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True Blood Season 4

As if vampires, werewolves, werepanthers and shapeshifters weren't enough, Sookie Stackhouse and her allies in Bon Temps are about to face another round of otherworldly threats. It's time to bare your fangs for Season Four of this acclaimed HBO drama series that continues the story of this human/fairy waitress with telepathic gifts and an irresistible attraction to a vampire named Bill Compton. Though the bloody threat of Russell Edgington may have passed (for now), fresh trouble is brewing in Bon Temps... and many questions remain unanswered.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - She's Not There

    Sookie materializes in a grand ballroom full of faeries and humans. She's joined there by Claudine, who reveals herself as Sookie's godmother, and Sookie is offered a glowing "light fruit." Before she eats it, she notices her Granddaddy Earl, who disappeared 20 years earlier. Earl thinks he's been there for only a few hours, and Sookie pieces it all together. They're caught in a trap.  The faerie Queen Mab overhears Sookie's thoughts and confronts her. As the other faeries hold her down, Mab tries to make Sookie eat the light fruit. A sudden and powerful flash of light from Sookie's fingers lifts the façade; the light fruits are maggot-infested, the beautiful faeries are hideous creatures, and the grand ballroom is a desolate landscape. Sookie and Earl run from Queen Mab and her bombs of light, and with the assistance of a Claudine's brother Claude, escape through a portal into the Bon Temps cemetery. Earl, who'd tasted the light fruit, is dying. He gives Sookie his watch and disintegrates into the air.

    Sookie arrives back at her home, which has undergone major renovations. Jason shows up wearing a police uniform and reveals the truth to Sookie. She's been gone for more than a year. He and everyone else thought she was dead, so he sold the house. To prove to Jason where she was, Sookie gives him their grandfather's watch.

    At sundown, Bill and Eric show up at Sookie's home. They bicker until Bill commands Eric to leave. Sherriff Andy Bellefleur arrives as well, demanding to know where Sookie has been. Bill covers for her and says that she's been conducting "vampire business" on his behalf. Sookie thanks Bill for helping her but isn't ready to forgive him yet for lying to her. In the car, Jason confronts Andy about him using V.

    Jesus takes Lafayette (who is sporting a mohawk hairdo) to the MoonGoddess Emporium. Inside, a group of Wiccans, including Holly from Merlotte's, sits in a circle on the floor. One of them, an older, gentle woman named Marnie Stonebrook, breaks from her chanting to call Lafayette over. At first, he's skeptical of her abilities. But when Marnie channels the spirit of Eddie, the vampire who used to give his blood to Lafayette, he is officially freaked out.

    At Fangtasia, Nan Flanagan shoots a public-service announcement for the American Vampire League. After Pam proves a poor fit, Nan recruits Eric to stand in and deliver a statement for the AVL, reassuring the public in a "post-Russell Edgington world." He's a natural.

    Domestic life is tough for Jessica and Hoyt. They quibble over his human need to eat. As he angrily shovels the uncooked eggs she prepared for him into his mouth, she can't help but laugh at him. They go to Fangtasia, and Pam catches her eyeing a fangbanger across the room. She maintains that Hoyt is all the man she needs, but Pam has her doubts.

    Since fleeing Bon Temps, Tara - now using the alias "Toni" - has been cage-fighting in New Orleans. Naomi, her opponent in the ring, is also her partner in the bedroom. While they're in bed, Tara receives word from Lafayette that Sookie is back, but decides not to return at Bon Temps.

    Sam has joined a support group for shifters as a form of anger management. After shooting Tommy in the leg, he's now paying for his brother's physical therapy - in addition to handing over free meals at Merlotte's. Tommy's moved in with Maxine, who is doing her best to raise him as a good Christian boy.

    Jason brings food to the children in Hot Shot. He tells them he's taking care of them until Crystal comes back. One of the boys asks Jason to fix the fridge, and while he's examining it, he's hit from behind and thrown inside. The unknown attacker locks him in.

    At Moon Goddess, Marnie mourns the loss of her pet conure. She asks the group, including Jesus and Lafayette, to join her in casting a spell. When Lafayette joins the circle, the group successfully brings the bird back to life - for a moment, at least. Later that night, a group member known to the others as Katie makes her way through a heavily guarded mansion, telling security that the king is expecting her. She takes her seat across from the Vampire King of Louisiana - Bill Compton.

    As Sookie prepares for bed, she throws her robe to the floor and doesn't hear it fall. She turns around to see Eric taking her in. When she realizes it's not a dream, she can't understand how he could be in her home after she had rescinded his invitation. He reveals that he bought her house, "because if I own the house, then I would own you." He moves towards her. "Sookie," he says, baring his fangs. "You are mine."

  2. 02 - You Smell Like Dinner

    Jason comes to and finds himself tied to a bed, being licked by Timbo and Becky, two of the teen-weres from Hot Shot. He convinces them to let him go, but as Timbo unties him, Felton marches in and puts a shotgun to Jason's face.

    At Sookie's house, Eric makes his new tenant an offer: If she agrees to be his, he'll protect her since word is sure to get out about her faerie blood. Sookie rebuffs his advances but hears him out.

    As Pam, Jessica and Hoyt leave Fangtasia, they're met by protesting Fellowship of the Sun members chanting anti-vampire rhetoric about the missing Steve Newlin. Calling him a fangbanger, they goad Hoyt into taking a swing at one of them while others record the fight. Pam stops Jessica from helping. "Technology's taken all the fun out of being a vampire," she says.

