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True Blood Season 2

When we last checked in with Sookie Stackhouse, the mystery surrounding a Bon Temps serial killer had finally been solved, to the town’s infinite relief. Sookie is thrilled that her vampire soul-mate, Bill Compton, has escaped with his life (or is it death?) after coming to her daylight defence.

On other fronts, Sookie’s pal Tara Thornton sets down new roots with an affluent benefactor, Maryann Forrester; Sam Merlotte resolves to get in shape-shift shape after a forest foray; roguish brother Jason finds new purpose with an anti-vampire sect; and detective Andy Bellefleur licks his wounds after being proven wrong about Jason’s guilt. But just as things are settling down, some deadly new twists threaten to ratchet up the saga of Sookie Stackhouse to bloody new heights!

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Nothing But The Blood

    In the parking lot outside Merlotte’s, Tara screams her head off. A foot, toenails painted red, protrudes from a trash bag in the trunk of Andy Bellefleur’s car. Drunk but taking charge, Andy steps up and yanks the bag aside, revealing the body of Miss Jeanette, whose heart has been ripped from her chest.

    When the police arrive, Officer Kenya Jones questions Tara, who at first denies knowing the victim. Sookie can hear her friend’s thoughts, however, and counsels Tara to be honest with the police Sheriff Dearborn is also on the scene - and noticing that his lead detective has had a few too many - when Tara comes clean with Kenya, ensuring a long night of questioning.

    Bill Compton’s also in for a taxing night with Jessica, who doesn’t appreciate the list of conservative rules she must abide by while living under his roof. After Bill takes a call from Sookie (and explains to Jessica that she’s not allowed to eat his girlfriend when she arrives), he sends the girl upstairs to change into some more modest clothes in preparation for the big introduction.

    In some unknown dungeon, filled with haunted and broken people dressed in rags, Lafayette does his best to hold himself together despite looking several weeks worse for wear. The door swings open, and everyone cringes as a hooded prisoner is thrown into the room, blubbering. It’s Royce, one of the rednecks from Bon Temps.

    Bud and Kenya interview Tara at the police station, trying to get to the bottom of her relationship with Miss Jeanette. In light of Tara’s “pig on the highway” story, they’re not inclined to believe her recap of the exorcism in the woods, but when Lettie Mae arrives - beside herself over her saviour’s death - she corroborates Tara’s account. But when her daughter explains that their “demons” were just part of a scam, Lettie Mae loses her composure.

    Maryann rushes to the police station to pick Tara up, and when she sees Lettie Mae outside, warmly introduces herself and coos: “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to gaze into the eyes of someone so devoid of human compassion that she would abandon her own child when she needed you most.” Lettie Mae sputters, and Tara - pleasantly shocked - jumps in the car with Maryann.

    When Sookie arrives at Bill’s house, any opportunity to finesse his confession evaporates when Jessica steps out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Sookie is shocked that Bill was forced to turn Jessica (and feels a bit guilty for her role in the situation), but she’s unable to accept that he’s kept this secret from her for so long. “What else are you keeping from me?” she asks before walking out the door.

    At a hotel ballroom in Shreveport, the anti-vampire group Fellowship of the Sun holds a prayer breakfast. Jason is here to meet the Rev. Steve Newlin, whose book has been comforting the young man through his recent difficulties. Introduced by Fellowship supporter Orry Dawson, the two of them hit it off, and Steve and his wife Sarah invite Jason to the Light of Day Institute, a special program that comes with a special price tag: $1,200.

    Sam drops in at Maryann’s house, where her manservant Karl answers the door. While Sam waits in the foyer, his attention shifts to an ancient statuette, and he flashes back to his previous encounter with Maryann. A 17-year-old Sam in dog form scrambles through a doggie door into a stranger’s home.

    Inside, he finds a table stacked with food, and when he reaches for the odd (and likely valuable) statuette, Maryann surprises him but promises not to call the police ... He snaps out of it as Karl returns to inform him that Maryann is asleep. As Sam leaves, he notices the giant pig outside, watching him.

    Sookie, doing her best to pack up Gran’s bedroom, answers a ring at the door to find Sid Matt Lancaster, the family lawyer. He delivers the bad new that her Uncle Bartlett is dead, found in the creek that runs behind his home. Offering condolences, Sid Matt also hands over a check for $11,000 - the man’s entire estate, which he willed to Sookie.

    At Maryann’s house she lounges poolside with Tara and Eggs, dispensing her strange brand of wisdom over a joint. As Maryann explains how the Greeks considered their gods much more accessible than people today do, Tara adds that her mother thinks she has “a direct line to Jesus.” Maryann and Eggs suggest she stop fixating on the misery Lettie-Mae causes, and when Maryann leaves to get more food, Eggs and Tara start to get cosy together. Karl interrupts their moment, offering towels. When he returns to the house, Maryann smacks him viciously to the ground: “Nobody. Needed. TOWELS”

    At work on the road crew, Jason and Hoyt talk about Rene and how they strangely miss him despite the fact that he was a psychotic killer. Jason can’t balance out these feelings of loss and anger any more than he can reconcile the Fellowship’s hatred of vampires with a strong sense that he belongs with them. As he explains to Hoyt how Orry came to him in jail, Sookie pulls up. She doesn’t want the check from Uncle Bartlett - refuses to accept it, in fact - and forces the money into Jason’s hands. Jason thanks God, recognising this sign that he’s meant to go to the Light of Day Institute.

