Q&A with The Intern director Nancy Meyers

02 Oct 2015

To celebrate the release of The Intern, in cinemas now, award-winning filmmaker Nancy Meyers reveals all, exclusively to the insider...

Nancy Meyers

Insider: What drew you to create a film about different generations coming together?

Nancy: Well as I get older I feel further away from the millennials, you know, and I have kids that age, I adore them and there’s never a time when I’m with that generation that I don’t enjoy their company honestly their friends or you know attend things that they go to with them and I think that I wanted to write about them in some way but I wasn’t sure at first how and so it seemed as though it also seemed humorous to put somebody turning  seventy or at seventy with people who just graduated college that are early twenties their lives are so different especially the man to have such an incredible difference between a seventy year old man and a twenty two year old and I wanted to talk about that

Insider: What do you think the older and younger generation can learn from each other?

Nancy: Different generations can learn endless things, absolutely endless things, from each other. Obviously I think you can learn a little bit more from older people because we’ve lived and we have an understanding of maybe... they get a little.. I’ve noticed they get very caught up in the moments and people my age can sort of see where it’s going ahead of time.

Insider: well we have some interns in the office that we’ve particularly used for social because even though I’ve been working on social for 10 years, it’s such a fast moving environment

Nancy: well in that area you can’t compete, they have a fountain of knowledge I don’t know where they learn it instantaneously but they do.

Insider: well I just found out the other day that the way they communicate with each other is through snapchat as in I know what snapchat is but I didn’t realise that like in my day we used to phone call or send a text message now people send snapchats

Nancy: no to younger people, calling someone on the phone now is like me sending a telegram

Insider: I've never seen a telegram so

Nancy: neither have I but that’s my point that’s how ancient a phone seems which is why he makes phone books by the way because it’s just you know a crazy thing to get a phone book you know I’m gonna go through these pages and find a number.

Insider: The film is refreshing in that it shows a strong platonic friendship between a man and a woman, why do you think that is important to cover

Nancy: well I mean who else are we going to have relationships with , you know I’ve made my share of romantic comedies and I wanted to write something different I really did and I know there’s a lot of movies that are male friend movies and female friends movies but there also you know real relationships in life and these people are so far apart in age it’s never gonna turn in to anything else its always gonna remain a friendship and I thought it was special and specially somebody who’s in such a current world as she is you know running a start up to have an older person there when nobody is over 34 in this place to have somebody that is so much older than everybody else and what happens, I think what happens is what would happen it seems everybody from the head of the company to the interns turn to him for advice and counsel.

Insider: the intern is such a feel good film, what would you say makes you smile on a daily basis?

Nancy: my grandson. No chance anything else brings a smile to my face as fast as that kid. He is so adorable so you know family.

The Intern is showing in UK cinemas now, so make sure you book your tickets here

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