    Katerina reveals to Bill what she saw at the MoonGoddess Emporium. He relieves her of her undercover assignment, then her clothing. They're interrupted when Bill's guards catch Sookie wandering onto the property. Sookie sees the fang marks on Katerina's neck but contains her jealousy to ask for Bill's help in getting her house back.

    Bill summons Eric but the sheriff declines to sell Sookie's house. Bill then assigns him to investigate the coven at the MoonGoddess Emporium. Eric is skeptical at first, but when Bill reveals they've been practicing necromancy, he stops in his tracks. "If they can control the dead," Bill warns, "they can control us." Eric agrees to investigate personally, though he's bemused by Bill's ascension to the throne.

    In 1982 London, Nan Flanagan spots Bill feeding on a bartender at a punk bar. Noting that he glamours his prey instead of murdering them, she recruits him to the cause of mainstreaming and has him infiltrate the existing vampire power structure. Years later, when Bill fights with Queen Sophie-Anne, Nan secretly supplies him with back-up-an assault team brandishing silver bullets. After they lay waste to the queen, Nan installs Bill as the Vampire King of Louisiana.

    After a run with the shifter support group, Sam catches up with Luna, one of its members. They share a connection, and the next day she surprises him at Merlotte's. She reluctantly gives herself over to him, but it's clear she's holding something back. That night she reveals to the group that she's a skinwalker-a person who can shift into another person, but only after they've killed one of their own family members. The group smells something nearby and Sam goes after the scent. Shifting into an owl, he chases down Tommy, who’s shifted into a hawk, and confronts him. Tommy tells him he just wants them to be brothers again, and they agree to work at it.

    Instead of buying Hoyt aspirin after another argument, Jessica heads off to Fangtasia to feed on the fangbanger from the night before. Sookie arrives to plead with Eric to give her back the house. As Jessica gets her fill in the bathroom stall, Sookie overhears her. When Sookie reminds Jessica about Hoyt, Jessica lashes out. She doesn't want Sookie's advice, not after the way she treated Bill.

    Tara returns to Bon Temps to visit Sookie. After they've caught up, she joins Lafayette and Jesus at the MoonGoddess Emporium. Eric bursts inside and demands that the group stop meeting. When Marnie refuses him, he feeds on her. The Wiccans, including Lafayette, join hands and chant in unison to summon the dead. Suddenly, Marnie is inhabited by a fierce spirit with fire in her eyes. She chants forcefully in Latin and Eric is stunned. He retracts his fangs and leaves the MoonGoddess Emporium, spooked.

    Felton and Crystal reveal their plan for Jason: Felton is sterile, so they need Jason to propagate their kind by mating with Crystal. They shift and begin to bite Jason to turn him into a werepanther.

    Sookie spots Eric walking alone on the side of the road, shirtless and confused. He doesn't recognize her. Looking very un-Eric-like, he sniffs the air and asks Sookie, "Why do you smell so good?"

  3. 03 - If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'

    As Eric continues to stare at her blankly, Sookie pieces together that Eric is suffering from amnesia. He faintly recalls a spirit reaching into him, emptying him of who he was. Sookie takes pity on him and agrees to help him out, but not without ground rules. Eric is not allowed to touch her, and he especially cannot bite her.

    In Bill's office, the king reviews footage of a vampire attack captured by a site called The perpetrator of the attack sits before him, pleading his case. Bill coldly metes out his judgment-any vampire captured attacking a human on film must meet the true death. While the sentence is being carried out, Bill takes a moment to counsel a distraught Jessica, who is wracked with guilt over feeding on someone else. Bill tells her that if she loves Hoyt, she'll come clean to him. But when Jessica's admission and apology goes off the rails, she glamours Hoyt into forgetting it ever happened.

    Sookie takes care of Eric and is bemused by his childlike behavior. When Pam is informed of her maker's condition, she speeds over to Sookie's home, and desperately pleads with her to shield him from Bill, who she believes set Eric up. Sookie goes to Alcide's house in Shreveport to ask for his assistance, but is surprised to find Debbie Pelt there-now one year sober.

    At the MoonGoddess Emporium, the Wiccans argue about what to do next. Lafayette wants to square things with Eric, but Marnie and some of the others are upset that they've been told not to practice their religion. Jesus and Tara try to keep Lafayette from going to Fangtasia, but when he does, they have to strike a deal with a vengeful Pam. They agree to turn over Marnie in 24 hours, in the hope that she can reverse the spell, or else Pam will "personally eat, f**k, and kill" all three of them. Meanwhile, Marnie tries to conjure the spirit that inhabited her.

    Bill meets with the Bon Temps lawyer Portia Bellefleur, who has a proposal for him. In a business-like manner, she lays out a plan to add sex to their professional relationship. Bill agrees, but tells her he can never love her, as "one needs a young heart to take the leap that love requires." She accepts his terms, and later that night, they consummate the deal at his mansion.

    Crystal and Felton continue with their plan to have Jason propagate their kind. With Jason gashed, feverish, and tied to a bed, Crystal feeds him Mexican Viagra. As he goes in and out of consciousness, he becomes aware the Crystal is having sex with him, and there is a line of Hot Shot women at the door waiting to do the same. With all the sincerity he can muster, he tells Crystal he wishes he never laid eyes on her.

    Claudine arrives outside Sookie's home. She tells her goddaughter that only she can protect her-and that she's been protecting her this whole time, ever since the Rattrays tried to kill her. Sookie refuses to go along with her, and in a blur Eric grabs Claudine and feeds on her-draining her until she's nothing more than faerie dust. When Sookie expresses her anger towards him, he offers a sheepish grin. "Sorry," he says.