    Sam, daydreaming in his office, again remembers the first time he met Maryann: The two of them have sex, and as she climaxes, she begins to vibrate in a strange, supernatural way. Afterward, while she showers, he flees, stealing a bag of cash from her house. A knock at his door interrupts the memory, and Arlene comes in to introduce Daphne, a pretty young woman who she insists Sam’s got to hire to help out with the waitressing.

    Later that night, Andy is back in the bar, drunkenly “investigating” the murder of Miss Jeanette and getting on everyone’s nerves. When he stumbles into Bud, though, the sheriff loses his patience and takes Andy off the case. Across the bar, Jason and Hoyt do their best to rekindle their days of carousing, but something is off. When Jason tells a bar 'skank' named Shawnelle that he needs to “stay pure,” it’s clear the party is over.

    Later, Maryann shows up in Sam’s office, saying she was told he has a gift for her. He tries to apologise and return the money he stole, but she’s not interested. When he warns that he won’t let her hurt Tara to get back at him, Maryann laughs sinisterly and asks him, “How in the world did you get the impression this is about you?”

    Back at the old Compton place, Bill tries to find the right mixture of Tru Blood flavours to satisfy Jessica. “Two parts 0-negative, one part B-positive,” he says. “Remember that.”

    When Sookie shows up to talk to Bill, she charms Jessica into leaving them alone to talk, surprising her boyfriend with the subtle act. Forcing herself to be calm, Sookie asks whether Bill killed her Uncle Bartlett. He admits that he murdered the old man for what he’d done to her, and Sookie replies that she can’t worry about someone dying any time she gets hurt. Bill promises to atone for what he’s done and says he can’t lose her - that she’s showed him that love isn’t lost to him as he thought it was. “I love you,” she tells him as they kiss passionately and head toward the bedroom....

    In the dungeon, Royce tells Lafayette that he’s going to try to escape when he hears someone opening the door. It’s Eric, who’s come to take Royce upstairs for questioning about the fire that killed three vampires in town. But when Eric starts to take him away, Royce gouges the vampire’s face with a silver cross pendant. Irritated but unharmed, Eric dismembers the redneck on the spot, showering Lafayette with gore as Royce squeals in agony.

  2. 02 - Keep This Party Going

    Lafayette looks on in complete shock as Royce’s dismembered body parts rain down on the basement dungeon. Eric, spattered with blood and more concerned with the highlighting foils in his hair than the surrounding gore, drags Lafayette upstairs for questioning.

    In a room with Pam and Chow, Lafayette cuts to the chase: He knows he’s here for selling V, and he’s willing to give up everyone he’s dealt with. When Eric asks what happened to Eddie, the prisoner stumbles for a moment but then admits that it “might have been” Jason Stackhouse who killed the vampire.

    Eric and Pam - talking together in Swedish - quickly agree that punishing Jason would just complicate things with Sookie, but Eric isn’t through yet. A friend of his, a vampire named Godric, has gone missing in Dallas, and Eric wants to know if Lafayette can give up any drainers who might be responsible. When he’s unable to provide Eric with useful information, Lafayette is forced, screaming, back to the dungeon.

    Bill and Sookie lounge in bed, enjoying the glow of the makeup sex they’ve just had - until Sookie is floored by the sudden realisation that Jessica is in the house and probably heard every sound they just made. Their conversation shifts to dealing with the difficult young vampire, and Sookie - empathising with the teenager outsider - thinks they should go easier on her. Bill, however, warns that she’s too dangerous; her barely controlled impulses couldn’t be less human.

    Jason, clean shaven and bright-eyed, rides a Light of Day Institute bus to the leadership conference, singing along with his fellow campers. Jason’s seatmate Luke is a former all-American football player who’s spent years awaiting this opportunity. Though he can’t believe Jason’s luck, being accepted so quickly, Luke suggests that they bunk together.

    At Maryann’s house, Tara approaches Eggs in the garden and tells him that she wants to know more about him. Protective of his past, Eggs tries to dodge her questions, but when she becomes worried, he fills her in: He use to live under a freeway overpass, and he’s still broke. He spent time in prison for drugs and armed robbery ... and assault. The news concerns Tara, but at least now she knows the truth.

    Sam’s new waitress, Daphne isn’t showing much talent for her work. But Sam is more than happy to let her spill mustard all over the bar rather than wait on the woman sitting in Daphne’s section: Maryann. He tries to take a hard line and kick her out, but when Maryann reminds him that she forgave the $100,000 he stole from her, he backs off and takes her order - enough food to feed half of Bon Temps.

