7 Iconic Film Settings to Inspire Your Own Summer Holiday

27 Jun 2017

Films have the power to transport us to the furthest corners of the world. Summer of course brings with it the potential for a relaxing getaway – with movie backdrops providing some pretty enticing destinations. A few favourites are listed below to help you plan your big break in the sun…

Adventurous South Africa

South Africa is a rising star in the world of cinema, with our own Tomb Raider on location earlier this year. With such a rich and breath-taking landscape, it’s no surprise that the country lights up the silver screen. Sprawling plains make for great set-pieces in movies such as Duma, which poignantly explores the relationship between man and nature. South Africa’s passionate sporting tradition is yet another reason to visit, as Clint Eastwood’s Invictus perfectly displays, with Morgan Freeman’s magnificent performance as the nation’s beloved Nelson Mandela.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider on beach

Untamed Vietnam

Vietnam’s time in the limelight during this year’s blockbuster Kong: Skull Island put this spectacular country on the map for a whole variety of reasons. The production team considered destinations all over the world in their mission to create a landscape raw enough to accommodate the giant creatures of the film, and the Vietnamese jungle provided just what they were looking for. Director Vogt-Roberts has since praised the friendliness of Vietnamese people, the beauty of places like Halong Bay and of course, the incredible food.
Skull Island

Extreme Australia

The action of Point Break sees surfing, climbing and extreme sports undertaken across the globe, yet the beating heart of the film has always been Australia. The sprawling beaches down under make the perfect backdrop for this high-octane adventure, which stars Luke Bracey (Johnny Utah) and Teresa Palmer (Samsara Dietz). Australia is a realm of vast, sweeping landscapes and unforgettable surfing opportunities, so if water sports and the opportunity to bungee jump or skydive take your fancy, this may just be the place for you.
Luke Bracey - Point Break 2016 - Jet Ski

Romantic Mauritius

In the romantic drama Me Before You, star-crossed lovers Lou (Emilia Clarke) and Will (Sam Claflin) go through plenty of challenges as a result of Will’s paralysis. Some welcome respite for the couple comes as they escape to the sun of Mauritius, whose golden beaches, blazing blue skies and chic architecture make for the perfect romantic holiday. 
Me Before You - Will Traynor Majorca

Passionate Argentina

Argentina – and more specifically the beautiful city of Buenos Aires – is the vibrant backdrop of Focus. Experienced con artist Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith) undergoes a journey of self-discovery when faced with a ghost from the past, seen in the seductive Jess (Margot Robbie). While the story of love, redemption and plenty of manipulation is a great journey all its own, the glamour and sunshine of Buenos Aires is what seals the deal in this slick drama.

Exotic Hawaii

Paradise beaches probably spring to mind when thinking of this tropical island off the west coast of America. Its epic landscape is surely what’s made it a firm favourite for big screen action sequences, with the mighty Godzilla spending much of his time at Waikiki Beach during his 2014 big screen showdown. We’re sure that holidays here will be spent in a much more relaxing way, though. 

Mythical New Zealand

No tour of the world’s top film destinations would be complete without New Zealand, most famous for featuring as Middle Earth in fantasy epics such as The Hobbit. Its sprawling landscapes, rugged hinterlands and thick woodlands make it the perfect place for Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Gandalf (Ian McKellan) to adventure across. Expect breath-taking scenery and big smiles everywhere you go if you visit here. 
From the fantastical to the down to earth, movies make best use of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Wherever you’re jetting off to this summer, see if you can find a small reminder left behind from your favourite films.

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