  4. 04 - I'm Alive and On Fire

    After draining Claudine, Eric comes after Sookie, craving more faerie blood. She cries out that he'd kill her, and Eric mumbles in response, "I'd never harm you." Drunk on faerie blood, he pinches her butt and runs around the yard. With dawn is approaching, he scampers off into the woods and Sookie gives chase.

    At Fangtasia, Bill confronts Pam about Eric's whereabouts, suspecting she knows where her maker is. She maintains that she doesn't, but gets in a crack about Bill's power going to his head. At Bill's home, Nan Flanagan chews out the king for sending Eric after the witches. Bill tells her that witches are a serious threat-"Remember the Spanish Massacre?"-but Nan isn't buying it.

    In the morning, Alcide shows up to help Sookie track down Eric. He shifts into a wolf and tracks down the scent to a nearby pond. They find the Nordic vampire, still high on faerie blood, swimming in the daylight and calling out sea monsters. Soon, the sun starts to burn his skin and Sookie wraps him in a blanket and takes him in. Alcide is concerned that Sookie is letting Eric live in her home, but Sookie counters that as long as he's living with Debbie Pelt, he's in no position to judge.

    Marnie has a vision of the Spanish Inquisition, in which she sees a woman being burned alive for practicing witchcraft. The woman is the same fierce-looking spirit Marnie channeled to wipe away Eric's memories. Unable to save the witch from her fate, Marnie mimics her chant, then wakes up with a start. At the MoonGoddess Emporium, Jesus, Lafayette and Tara try to convince Marnie to reverse the spell she placed on Eric, fearing Pam's retribution. They search the place for a possible solution, and just as they're about to give up, a book falls off the shelf with an answer.

    The Hot Shot women continue to have their way with Jason. After the others are finished, it’s young Becky’s turn to do the same. Jason convinces her that her first time should be special, and she agrees to cut him loose. When her uncle-daddy Felton finds out that Jason has escaped, he shifts into a panther and chases after the wounded man. Jason climbs up a tree and fashions a spear. When panther Felton draws near, Jason pounces on him, plunging the spear into his neck and killing him. Crystal follows behind, relieved to see Felton dead, so that now she and Jason can be together. Instead, Jason tells her, "If the next time I see you is a hundred years from now, it'd still be too goddamn soon." Dragging himself home, Jason passes out along the side of the road. Hoyt and Jessica spot him, and she feeds him her blood, nursing him back to health.

    Bill meets Andy and Portia Bellefleur's Grandmama in the parlor of her stately home. The centuries-old vampire and his impeccable manners charm the older woman. While reviewing the family genealogy, they both stop cold at the name Elizabeth Harris. Grandmama excuses herself and Bill tells Portia they can no longer see each other. When Portia presses him for a reason, Bill reveals that she is his great-great-great-great-granddaughter.

    In Sookie's home, Eric is feeling depressed that he'll no longer be able to walk in the sun. Sookie, who is starting to feel something for this version of Eric, does her best to lift his spirits. Bill shows up at the door looking for Eric, and asks to search the house. Sookie doesn't want to let him in, but Bill insists that he must do his duty. Sookie lies to him about Eric being inside, and appeals to the feelings he once had for her. Recognizing them-and believing her- he acquiesces.

    Tommy goes back to his mother, Melinda. She tells him she finally left Joe Lee, and the boy is thrilled. He tells her he's learned to read, making his mother beam with pride. Their joyous reunion is short-lived. Later that night Joe Lee emerges from behind Tommy and wraps him in a chain leash. It was all a setup -- the Mickens’ plan to put their prize pup back to work in the dog-fighting ring.

    In the woods, Pam watches impatiently and threateningly as Marnie attempts to reverse the spell cast on Eric. After a few false starts, Marnie is suddenly inhabited by the Spanish spirit in her dreams, and chants forcefully towards Pam. Pam's flesh starts to rot off of her face, and Marnie says to her in Latin with a sneer, "Corrupt, unsanctified corpse who walks, behold your true self."

  5. 05 - Me and The Devil

    Tommy struggles to free himself from the chains Joe Lee has wrapped around his neck. He plays possum, and when Joe Lee turns away, Tommy attacks him, landing a fatal blow with a metal pipe. Melinda rushes over to Joe Lee's defense, and Tommy dispatches her with a single swing. Realizing what he's done, Tommy grabs her lifeless body and cries out, "Momma."

    Out in the woods, Marnie reveals to Jesus, Lafayette and Tara that she was possessed when casting the spell on Pam, just as she had been when she made Eric lose his memory. "Whatever words I spoke," she says, "came from another consciousness. I was just a conduit." Marnie is convinced that the spirit is benevolent and only there to protect them. The others don’t see it that way. Freaked out and afraid they've now angered another powerful vampire, they leave Marnie alone in the woods.

    After Terry and Arlene discovered the words "baby not yours" scribbled in red marker on the wall, Terry suggests they bring in a preacher to perform an exorcism of what Arlene believes is Rene's ghost. Reverend Daniels and his new wife Lettie Mae Daniels (née Thornton) sing their way around the house, inviting Jesus in and escorting the demon out. As Terry and Arlene sleep peacefully that night, a book of matches in their bedroom seemingly self-ignites.

    After rescuing Jason, Jessica is uncharacteristically cold to Hoyt, who is clearly deeply hurt. Having consumed a fair amount of Jessica's blood, Jason begins to have erotic dreams about her-though to his puzzlement and frustration he can't seem to separate the young vampire from Hoyt in his head.

