The Top 5 Motivational Boxing Movie Tracks

12 Jan 2016

Creed will be joining a long and noble line of sports movies that have taught us some of the most valuable life lessons. That we can achieve anything if we work hard, believe in ourselves, have the will to succeed and most importantly, have a killer montage soundtrack.

In celebration of the genre we’ve picked out some perfect motivational songs for when you’re duking it out with a punching bag, running up and down the steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, or drinking a big glass of eggs. However, it’s got to be said that these songs work just as well to motivate you when you’re doing the housework, filling out your tax return or having a nap that’s just a really intense nap.

And just to mix it up a little bit, some of these songs aren’t massive eighties power ballads.

5.) The Fire (The Roots feat. John Legend)

The Creed soundtrack features some powerful orchestral scores and a smorgasbord of amazing hip hop. From 2Pac’s Hail Mary to Childish Gambino, Jhené Aiko, Vince Staples and Ludwig Göransson performing Waiting For My Moment, you can pretty much put the entire soundtrack on your MP3 player and turn your workout into a dramatic battle against the odds.

But our personal favourite on there is The Roots’ The Fire, featuring John Legend. We dare you to walk down the street listening to it without a strut.

4.) Danger Zone (Kenny Logins)

Another great montage song, even if not technically a boxing one, the fact is you can’t beat a bit of Kenny Logins. The only possible flaw to this one is that you’ll have to stop whatever you’re doing halfway through to sing along to the chorus.

3.) Right Here, Right Now (Fatboy Slim)

When we really want to get something done and want to feel like a hero for doing it, nothing beats a good bit of string melody. Here that melody is sampled from the James Gang song Ashes, the Rain & I mixed in with a loop of Angela Basset saying the song title. The end result is a tune that will make you believe you can do anything.

2.) Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)

Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? At first glance Freddy Mercury does not make you think of boxing, but the fact is this song is all the battle cry you’ll ever need. Alternatively, We Will Rock You is another great Queen song for when you’ve decided you’re gonna take on the world and kick it’s can all over the place.

We Are the Champions is another classic, but we’ve got to admit it’s less for training montages than your post-fight victory lap.

1.) Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Let’s be honest, there was only ever going to be one song leading this list. You think “boxing song”, you think “montage song”, and you’re thinking about the thrill of the fight and rising up to the challenge of your rival. You’re thinking about Eye of the Tiger. This song has become so entwined with the Rocky mythos that most people forget it didn’t turn up in the movies until the third film. Go on, listen to it now and feel invincible. (Disclaimer: You won’t actually be invincible.)

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