A Guide To Neverland

19 Oct 2015
When most of us think of Neverland, that captivating universe created by J.M. Barrie, we immediately picture an enchanted world peopled by pirates, fearless warriors and magical fairies.

From the amazing imagination of scriptwriter Jason Fuchs comes an entirely new perspective on that childhood. In an effort to unearth some of the mysteries surrounding Peter’s past and the magical realm to which he is spirited away, Fuchs has delivered a startlingly vibrant representation of Neverland – like we’ve never seen it before.

Pan Ship

“A Big, Beautiful, Bold World”

 “This is Peter Pan for 2015, a complete reframing of the story as we all know and love it,” says director Joe Wright, of Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina fame. “It’s Peter’s origin story and a classic hero’s journey set in a big, beautiful, bold world.”

This remarkable new tale gives us an insight not only into the beginnings of Peter Pan and his nemesis Captain Hook, but also into the magical world of Neverland. After surviving 12 years in the Lambeth Home for Boys orphanage under the icy stewardship of Mother Barnabas, Peter’s luck appears to have changed when he’s transported aboard The Ranger, a bewitched floating galleon, and taken to a Neverland that is at once familiar and unrecognisable to the inner child in all of us.

Whilst the irrepressible vibrancy of the magical realm is still bubbling away below the surface, it’s currently being presided over by the fearsome pirate Blackbeard. Along with many other orphans, Peter is put to work mining for the elusive pixie dust which sustains the buccaneer’s immortality – though as Blackbeard will soon find out, Peter has other ideas. Blackbeard may pose a daunting prospect, but his menace is matched by the unwavering heroism and infectious vitality of the natives, who are determined not to let the cruel corsair have everything his own way.

Pan - Garrett Hedlund and Levi Miller
Finding Neverland

Teaming up with fierce warrior Tiger Lily and his future foe Hook, Peter must use all of his impish inventiveness and hidden reserves of talent to overthrow Blackbeard’s ruthless regime and put the fairy dust back into Neverland. Though the parallel universe begins as a dreary place devoid of vitality, we soon come to see that Fuchs’ boundless imagination is matched by the limitless world he has created.

This enthusiasm and ingenuity is complemented by the directorial prowess and sheer fervour of Wright, who revels in the process just as much as his counterpart does.

“I really just wanted to make an exciting, entertaining film, and have as good a time as possible doing it,” Wright explains.  “It’s a pleasure making a film for kids because you can free yourself of too much seriousness.  It’s a mad world we’ve created, full of colour and texture and strange, wonderful images that hopefully feel like they’ve come from a child’s imagination.”

This family-friendly film is guaranteed to delight young and old audiences alike and allow us all an insight into the challenging path and apparently insurmountable obstacles which face Peter – and us all – in finding Neverland.

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