    In Sookie's home, Eric dreams of his maker Godric-whom he doesn't recognize in his memory-less state. Godric encourages his progeny to taste Sookie and embrace his vampire nature. Though at first reluctant, Eric is swayed and begins to feed, waking himself up. He goes up to Sookie's room with his fangs out, but when she wakes with a start, he tells her that he's just had a bad dream.

    Sookie gets a psychic reading from Marnie. Marnie channels Sookie's Gran, who asks Sookie to take care of Jason, beware of Eric, and stay away from Marnie-a grave threat. Sookie leaves abruptly saying, "When my Gran tells me to run, I run." Soon after, Bill's mole Katerina comes by the MoonGoddess Emporium. She's lured Marnie into a trap, and takes her prisoner at Bill's house.

    Sam helps Tommy dispose of his parents' bodies. When a V'd-up Andy Bellefleur spots them driving by, the sheriff pulls them over and demands to look inside the van. Tommy shifts into an alligator and scares Andy off. Later that night, they dump the bodies in a swamp, where they're eaten by regular, non-shifter gators.

    Pam, her face half rotted, approaches Bill and demands that he take care of the witches. Bound by the Authority to refrain from murdering a human, Bill questions Marnie in his home instead. She says her only intention is to gather peacefully and practice her religion, that she doesn't know what spell she cast on Eric, and that she is unable to reverse what she's done to Pam. Bill glamours her to make sure, but she's telling the truth.

    Lafayette and Jesus leave Bon Temps for Mexico, where they plan to ask for the assistance of Jesus's grandfather, a true brujo. Tara decides to stay behind. She tells Sookie all about her relationship with Naomi-including the fact that Naomi has just discovered she's been lying about her identity. As darkness falls and Eric emerges from his cubby, Tara is shocked and upset. Yelling at Sookie, she recounts all the horrible things Eric has done to her and the people she cares about-tricking her into drinking his blood, torturing Lafayette-then she storms out.

    When Eric hears what he's done to Sookie, he decides to leave the house for her own safety. He tells her, "There's a light in you, it's beautiful. I couldn't bear it if I snuffed it out." As Eric makes his way out, Sookie chases after him. Outside the house, they embrace. Sookie brings his face toward hers and they kiss passionately.

    Bill convenes a meeting of the sheriffs in his territory to tell them about the threat the witches pose to them. When one of the sheriffs scoffs, another one, Luis, shares his story. During the Inquisition, as a witch was being burned alive she summoned vampires into the light. Under her spell, many vampires, disguised as priests and nuns, walked directly into the sunlight-including Luis's maker. When Bill reiterates that no one is allowed to kill the witch, Pam gets increasingly upset. She accidentally reveals that Eric's lost his memory. Bill snaps at her and demands to know how she knows this, and where he's hiding. Pam admits that he's staying at Sookie's and Bill speeds out the door.

  6. 06 - I Wish I Was The Moon

    Sookie and Eric kiss urgently and intensely as her dress falls to the floor. They're interrupted by an outraged and fang-baring Bill. Eric and Bill fight one another, and with Eric about to stake her ex-lover, Sookie reveals that Bill is his king. Instantly chastened, Eric submits to Bill's authority. Sookie follows them back to Bill's house, where she pleads for Eric's life, telling Bill, "If you ever loved me, you won't hurt him." Bill tells her to butt out of vampire affairs and has her escorted from the house.

    In a cell downstairs, a rotting, depressed Pam tries to remind Eric of the vampire he once was-a powerful, vicious Viking, intimidated by no man, least of all Bill Compton. But he doesn't want to be that vampire any more. Upstairs, Bill reports to Nan that he has Eric and the witch in custody, and seeks permission to impose the true death on his former sheriff.

    Terry and Arlene's house catches fire. Arlene desperately searches for her baby Mikey until Terry drags her out of the house, screaming. The fire rages, but despite Arlene's worst fears, Mikey is already outside. He smiles at a young black woman in a 1930s-style dress … but Arlene doesn't see her.

    Naomi shows up at Lafayette's to talk to Tara. Tara comes clean about everything-her life with her mother, losing Eggs, getting raped by Franklin. Naomi, still upset, gets up to leave and threatens to kick Tara's ass. She kisses her instead.

    Tommy is still broken up about killing his parents. Wearing Sam's clothing, he suddenly shifts into his older brother. At first weirded out, Tommy soon gets comfortable in Sam's skin, and when Sookie comes in to ask for another day off, he fires her on the spot. That night, Luna comes over and unknowingly sleeps with Tommy, who is still skin-walking as Sam. Afterwards, he kicks her out, shifts back into himself and vomits violently. Sam comes home to find him passed out on the floor.

    Jesus and Lafayette meet with Jesus's grandfather Don Bartolo to ask for his assistance. Before agreeing to help, Don Bartolo demands a sacrifice. Jesus and Lafayette scour the woods until a rattlesnake slithers up to them. They bring the snake to Don Bartolo, who sics it on Jesus. As the venom courses through Jesus' veins, Don Bartolo commands Lafayette to heal his lover and locks them in the room. A panicked Lafayette is inhabited by a spirit named Tio Luca, who heals Jesus.

    Sookie shows up at Jason's and find he's chained himself to his bed, as he's afraid of shifting into a werepanther because of the full moon. Later that night, Jason runs off into the woods. Jessica, because she’s given him blood, can sense Jason’s fear. She finds him and calms him down. It's clear they share a connection, and she waits with him until he realizes that he won't be shifting after all. Nothing physical happens between them, but they both think it’s best not to tell Hoyt anyway.

