Courtney Cox Friends 20th on Jimmy Kimme live
Courteney Cox remembers Friends premiere 20 years ago

Courteney Cox remembers Friends premiere 20 years ago

24 Sep 2014

Courteney Cox talks about the 20th anniversary of Friends on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Courteney Cox celebrates #Friends20th by showing up on Jimmy Kimmel live to talk about her experience of seeing Friends for the first time.

Kimmel asked, "Did you watch the show on the air that night when it was on?" Cox replied, "We did. The whole cast. Maybe even Jimmy Burrows and maybe the creators. We did it every single Thursday for like the first year. And then by the tenth year it was…"

Jimmy jumped in, "...It was like enough already?" Courteney also noted that she usually hosted the viewing parties, “I provided some good snacks."

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