    The LODI activities at Jason’s conference are getting into full swing, kicking off with a welcome from Rev. Steve Newlin’s attractive wife Sarah who speaks to the campers as they receive their silver “Rings of Honesty.” The day culminates in a game of Capture the Flag, in which Jason and Luke find themselves competing head to head. After some determined back and forth, Jason takes Luke down with a fierce tackle, winning the game - and impressing Steve and Sarah.

    Sookie stops by Merlotte’s to visit Tara, asking her friend how everything’s going. Tara admits that living with Maryann feels weird in some ways, so Sookie invites her to move into Gran’s old house.

    Before Tara can answer, Daphne drops a tray across the room, and Tara hustles Sookie out before Sam can rope her into working during her night off. On the way out, they pass Maryann, who stops Sookie and introduces herself. Sookie is slightly suspicious, hearing weird chanting echoing in the woman’s thoughts, but after reminding Tara to let her know if she wants to move in, she leaves. Maryann - once all eyes are off her - does not look pleased with Sookie’s offer.

    In the dungeon, Lafayette realises that he might be able to use a metal rod from Royce’s severed leg to break his chains. Using his feet to drag the body part closer to himself, he fishes through the flesh until he’s able to yank Royce’s femur off of the rod, which he then wraps his chain around and smashes against the floor until it snaps against the metal spike.

    Free, he escapes upstairs - to the empty daytime barroom of Fangtasia - but he’s headed off by an armed, and somewhat off-base, woman named Ginger. Convinced she doesn’t have the stomach to shoot him, Lafayette continues to advance ... until she blasts a hole in his thigh. He goes down, and she starts apologising profusely, handing him towels to stem the bleeding.

    With Bill out running errands, Sookie and Jessica spend time together at his house, talking about their families. Jessica, crying tears of blood, explains how she misses her parents and sister. Sookie, touched by Jessica’s loss and relating it to her own feelings toward Gran, ignores her better judgment and agrees to drive Jessica by her parents’ house - just to look in from across the street.

    At a mall in Shreveport, Bill shops for something modest for Jessica to wear and is surprised when he turns around and finds Eric following him. The older vampire wants Sookie to help him track down his missing friend in Dallas. When Bill balks at the idea of sending her to Texas, Eric explains that he’s only asking as a courtesy. He intends to use Sookie regardless of what Bill says.

    Jason’s superior performance during the Capture the Flag game has earned him the opportunity to act in a role-playing session with Sarah, in which she plays a vampire-rights advocate and he plays a Fellowship evangelist. Partway through the exercise, however, Sarah says he’ll never change her mind because - as she pops in a set of plastic vampire fangs - she IS a vampire.

    Thinking fast, Jason grabs a flagpole from behind him, snaps it over his knee and lunges at Sarah with the makeshift stake at the ready. A hush falls over the crowd ... until Rev. Newlin starts clapping slowly. The applause builds, but Jason doesn’t notice - his mind is busy replaying Eddie’s grisly death.

    Sookie’s plan to make Jessica feel better goes horribly off the rails when, after stopping at the house, the vampire bolts out of her car and knocks on the door. Before Sookie can talk sense into the girl, Jessica’s mother answers, overjoyed to see her daughter alive - or so she thinks. At Jessica’s request, Mrs. Hamby invites them both inside.

    At Merlotte’s, Maryann continues to order food, and the liquor is flowing. At Maryann’s request even Andy Bellefleur - who’s had a few himself - gets up to dance. At the bar, Eggs comes in to talk to Tara, explaining that he can’t do anything about his past, but he is changing.

    “For the first time in my life,” he tells her, “I actually like who I’m becoming.” As the party spirals more and more out of control, Sam pulls Maryann into his office, demanding to know what she’s done to these people. Her answer is to vibrate briefly, which transforms Sam into his dog form on the spot. She warns him to think twice before threatening her again.

    Lafayette lies bleeding at Fangtasia, waiting for Eric to arrive and decide his fate. When the vampire enters, he offers to either kill him or let him bleed out, but Lafayette suggests a third option: turn him into a vampire. “I would be your bad-ass vampire,” he promises. Eric smiles, and he, Pam and Chow descend on their injured prisoner.

    Jessica’s reunion with her family starts out alright, but after her father hugs her warmly, he quickly yells at her for disappearing. As his anger mounts, Jessica’s fangs extend, which only infuriates him further. Sookie tries to get Jessica to calm down, but it’s too late. The girl has her father up against the wall, his own belt wrapped around his neck. As she’s about to bite into him, the door flies off its hinges and Bill stands in the doorway. Furious, he commands Jessica to release her father and orders Sookie to get out. “This is your fault,” he screams at her. “Now get the hell out of here!”

  3. 03 - Scratches

    Bill, behind the wheel of Sookie’s car, speeds back toward Bon Temps with his girlfriend and Jessica. Sookie begs him to slow down so he skids to a halt at the side of the road, furious at the women for endangering Jessica’s family. Sookie apologises repeatedly, but Bill admonishes her, demanding that she grow up. Hurt and angry, Sookie springs from the car, vowing to walk all night before she spends another moment with him.