    In a cell at Bill's, Marnie tries to summon the spirit of the witch who was burned alive in 1610 Spain. Once the spirit inhabits Marnie, Bill's sheriff Luis recognizes her as Antonia. He'd bitten and raped Antonia when she was alive, and now seeks revenge for killing his maker. When he visits her cell, Marnie (inhabited by Antonia) stops him in his tracks and places him under his command.

    Bill prepares to mete out the true death to Eric. Eric accepts his fate, but requests Pam be released. He also asks Bill to send a message to Sookie. "I was born the night she found me," he says. "Because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it is to love."

    Looking for Jason in the woods, Sookie finds Eric instead. Bill let him go. Under the moonlight, they make love in the grass.

  7. 07 - Cold Grey Light of Dawn

    With Luis still under Antonia's spell, the witch inhabiting Marnie uses him to lure Katerina into the cell. He has Katerina clear a secure path for Marnie's (Antonia's) escape and then strangles the young woman. Marnie (Antonia) sends Luis to Bill's study, where he announces the return of Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, then shoots his king. After a brief scuffle, Luis whispers "resurrección," and stakes himself.

    Pam, released by Bill but still rotting under the spell, attacks Tara and Naomi outside Merlotte's. As she prepares to kill Tara, a crowd gathers around with camera-phones in hand, eager to capture the "zombie vampire" on video, which forces her to flee. Naomi insists that Toni-she refuses to call her Tara-come back with her to New Orleans, but is turned down.

    With Jesus recovered from the snake bite and laying in Lafayette's arms, Don Bartolo unlocks the door. Jesus berates his grandfather for putting them through the unnecessary trouble and almost killing him. Bartolo counters that he had to do it in order for Lafayette to recognize himself as a medium.

    Out in the woods, Debbie and Alcide are initiated into Marcus' pack. Alcide is worried about Sookie, so Debbie relents and goes to look for her. When they do find Sookie, she's still writhing naked with Eric in the grass. Sookie and Eric move inside, where they continue to have sex on the floor of her house, on the couch, and on her bed. Perfectly content with their present, they begin to consider the uncertain future.

    With the threat Antonia poses growing clear, Bill summons his sheriffs. He commands them and all the vampires in their areas to go to ground in silver, so Antonia can't draw them into the sunlight. They're not happy about it but agree to obey their king. Bill's guards put him and Jessica under chains in a locked cell. After administering shots from Doctor Ludwig to help with the rot on Pam's face, Ginger locks her in the coffin. Sookie lies next to Eric as he silvers himself on the bed.

    Sam picks up his brother Tommy from the hospital. He'd been exhibiting strange symptoms but seems fine now. Sam then pays a visit to Luna who flips out on him, still thinking it was Sam - not Tommy in Sam's body - who slept with her and kicked her out of the house the night before. Slowly, they piece together what happened, and Sam returns home, furious. He kicks Tommy out of his house saying, "I wish I could forget everything about you."

    At Merlotte's, Andy has an awkward date with Holly. Unable to control his cravings for V, he storms out. Meanwhile, Lafayette plays with Mikey and notices a young black woman singing a Creole lullaby to the baby. He calls out to her, but she disappears-it's as if nobody else saw her.

    Antonia greets Tara on the side of the road and explains that she's inhabited Marnie's body. Marnie (Antonia) appeals to the shared misery they've suffered at the hands of vampires and recruits Tara to her cause. Tara does some recruiting of her own, including Holly, and brings them to the MoonGoddess Emporium. There, the witches chant in a circle, as Marnie (Antonia) rises above them. The spell conjures a whirlwind that makes vampires crave the sun.

    Possessed, the vampires struggle to throw off their chains. Ginger keeps Pam in her coffin; Sookie informs Jason what's happening and goes to Eric's side; Beulah Carter, Maxine's neighbor and a closet vampire, leaves her house and combusts into flames; Jessica manages to throw off her chains and open the cell door, as a horrified Bill looks on ... with jealousy.

    Jason runs over to Bill's house to stop Jessica from meeting the sun, but he's met by one of Bill's guards. They fight and a gunshot goes off. Jessica opens the front door and a bright white light shines through.

  8. 08 - Spellbound

    The witches' spell continues to draw Jessica further into the light. As her skin burns in the sun, Jason tackles her to the floor and slams the doors shut behind him. Marnie (Antonia) winds the spell down, and Jessica realizes that Jason saved her life. They kiss on the floor of Bill's house, and Jason carries the wounded vampire back to her maker. Bill is relieved to see his progeny is safe, but wary, as the spell may only be broken temporarily. He advises Jason not to report what he's seen-for everyone's sake.

    To help Eric recover from the silver, Sookie allows him to feed on her. Then, he returns the favor. High on each other's blood, they enter the shower, where the world falls away, and they make love on a wintry landscape in their shared hallucination. Eric suggests they run away from everything, taking pleasure only in each other's company, but Sookie isn't having it. "You're a warrior," she says. "You don't run from a fight." They agree to go to war with Bill.

    Marcus addresses his werewolf pack, including Alcide and Debbie, instructing them to stay out of the war between vampires and witches-no matter what. Alcide and Marcus gain a grudging respect for each other, recognizing responsible leadership and an understanding of their own limitations. Debbie asks Alcide to stay away from Sookie and the vampire baggage that comes with her. He agrees to commit to the pack. Marcus visits his ex-wife, Luna, and is shocked to see Sam there. The alpha in him ignited, the packmaster tries to intimidate Sam, who brushes him off.

