Michael B Jordans Intense Training for Creed

08 Jan 2016

Creed tells the story of Rocky Balboa and the son of his old friend and nemesis, Apollo Creed. However, another reason to see the film is simply to gaze upon the sculpted physique of Michael B Jordan, playing Adonis Johnson in the movie. 

Michael B Jordan Creed

Actors have lost weight or gained muscle to take on film roles before, with Christian Bale in particular switching body shapes so drastically you suspect he may have an inflatable bodysuit and a foot pump somewhere, but in Creed Jordan doesn’t just buff out a little bit, he is a work of art.

It helps that Jordan took his preparation for the film extremely seriously, with an intense workout regime. Two to three times a day, six days a week, Jordan was working out, working with professional trainer Corey Calliet to develop his muscles. In addition to the physical training, he was also learning the art of on-screen boxing from Sly Stallone himself.

We’re going to assume that all of this took place during a length montage to the backing of an eighties power ballad.


Of course, you can’t bulk up that much without some serious fuel. Of course, anyone who’s seen the previous Rocky movies remembers Stallone chugging down a glass of five raw eggs to get him ready for a day of intense training, but Jordan prefers a more traditional drink. Part of his diet in preparing for Creed involved drinking “a lot of water” as he puts it.

It was strongly hinted that Rocky was a whizz in the kitchen. When Adonis Johnson’s father, Apollo Creed, said of Rocky that “If he can’t fight, I bet he can cook” he was making a joke at the expense of Rocky’s Italian heritage. But in the long run his comment turned out to be prophetic, with Rocky eventually owning and running Adrian’s Restaurant, named for his late wife.

Beyond that, we don’t know much about Rocky’s diet. We know that he trained for his big match against Apollo in a meat packing plant, but there’s no word on whether he actually ate the meat there.

Michael B Jordan

Meanwhile, Jordan’s diet in the run up to filming Creed is much less mysterious. In fact, for people looking for exotic super foods or the secret super diets of the stars it borders on boring. Michael B Jordan had to strip his diet down completely. He lived on the same meal of grilled chicken, brown rice and broccoli for ten months.

It wasn’t long before that, combined with his extreme workout regime, started to yield some serious results. “If you do that consistently for about 10 months, your body will change,” Jordan says.

So it turns out the secret to Adonis Johnson’s body is lots of exercise and healthy eating. Which sounds like a lot of a hard work, but on the other hand, he’s called Adonis for a reason…


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