    Her 20-mile hike back to town is cut short at a few hundred feet though. After rounding a bend, Sookie becomes aware of something in the darkness. No sooner can she make out its shape - something humanoid with the head of a bull - the creature is upon her, shredding her back viciously with its talons. Bill bolts from the darkness at superhuman speed, and though he manages to scare off Sookie’s attacker, the damage is done. He tries to feed Sookie his blood to heal her, but she chokes after the first swallow, spitting up mouthfuls of white foam.

    Daphne walks into Sam’s office at Merlotte’s to tell the boss that she’s short by more than $60. Frustrated - not just about the money - Sam tells her she’ll have to pay it back. He’s running a business after all. Close to tears, Daphne pushes her night’s tips into his hands, adding that she’ll have to pay him the rest later. As she takes off, Tara steps into the office, informing Sam that he needs to give Daphne “positive reinforcement.” But hearing Maryann’s words come out of Tara’s mouth just aggravates Sam further.

    Jason snaps awake in the middle of the night, disturbed by a dream in which Eddie appears in his bunk at the Light of Day Institute and attacks him. Beside himself with guilt and horror, Jason starts to pray, begging God for a sign that he’s on the right path. Luke answers from across the room, winging a pillow at Jason and growling at him to shut up.

    Bill brings Sookie to Fangtasia in hopes that Eric can save her. The older vampire summons for help. A female dwarf called Dr. Ludwig ascertains that Sookie has been contaminated with a potent poison. Fighting against the clock, she pours some liquid into the wounds and digs in with her gloved fingers in an attempt to clean the gashes. As she works, Eric and Bill move to another room, where they try to determine what attacked Sookie. Eric dispatches Pam and Chow to search the forest but they come up empty-handed. When the doctor is finished with Sookie, Bill returns to her side. With the poison treated, her body is able to accept his blood, which heals the deep wounds on her back. After Sookie fades into relieved unconsciousness, Bill awkwardly thanks Eric for saving her life.

    Tara wakes up find Maryann in the kitchen along with giant platters of food and Karl ready to serve it. Maryann explains that she’s having some people over, but Tara is more curious about the tension that is become apparent between her new host and her former lover. Maryann says she barely knows Sam but instinct tells her that he’s jealous of Tara finding fulfilment elsewhere. Tara’s not convinced, but a large joint that Maryann has rolled is enough to end the conversation.

    In the parking lot of his bar, Sam packs up his truck with labelled boxes holding all his possessions. When Terry pulls up, Sam asks the cook to look after the bar while he’s 'away.' Terry isn’t thrilled with the idea - he can barely handle the stress of flipping burgers - but he supposes he has no choice in the matter. Sam thanks him, but Terry responds by accusing him of running away. Sam gets defensive, and Terry calls him a coward.

    Jason sits in a circle of LODI recruits, listening to a former fangbanger describe how she was used up and discarded by the vampire she thought loved her. When Sarah prompts Jason for his thoughts, he says that his sister dates a vampire and admits that he doesn’t see things as being so black and white. Convinced he doesn’t belong, Jason leaves the room, but Sarah follows him outside. She tells him how at first she supported vampire rights ... until her sister was hooked on V and murdered by vampires. She consoles Jason, saying it’s his goodness and humanity that make him vulnerable to these creatures’ lies. She asks him to pray with her and now in tears, he falls to his knees.

    Sookie wakes up the morning after her ordeal, not only healed but feeling fantastic from the dose of vampire blood. Ginger, the strung-out daytime caretaker at Fangtasia, strikes up a conversation with her. Sookie hears in the woman’s thoughts that Lafayette is locked in the basement - and there’s a gun behind the bar. Racing to the weapon, Sookie trains it on Ginger and demands to see Lafayette. In the dungeon, she’s unable to free him from the chains but promises to get him out somehow. That night, once the vampires have awakened, she makes a deal with Eric: She’ll travel to Dallas to search for his lost friend if he frees Lafayette and pays her $10,000.

    Back in Bon Temps, Jessica wakes up at Bill’s house and heads to Merlotte’s, where she sits down and notices Hoyt alone at another table. Summoning his nerve, he walks over, compliments her smile and offers to buy her a drink. When she asks for Tru Blood, Jessica worries that he’ll be scared off, but she’s pleasantly surprised. “You’re a vampire - that’s awesome,” he says.

    Tara and Eggs talk over their personal struggles as the party at Maryann’s house builds around them. The folks of Bon Temps are really letting loose, with unlikely couples like Mike Spencer and Jane Bodehouse forming in the crowds. Andy Bellefleur shows up in his official capacity to ask Maryann to keep the noise down. As he tries to find her, he notices a large pig in a dollhouse in the backyard. At this point, Maryann spots him and convinces him to stick around and have a drink. He agrees, but when he asks Maryann if she has a livestock permit for the pig, the animal has disappeared.

