling onscreen chemistry, although in Nights in Rodanthe it’s all taken from a new and world-weary perspective. While Paul, played by Gere, is a gifted surgeon who lost his family through his career ambitions, Lane’s Adrienne is a divorcee holding the family together following a nasty breakup. Foul weather has them shacked up with fellow guests in a remote countryside hotel, where all manner of emotional surprises await.


Make way for the perfect romantic comedy combination of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. The premise seems simple at the start, as a music composer struggling with lyrics meets a gardening fanatic with the gift of the gab. Of course, the path to true love never runs smooth, so you can expect plenty of bum notes to ensue.


This cult 1990s comedy is a classic case of who’s-the-daddy, throwing in snarky quips from Billy Crystal and Robin Williams to boot. Part buddy road movie, part coming of age story, Crystal and Williams compete to determine the father of Scott (Charlie Hofheimer) – a teenage boy sprung upon them by a face from the past.

Mother’s Day is a fantastic excuse to settle in for a relaxing night of films. What’s your go-to classic when mum comes calling?

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