    Andy investigates the death of Beulah Carter, a closeted vampire who was killed by the witches' spell, and he can't help but crave V. Bill arrives on the scene and delivers a statement to the press about "vampire suicide." As Marnie (Antonia) watches the footage at the MoonGoddess Emporium, she is incensed that her efforts only killed one vampire. Bill calls her on the phone in an attempt to broker a peace between their kinds. She agrees to meet him in the Bon Temps cemetery at midnight, alone.

    While Maxine is surveying the crime scene, Tommy breaks into her home and steals her clothing and makeup. He shifts into her and takes a meeting with the natural gas prospector at Merlotte's. Maxine (Tommy) agrees to the man's terms in exchange for a check cut on the spot.

    Also at Merlotte's, Lafayette sees the Creole woman singing to baby Mikey again, and she locks eyes with him. That night, Lafayette dreams of the woman, whose name is Mavis, back in the 1930s. She's addressing her former lover, Virgil, with Mikey's creepy doll in hand-back when it was new. Virgil, who is white and married to someone else, has killed their child. He tells Mavis, "It's better for everyone if no one knows he existed." "Better for you," she counters. Lafayette wakes up, and Mavis inhabits his body. Lafayette (Mavis) breaks into the Bellefleur mansion, secures a sleeping Andy's gun and kidnaps Mikey.

    Jessica returns home and tells Hoyt she wants to break up. She imagined he would be heartbroken, but he's angry instead. "You don't deserve me," he says. "And I don't deserve you...I deserve someone who's not f*cking dead." He rescinds her invitation to his home. Jessica shows up at Jason's door, but he too takes back his welcome, out of loyalty to his best friend.

    At the cemetery showdown, neither group comes alone. Bill reaches out for a truce, and while Marnie (Antonia) appears to be considering the offer, Sookie reveals that she's actually casting another spell in her mind. Bill's human assault team moves into position, and Marnie (Antonia) summons a deep fog. Amidst the bloodshed of battle, Tara shoots a vampire and Pam pounces on her. As the rotting vampire is once again about to kill Tara, Bill forbids it.

    After repelling one witch with her faerie power, Sookie is shot in the stomach. Bill has been silvered and incapacitated. Eric, who's been murdering and feeding on the witches with abandon, is stopped by Marnie (Antonia) and placed under her direct control. Alcide enters the fray and carries Sookie's body to safety, while a hurt Debbie Pelt looks on through her tears and her rage.

  9. 09 - Let's Get Out of Here

    Alcide carries Sookie, unconscious, back home. Bill arrives and feeds her his blood, but she doesn't seem to be taking it. Sookie eventually comes to and immediately wants to know where Eric is. Fed up with Sookie continually going back to the vampires who cause her so much trouble, Alcide storms out. Bill leaves to search for Eric, and Sookie thanks him for the blood on his way out. That night, with both their blood inside of her, Sookie dreams of making both vampires hers.

    The witches regroup at the MoonGoddess Emporium. Tara tells Marnie (Antonia) that murder and war is not what they signed up for, but the witch doesn't care. She has one enthusiastic supporter, Roy, and a vampire under her control, Eric, who she plans to unleash on the "Festival of Tolerance" - sponsored by the AVL at the Shreveport Dorchester Hotel. Tara, Holly and the others try to leave, but Marnie (Antonia) holds them captive.

    Jessica unloads her boy troubles on an uncaring Nan, who says all the whining has cured her of the urge to become a maker. When Bill arrives, he brings the AVL spokeswoman up to speed on the situation with Eric and the witches, and he asks her to cancel the tolerance rally because of the security threat. Nan refuses, and they all go to ground in silver once again.

    Hoyt, depressed about his breakup with Jessica, is shocked by the sight of Lafayette (Mavis) in his home  with a gun and baby Mikey. The police arrive, but with Andy hopped up on V and Jason ineffective, they're unable to bring the baby back to Terry and Arlene. Jesus arrives and calms Lafayette (Mavis) down, explaining that Mavis has taken over Lafayette's body because there's something she hasn't made peace with yet. Mavis reveals her history and the tragic end she met at the hands of the former lover who killed their baby. She just wants to hold her baby one last time. They dig up the child's remains, and Mavis'' spirit leaves Lafayette's body, now at rest.

    Debbie Pelt hears Alcide sneak in late and pretends to be asleep.  After falling back into depression and abusing V, she shows up at Sookie's house, hoping to help out. Sookie enlists her to infiltrate the MoonGoddess Emporium, where she finds a spellbound Eric. They're caught, but Tara communicates to Sookie that the wiccans are being held there against their wills and that Marnie (Antonia) plans to attack the vampire tolerance rally. Debbie and Sookie escape and head to Shreveport.

    Marcus comes by Merlotte's looking for Sam, who is off camping with Luna and Emma, so Marcus leaves word with Tommy at the bar instead. That night, Tommy shifts into Sam and goes to Marcus's bike shop. He cracks wise about sleeping with Luna, and Marcus and his crew beat him to within an inch of his life.  Alcide steps in and stops them, then carries the limp-bodied Tommy out in his arms.

    Jason and Hoyt clean up the house after the spirit of Mavis has left. Hoyt gives his best friend a "monster box" full of Jessica's stuff to return to her. Jason drops off the box with Jessica, and while he declines the invitation into Bill's home, he soon finds himself having sex with Jessica in the back of his truck.

    At the Shreveport Dorchester Hotel, Nan and a young woman campaign for vampire tolerance, sharing inspirational stories and overlooked facts about vampires. Meanwhile, Eric (still under a spell) lures the vampire sheriffs providing security into a trap, where Marnie (Antonia) places them under her influence as well. As Bill begins his speech, the vampires kill the event's human guards, sending the crowd into a panicked frenzy. Amid the chaos - and at Marnie (Antonia)'s command - Eric vamp-speeds towards Bill as Sookie screams, "Run!"