    In Dallas, Jason has dinner with the Newlins, who go out of their way to make the recruit feel comfortable in their home. While Sarah prepares dessert, Steve explains to Jason how he believes that vampires murdered his father. In fact, he says, everyone needs to prepare for the war going on out there.

    Jessica and Hoyt leave Merlotte’s in favour of hanging out at Bill’s house. Some 'making out' on the couch turns embarrassing when Jessica’s fangs pop out involuntarily. She tries to cover her face, but Hoyt stops her, telling her she’s beautiful. Flattered and aroused, Jessica tells Hoyt how long she’s waited for this moment ... before diving onto his neck.

    Sookie and Bill drop Lafayette off at his house, and although they offer to take him to a hospital to treat his leg, he refuses. Once inside, he collapses on the couch, covering himself with a blanket and weeping, totally overcome by what he’s been through. Outside, Sookie and Bill talk in the car. After having witnessed the evil that vampires are capable of, she says she’s not as trusting as she used to be. She hates Eric for his brutal torturing of Lafayette, even if he did save her life. She knows there’s darkness in Bill as well, though she chooses to see the good…

    Maryann’s party continues to get more and more hedonistic, with drunken men and topless women everywhere. Tara and Eggs lounge in the hot tub, maybe the only two people at the house making an honest connection until a half-naked sorority girl climbs in between them and starts rubbing Eggs’ neck. Tara gets out, put off, and notices for the first time the strange scene unfolding around her. Eggs follows her into another room to talk, and outside both their views, Mike and Jane writhe together on the grass, their pupils blacking out their entire eyes, as if by some supernatural force.

    Sookie and Bill arrive at his house and open the door to find Jessica, fangs extended, inches from Hoyt’s throat. Enraged, Bill flings Jessica off of him, and when Hoyt protests, turns on him with his own fangs on display.

    His truck packed, Sam prepares to leave. But when Dean the dog whimpers at him in the Merlotte’s parking lot, Sam smiles and agrees to go on one last late-night run with his four-legged friend. The two identical dogs dart through the forest until they come to a lake where one dog leaps off of the dock - and emerges from the water as Sam in human form. “Come on in,” he calls to the other dog, but it stares back blankly. A moment later Daphne emerges from the woods, telling him that she’d also been thinking of taking a dip. They make small-talk and smooth over their earlier argument before Daphne slips off her shirt to come in the water, revealing a series of deep, gangly scars on her back, identical to the wounds Sookie just suffered the previous day.

  4. 04 - Shake and Fingerpop

    At the Light of Day Institute, Jason walks down an unlit path on the way to his bunk house. Upon arriving, he finds the door ajar, and after creeping inside, he’s horrified to find his roommates scattered about the room, covered in blood. Before he can react, a dark figure sneaks up behind Jason and grabs him, subduing him before biting viciously into his throat ... but there’s no blood, only hysterical laughter as the lights come on and his “dead” friends stand up and mock him. When the attacker reveals himself as Luke, at first Jason plays it cool, but then he punches Luke in the face, breaking his nose. “Vampires are not a joke,” Jason yells at everyone in the room. “There’s a war going on!” The others look at him, intimidated.

    Bill glowers in his living room, furious to find Hoyt alone with Jessica. He kicks the young man out of the house, warning him that it’s not Jessica he’s trying to protect. Hoyt refuses to believe she’d hurt him and says as much as he leaves. Hurt and embarrassed, Jessica tells Bill that she wants to take things slow with Hoyt; then she heads upstairs. Sookie is starting to like Jessica and though she’s learned firsthand how dangerous the vampire can be, she thinks Bill should add her to their Dallas trip. Admitting that he’s somewhat envious that Jessica doesn’t have to feel as cut off from humans as he did early in his vampire life, Bill agrees to bring her along.

    Still swimming in a pond out in the woods, Sam and Daphne talk about Bon Temps - particularly about how much Sam likes the town. As they get ready to leave the water to go eat some sweet potato pancakes, Daphne jokes about seeing him naked, promising he doesn’t have anything she hasn’t seen before. But when she pulls herself out of the water, Sam notices the deep scars winding down her back.

    In Maryann’s kitchen Tara wraps up a phone call with Sookie who’s excited about her friend moving in. Maryann walks in, overhearing the last of it and saying she’s disappointed to see Tara go. When her houseguest thanks her for everything she’s done, Maryann responds simply, “I’m sure you’d do the same for me.”

    Jason sits around at the LODI compound discussing the biblical implications of vampirism with his equally dim buddies. Before they can settle on whether Jesus or Dracula was the first vampire, a voice echoes over a loudspeaker calling Jason to Steve Newlin’s office. His friends cheer thinking he’s about to get in trouble. Jason still isn’t sure what he’s in for but shows up to find Steve sitting in a Utility Terrain Vehicle and holding a pistol.

    Sookie welcomes Tara to her new home, pouring a couple glass of iced tea and handing over a birthday gift. Touched, Tara opens the present - a framed photograph of Gran with Sookie and Tara as children - and asks Sookie why she’s going to Dallas. Hoping to get by with the excuse that Bill “has business” in the city, Sookie eventually tells Tara about the deal she struck to save Lafayette.

