Take a Peek Inside the Wardrobes of the Pretty Little Liars

24 Aug 2017

The Liars may be constantly on the run from a variety of dangerous and mysterious enemies but they still find the time to put together some seriously stylish outfits. And while they may be BFFs, they’re not clones – each of the girls has their own unique style. 

We've had plenty of time to check out the girls' fashion moments after seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars, the hit teen drama mystery based on the popular books of the same title which began with that memorable text message that set off a whole mysterious turn of events.

Pretty Little Liars boxset season 7 out now fashion article warner bros

Since Season 1 the girls have been pursued by a series of mysterious and villainous foes, and they’ve had to battle against all odds to solve the mystery – and prevent their darkest secrets being revealed.

Spencer is the perfectionist; a smart, competitive, and strong-willed overachiever who works hard to please. Hanna is the glamour girl. Aria is the artsy wild child who has a sensitive soul and plenty of individuality. Emily stands out as the sporty one and she's loyal, kind, and sweet. And Alison is the Liars' manipulator - charming and beautiful but with a dark side.

Check out the Liars' signature styles, discover their fashion essentials, and find out how you can get their look. 

Aria (Lucy Hale)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 out now fashion article warner bros

What’s Her Style? Bold. Cool. Unique.

Style Essentials: Cool accessories, bold and unusual prints, statement coats, printed short shorts, massive earrings, cropped biker jacket, printed bag.

She may be kooky but she’s definitely not a fashion disaster. Aria (aka Lucy Hale) loves to layer and her prints are always clashing in the best possible way. She’s an expert at combining patterns within an outfit and adding the perfect accessories like combat boots or an amazing printed coat to give it some edge. You’re most likely to say, “It’s crazy, but it works!”

Emily (Shay Mitchell)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 out now fashion article warner bros

What’s Her Style? Glam. Girly. Fashion.

Style Essentials: Sky-high heels, pretty printed dresses, miniskirts, LBD.

Glamour girl Hanna goes for bright, patterned dresses and pretty, kooky detailing. As the resident fashionista in the gang, Hanna knows how to work a current trend. But she’s also known for her casual cool – but it’s always glammed up with sparkle and a pop of bright colour. Hanna is ready for the party whatever the day or time.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 out now fashion article warner bros

What’s Her Style? Preppy. Classic. Elegant.

Style Essentials: Patterned dresses and cardigans, knee socks, lace-up boots, black skinnies, blazer, vintage dresses.

Spencer is smart, sassy and always coming up with a witty remark. Her preppy-cool style definitely suits this razor-sharp personality. She’s not afraid to go the extra mile and pair knee socks with a sailor dress, or a vintage dress with an oversize cardigan. Spencer can be serious and assertive at times but she’s also got a fun side, which shows in the quirky details of her look.

Alison (Sasha Pieterse)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 out now fashion article warner bros

What’s Her Style? Girly. Colourful. Coordinated.

Style Essentials: Bold blazer, dark denim skinnies, pink jumper, monochrome.

Alison is anything but a wallflower in her signature pretty prints, bold colours, and trendy coordinated accessories. She can be devilish and manipulative, but she has her sweet side - those cute and colourful outfits reflect this.

One of the best things about Pretty Little Liars is the characters. These girls really stand out for their individual personalities - as well as their style. It’s tough to pick a favourite, but luckily you don’t have to. Just check out the episodes and pick up some style pointers every time.

Need more inspiration? Click here to watch Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7.

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