  10. 10 - Burning Down the House

    Chaos erupts at the Dorchester Hotel. The vampires tear through the panicked crowd as Marnie (Antonia) sends Eric after Bill, chanting "necare rex

    "-kill the king. With Eric poised to deliver the truly fatal blow, Sookie summons the strongest blast of faerie light she's produced yet, momentarily stunning everyone. The spell is broken and Eric's memories flood back to him, including his recent time with Sookie. They share a meaningful look, and Eric tells Sookie he still loves her. She isn't ready to be entirely his, though, as she still has feelings for Bill as well.

    Marnie (Antonia) returns with the vampires still under her command to the MoonGoddess Emporium, where she's holding the rest of the wiccans prisoner. Marnie (Antonia) is visibly conflicted about the destruction she's caused. The spirit of Antonia leaves Marnie body, so they can discuss what they've done. Antonia doesn't want to fight anymore. In her time, she was a healer who saved lives; now she's shedding the blood of the innocent. Marnie passionately convinces the older witch to stay so they can finish what they started, and Antonia reenters her body.

    Tommy is dying in Alcide's car. The werewolf brings him to Merlotte's where Sam meets them. As Sam tells him stories of the after-life, Tommy apologizes one last time and then dies in his brother's arms. Sam and Alcide drive to Marcus's bike shop to set him straight, but he's not there. He's at Alcide's house, putting moves on Debbie Pelt.

    Nan deploys teams to glamour any potential witnesses of the massacre at the Dorchester. She wants Bill to help control the spin, but he refuses. He blames Nan for the disaster because she wouldn't let him kill Marnie early on and then refused to cancel the event after she knew of the security threat. As they go to ground wrapped in silver chains once again, Bill prepares to go after the MoonGoddess Emporium with force, ordering a vast supply of deadly weapons. Nan threatens to have Bill, Eric and Pam killed, but they ignore her.

    Arlene and Terry confront Andy about his V addiction. Terry takes Andy on a trip to Fort Bellefleur, their childhood tree-house out in the woods, to work out his issues. The men shoot cans and fight over long-held grievances, until Andy finally comes clean and admits he's hit rock bottom. He agrees to give up V. Terry's proud of him but leaves his older cousin to walk home on his own.

    After having sex with Jessica in the back of his pick-up truck, Jason feels remorseful about betraying Hoyt. He asks Jessica to glamour him, and she storms off angrily saying, "Who's gonna make me forget?" Wracked with guilt, Jason can't bear to be around Hoyt, so he goes to Sookie's house. She enlists him, along with Jesus and Lafayette, to visit the MoonGoddess Emporium to save Tara and the other Wiccans before the vampires attack after nightfall.

    Jesus tries to enter the MoonGoddess Emporium through the protection spell Marnie (Antonia) has set up. With a struggle, he is able to do so and communicates his thoughts to Sookie from the inside. He asks to speak to Marnie directly and finds out that she's not possessed, but actually in control of Antonia. As they talk, Holly and Tara are able to undo the protection spell and try to escape, but when they run outside Marnie (Antonia) makes the two of them disappear along with Sookie and Lafayette, leaving Jason on his own.

    That night, the vampires-Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica-arrive outside the MoonGoddess Emporium. They're packing all kinds of heat and out for revenge.

  11. 11 - Soul of Fire

    As the vampires gather outside to attack the MoonGoddess Emporium, the wiccans inside begin to panic. One of them, Casey, rushes at Marnie (Antonia), who flings a dagger at the young wiccan, killing her. The spirit of Antonia is outraged and disassociates herself from Marnie as Lafayette looks on. He reports to the others that Marnie and Antonia are having an argument, until Marnie overpowers the older witch, casting a spell that binds them together.

    Jason convinces the vampires-Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica-not to attack the MoonGoddess Emporium because Sookie is inside. The vampires under Marnie's control attack them, and are quickly subdued. Bill hurls one of them towards the MoonGoddess Emporium. She is caught in the protection spell wall, which harnesses the power of the sun, and she is instantly fried, as any other vampire would be.

    Marnie agrees to negotiate with the vampires; she will allow Sookie to leave if Bill and Eric kill themselves. To everyone's shock, they agree to her demands. As they set about pulling it off-Bill will shoot Eric, then Pam will kill Bill-Pam fires a rocket-propelled grenade at the MoonGoddess Emporium. It hits the protective barrier and the explosion rocks everyone, inside and out. Jason's face is half-burned off in the blast, and Jessica rushes over to heal him with her blood. She and Pam are both hurt by their makers' decision to give their own lives for Sookie's.

    Luna meets Sam and Alcide at Marcus's bike shop where she informs them that Marcus has taken Emma and gone missing. Emma calls Luna's cell phone, and Alcide recognizes the phone number as his own. They head over to his house, where he catches Debbie Pelt with Marcus. As Alcide holds off a screaming Debbie, Sam fights the man who killed his brother. He has the packmaster pinned, but ultimately lets him go. Marcus then lunges for gun, and Alcide snaps his neck. He turns his attention to Debbie and abjures her-a devastating act of disavowal among werewolves.

    Andy wanders home alone from Fort Bellefleur, arguing with himself out loud. He hears a noise in the woods and sees several blasts of bright light, one of which manifests into a spectral figure. It's a woman, who introduces herself as Maurella. She reads his thoughts and asks him to protect her. After making him "swear to the light" on her glowing finger, she implores him to make love to her, and Andy happily obliges. Hours later, Andy returns home and recounts the story to Arlene, but it just makes him sound crazy.