    Mike Spencer examines the body of Miss Jeanette at the morgue, explaining to the police that though the woman was paralysed by animal scratches, her heart was cut out with a knife. As Bud and Kenya discuss the case Andy stumbles in drunk, holding a file folder, and asking Kenya about the pig Tara reported seeing during her car accident. Bud reprimands him for drinking on the job and when Andy pushes back, the sheriff relieves the detective of his badge.

    Banging on Lafayette’s door, Tara says she knows he’s inside and may as well open up. He gives in and Tara immediately jumps down his throat for not telling her that he’d returned, let alone that he was locked up in a vampire dungeon, shot and fed upon. Refusing to go to the hospital he advises her to keep her mouth shut about the vampires. In no mood to entertain Tara - even if it is her birthday - Lafayette sends her on her way.

    At Merlotte’s, when Sam shows up, Terry asks whether he’s still planning on leaving town. Cagey about providing a straight answer, the owner ducks into the walk-in cooler as Sookie arrives in the kitchen. When Terry tells her that he’s afraid to take on the responsibility of looking after the restaurant she tracks down Sam, wanting to know what’s going on with him. He’s not interested in talking though and the conversation ends with Sookie taking a few days off to go to Dallas - possibly returning to find him gone.

    In the forest at the LODI camp, Jason and Steve speed down a trail in the UTV, firing the paintball pistol at pop-up vampire targets. Steve commends Jason for being a dead-on shot and suggests he use wooden bullets - the modern-day stake. When Jason replies that he’s seen a vampire dissolve after getting staked, Steve practically swoons in awe. After finishing the target course, the two of them head back to Steve’s house where Sarah cooks up her famous ribs. As she tends the grill Jason zones out, fantasising over the Reverend’s wife dancing and licking barbecue sauce off his fingers. As they all bite into their dinners Steve tells Jason that he’s training a holy army to do God’s work and he needs Jason to join up.

    Alone at Sookie’s house, Tara hears someone outside on the front porch which puts her immediately on edge. Totally creeped out, she sneaks over to the door and as she pushes it open ... a shout of “Surprise!” comes from Maryann, Eggs and Karl. Holding a cake, Maryann explains they’ve been planning the party for days and have called all her friends.

    That night at Merlotte’s, the draw of Tara’s party leaves the bar empty except for Andy, Sam and the waitresses. The now ex-cop drinks away his troubles until Sam cuts him off and closes up the place - if the whole town’s out at the Stackhouse place, they might as well go too. As they’re leaving Lettie Mae stops by to see Sam, and though he explains he’s not “together” with her daughter anymore, he accepts a birthday present for Tara.

    Bill and Sookie’s Anubis Air flight lands in Dallas where a limo driver waits for the two travel coffins to be loaded into his vehicle. Sookie can hear the man’s nervous thoughts, worrying that night has already fallen. Still, she’s surprised when he tries to grab her and stifle her scream with his hand. Within seconds, Bill’s coffin has exploded and he’s standing behind the driver, pinning his arms and warning him not to make a sound.

    Sam arrives at Tara’s house and immediately runs into Maryann. He tries to warn her against hurting the people he cares about saying that revealing his secret would mean giving up her own, but the woman calls his bluff. As she walks off Sam spots Daphne Tara and Eggs dance together in the crowd as the party starts to get rowdier. Outside, away from the party, Maryann closes her eyes and begins to chant in a strange language. As her incantation builds, so does the intensity of the carousing. Tara and Eggs make out while dancing as everything slips a shade out of control.

    Jason returns to the bunk house after his dinner with the Newlins, quite proud of his new promotion. But when he gloats slightly over Luke and the others, they take him down a peg, saying that almost 20 recruits have been selected. Luke rubs it in by pointing out that Jason shouldn’t expect special treatment just because the Reverend’s wife has the hots for him. Angry but embarrassed Jason packs his gear, leaving the bunk to go stay with the Newlins.

    At the Hotel Camilla, Sookie and Bill check in while Jessica plays with the limo driver, who she’s glamoured thanks to Bill’s instruction. When Bill returns to interrogate the man, he finds out that the Fellowship of the Sun sent him to kidnap Sookie though they didn’t know her name.

    Eric appears outside Lafayette’s window, asking for an invitation but making it clear he has all the time in the world to wait. His human friend, on the other hand, isn’t going to last long with an infected gunshot wound so Eric offers his blood as the cure, which Lafayette has no choice but to accept. Drinking greedily from the vampire’s wrist, the cook heals so quickly that he immediately starts dancing. A call from Bill interrupts them and Eric departs hastily. When he arrives at the hotel in Dallas, Bill is irritated that he allowed them to walk into an ambush. Conversation turns to Godric, the missing vampire, and Bill can’t understand why Eric cares about him so much. The older vampire explains that the Dallas vampires are on the verge of attacking humans if Godric isn’t found but the answer doesn’t completely satisfy Bill.

    The party in Bon Temps is quickly going haywire. Maryann continues to chant and vibrate and the partygoers start to lose themselves completely, removing clothing and revelling in unison to the music. Upstairs Tara and Eggs have sex in Sookie’s bed. Maryann raises her arms and her hands transform into wicked-looking, three-fingered claws. In the kitchen, Sam and Daphne are unaware of the pandemonium breaking loose outside, but Daphne throws him completely when she leans into his ear and whispers, “I know what you are.”

    Sookie opens the door to her hotel room to find a bellhop named Barry dropping off an attractive young man that Jessica ordered from the in-room menu. Shocked as she is by the delivery, Sookie is even more surprised when she can hear the bellhop reading her thoughts. The two of them have a brief conversation entirely in their minds until the bellhop flees down the hallway.

  5. 05 - Never Let Me Go

    In the woods behind Sookie’s house - where Tara’s birthday party continues to rage unabated - Sam tries to play dumb after Daphne reveals that she knows his secret. Amused, she starts to strip down and Sam follows behind picking up the clothing she sheds... until he finds a small dog standing in front of him - a dog that shifts into Daphne before his eyes. Shocked and thrilled Sam accepts her kiss but their moment is interrupted when Terry and Arlene, looking for some privacy of their own, stumble awkwardly into the boss and his naked employee. “It’s in the air, I guess,” Arlene says.

    Sookie chases Barry the bellhop down the hall at Hotel Carmilla, shouting wordlessly for him to stop. Giving in to her mental yelling, the other telepath finally stops to have a conversation. Sookie’s charming introduction and insistence that the two of them can learn from one another isn’t enough to edge Barry past his fear that vampires will find out what he’s capable of. Begging her to keep his secret, Barry leaves. When she returns to her room - breaking up Bill and Jessica’s argument over ordering humans from the room service menu - Sookie brushes away Bill’s fear that she doesn’t understand the danger she’s in. She also points out that their bedroom is perfectly secure from sunlight as well as intruders, which means Bill can finally sleep with her. In the next room, Jessica experiences a bit of romance herself - chatting with Hoyt endlessly on the phone about TV and comic books.

    At the Light of Day Institute, Jason and his fellow Soldiers of the Sun recruits get a rude awakening from Gabe - their holy drill sergeant. They all suit up and head outside where Gabe screams his way through calisthenics training as Sarah looks on.

    Sookie visits the hotel lobby to peruse the continental breakfast, but mostly she’s hoping to take another crack at Barry. When she tries again to win him over, the bellhop says his telepathic ability has made life miserable for him. A nearby guest’s thoughts start to invade their conversation, and Sookie explains to Barry that he can control the intrusion if he tries but he tells her, “There’s enough people in my brain already. Your’e on your own.” When she reports back to Bill about finding another telepath, he’s not happy about it. But when he asks Sookie to lay low so he can protect her, she balks: If she wanted to just shut up and take orders, she’d have stayed at Merlotte’s. Bill gets her point but is concerned that Eric has been so intense about the situation. It’s never good when 1,000-year-old vampires become unpredictable.

    When Daphne arrives for work at Merlotte’s, Arlene gives her a hard time about last night’s unfinished prep work, obviously irritated that the new waitress is getting cosy with their boss. Sam soon walks in but his quiet flirting with Daphne is cut short when Lafayette returns, as if from beyond the grave. Everyone is thrilled to see him - especially Sam, however the bar owner makes a show of being angry about his cook’s unannounced vacation. Sam gladly welcomes him back but he also notices Lafayette’s newly disturbed bearing.

    Tara, after waking up with Eggs in her bed, comes downstairs to find Maryann cooking. When the strange woman explains that her home was actually borrowed from a client and that she needs a new place to stay, Tara becomes flustered, apologising but making it clear that she can’t invite guests to stay at Sookie’s. Maryann seems wounded and when Tara goes into the living room to ask Eggs why Maryann moves around so much he questions her sudden paranoia. “You have no clue what family is,” he tells her.

    Jason’s LODI training has progressed to long runs, and many of his fellow recruits are flagging - namely Luke. As Gabe screams at Jason’s competitor to climb over a chain-link fence, the former All-American’s body just can’t give any more. But when Gabe turns the situation over to the recruits to handle, Jason helps Luke over the fence, earning praise from Gabe and a gaze of utter joy from Sarah.

    Bill, Sookie and Eric meet with the Dallas vampires Stan and Isabelin their up-market lair. Unfortunately, all the locals can do is bicker while Eric becomes more and more irritable. Stan wants to start an all-out war and Isabel calls him out for making a power grab in Godric’s absence. Finally, Eric loses his tenuous cool, hurling a piece of art across the room. He vilifies the vampires for allowing a traitor to leak word of their arrival to the Fellowship, which sent an attacker to intercept Sookie at the airport. As the arguing begins anew, Sookie silences them all by volunteering to infiltrate the Fellowship, against Bill’s protests. Bill pulls Eric aside, wanting to know exactly why this search for Godric is so important. Eric replies with the story of how he became a vampire - at Godric’s hand. After Eric was mortally wounded in a Viking battle, the vampire (appearing to be little more than a teenage boy) struck at night, killing Eric’s two companions but offering the wounded leader eternal life.