    Marnie looks into the pool of Casey's blood collected on the floor and sees a vision of her own dead body. She calls the wiccans to cast what she says is a protection spell, and they all reluctantly join hands, including Sookie. In reality, Marnie is having the wiccans cast a spell that draws the vampires towards the protection barrier to meet their deaths. Powerless to stop them, Jason communicates to Sookie on the inside. With a flash of her faerie light, Sookie breaks the spell. Marnie is outraged and places Sookie inside a ring of flames.

    While all this is happening Jesus and Lafayette are holed up in the bathroom with Casey's dead body. Jesus lied to Marnie, saying he could save her, but actually plans to use her corpse to break the spell binding Antonia to Marnie. Using supplies he finds at the MoongGoddess Emporium and his own blood, Jesus goes to a very dark place. He channels the brujo power inside of him and unbinds Antonia from Marnie. Suddenly, the spells are lifted. Sookie is free of the ring of fire, and, with the protection spell broken, the vampires storm inside. A lone wiccan tries to protect Marnie, and Eric rips out his heart and tastes it. Bill shoots Marnie in the chest several times with an assault rifle, then once in the head.

    Later that night, Lafayette and Jesus lay in bed, recovering from the night's excitement. As Jesus drifts off to sleep, the spirit of Marnie appears to Lafayette and disappears inside him.

  12. 12 - And When I Die

    Jesus apologizes to Lafayette for rushing him into magic too quickly. Lafayette stares at him blankly, and when Jesus leans in to kiss him, stabs his boyfriend's hand with a fork. Jesus realizes that Lafayette is being inhabited by Marnie's spirit. Lafayette (Marnie) ties Jesus up in the hand chair and demands he give over his brujo magic. When Lafayette (Marnie) threatens to do harm to Lafayette's body, Jesus relents and channels his inner brujo spirit. Lafayette (Marnie) then plunges a knife into his body and licks the blood off the blade.

    Sookie goes to Merlotte's, where she finds everyone in costume for Halloween. She asks Sam for her old job back, and he obliges. Alcide arrives to talk to Sookie-he wants her to stop following her heart and be safe with him instead. She turns him down, and Alcide runs off to answer an important work call: The concrete grave that his construction company built for Russell Edgington inside a parking lot has been breached.

    Tara enters Lafayette's home and finds Jesus's dead body. She drives to Merlotte's to grab Holly and Sookie, and they head over to Bill's house. There, they find Bill and Eric silvered together atop a pyre, which Lafayette (Marnie) sets aflame. While Bill distracts Lafayette (Marnie), Holly forms a circle in salt between the possessed medium and everyone else. Sookie channels her faerie power, and the brujo spirit inside Lafayette (Marnie) is revealed. Then, Holly, Tara and Sookie join hands and summon their dead family and friends to come to their aid. A gathering of phantasms descends from the Bon Temps cemetery toward the fire. Antonia blows out the flames and tries to talk Lafayette (Marnie) down. Sookie's Gran, Adele Stackhouse, takes matters into her own hands and physically removes the spirit from its host. Marnie and Antonia walk off together as the rest of the phantasms return to their graves.

    One of the reawakened spirits has managed to remove himself from the group. Rene sneaks up behind Arlene outside Merlotte's and warns her that Terry is trouble. "I've met the ghosts of his past," he says. "They ain't gonna rest forever." Inside, Terry meets someone else from his past, an army buddy named Patrick Devins, whose life he saved on more than one occasion.

    During the day, Jason approaches Hoyt while he's doing road work. After asking Hoyt to put down his chainsaw, Jason admits to having sex with Jessica. When Hoyt asks how he could do it, Jason goes on to describe the different positions they used, until he's interrupted by Hoyt's fist in his face. Later that night, Jessica arrives at Jason's house wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume and little else. They have passionate, primal sex on his couch, but Jessica doesn't want to be his or anyone's girlfriend just yet. She leaves him to go feed on a stranger instead, but there's a knock on the door as soon as she steps out. Jason answers it and is shocked to find the Rev. Steve Newlin staring him in the face, now baring fangs.

    At Lafayette's, Tara tries to comfort her cousin, but it's no use. He cries in the dark about murdering the man he loves, until Jesus's spirit shows up. Lafayette wants to apologize, but Jesus tells him not to worry about it. "Dude, I'm dead, you're a medium," he says. "I'll always be with you."

    Bill and Eric feed from Sookie to heal from the fire. They thank her for saving their lives, and she responds, "It was my turn." As Sookie stands up, she recognizes that she must finally choose between the two of them. She forgives Bill for lying to her and apologizes for hurting him. She tells Eric that she was in love with both the amnesiac innocent and the devious vampire he was before. But ultimately, her choice is to be with neither of them.

    Nan Flanagan arrives at Bill's house with guards in tow. She's been ordered to administer the true death to both Bill and Eric, but knowing the same fate awaits her, she tries to recruit them to join her against the Authority instead. Bill and Eric are skeptical, and when Nan reveals that she knows what Sookie is, Eric instantly kills the guards while Bill stakes her.

    Debbie shows up in Sookie's home with a shotgun in hand and says "I should've done this a long time ago." Tara rushes in to save her best friend, and the blast from Debbie's gun hits her in the head. An enraged Sookie takes the gun from Debbie's hands, places it under her attacker's chin and shoots her in the head. Sookie holds Tara's dead, lifeless body in her arms and cries out, "Somebody help!"