    At the Newlin’s house Sarah and Steve quarrel quietly, the minister’s wife’s angry that he doesn’t fill her in on his plans for the church. Steve brushes her off when Jason enters the room, taking the young man to a secret bunker in the basement where Steve has stockpiled weapons of every kind: crossbows, rifles, submachine guns, missile launchers, silver throwing stars ... This army of the Lord is getting more serious than anyone suspects.

    That night after Steve is gone; Jason lounges in the bath tub, recovering from his strenuous day. Sarah sneaks into the room, quietly locking the door behind her, and despite Jason’s weak protests, starts to wash his chest. She explains that God wants Jason to receive a reward for all his hard work, and as her hand slips below the water’s surface, he can’t help but agree.

    Maryann and Karl pull up outside Merlotte’s, where a busy night is unfolding at the bar. Maryann closes her eyes, and as she concentrates the employees inside the bar start to unravel - with all their frustrations seemingly directed at Tara. Finally, the frazzled bartender loses it, yelling at all of her co-workers. Looking satisfied, Maryann signals Karl to drive away.

    After the bar closes that night, Sam and Daphne finally have some time alone ... on the pool table. As they undress each other in the middle of the empty barroom, Sam goes for the joke. “Nice rack,” Daphne replies: “Nice balls.”

    When Tara gets home from her hellish night at work she finds Maryann waiting up for her in the kitchen, dressed in a very Gran-like manner. She starts to tell Tara that they’ve started looking at houses but Tara interrupts, telling Maryann she’s welcome to stay.

    At Hotel Carmilla, when Sookie asks a desk clerk where she can find Barry, she learns that the bellhop quit his job earlier that day. Disappointed, Sookie heads upstairs with Bill. As they settle into bed and things begin to heat up, a beautiful vampire walks by their door, baring her fangs when she hears the sounds coming from inside.

  6. 06 - Hard-Hearted Hannah

    In the lobby of Hotel Carmilla, Eric feeds on a “blood hooker,” a fang- marked young woman whose “sexy and scared’ performance is every bit as desperate as her line of work. Eric turned off by the farce, casts her aside to greet a visitor ... Lorena, the vampire who created Bill. It’s clear to Eric that some connection remains between Lorena and her progeny, a connection he hopes will distract Bill enough for Sookie to be pried away. Lorena, sceptical but willing to play along, flashes back to her previous life with Bill ... In 1920s Chicago, the pair of them cavort with a rich couple who are throwing a party at their home. Posing as French socialites, Bill plays the piano as Lorena woos the pair, alluding to the fun the four of them could have once the rest of the guests retire for the night. Bill finishes his song to much applause, struts over to the young woman and kisses her hand, sealing the deal.

    Upstairs at the hotel, Bill and Sookie lounge in bed but are interrupted by a visit from Isabel and a human named Hugo, whom she introduces by saying, “He is mine.” Hugo has volunteered to join Sookie in infiltrating the Fellowship of the Sun, a favour he’s doing for Isabel out of love. Glad to have the backup, Bill and Sookie accept the offer.

    Sam and Daphne recline naked on the pool table at Merlotte’s, blissed out. Sam, tracing the lines of the scar on her back, asks how it happened. Daphne tells him she never got a clear look at whatever creature attacked her as she ran through the woods, but she’ll never forget the pain of the wounds - or the sickness that followed for more than a week. Impressed by the woman’s resilience, Sam says he’s never met anyone like her, but she responds by asking if he’s ever told anyone what he is. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you are,” she tells him.

    At Sookie’s house, Tara calls over Louisiana to find a pump to fix the water heater, Maryann’s grousing over the cold shower. When she realises she’ll have to drive more than an hour to a shop in Ferriday to pick it up, Tara lays down a case for Eggs to go with her, slyly rescuing him from Maryann’s foul mood.

    As Jason and Luke wait for the Newlins to meet them outside the church, they wonder why they’ve been summoned and Jason worries that he has a pretty good idea. But when Sarah and Steve arrive, it’s clear that the two recruits are being given a Christian opportunity: To build a wooden platform on which a vampire will “meet the sun.” Relived that his adulterous bath remains a secret, Jason still notes the cold reaction he gets from Sarah.

    As Sookie and Hugo prepare to leave the hotel, they talk about what it’s like to date a vampire. Hugo says he and Isabel have been together about a year, and lately they’ve been arguing about his desire to be turned into a vampire. Sookie is initially shocked by the idea, but when Hugo brings up the realities of aging alongside an unchanging companion, she’s confronted with an ugly future she hadn’t considered.

    At Merlotte’s, Sam and his staff set up for the evening rush. Arlene flirts with Terry, Maxine Fortenberry gossips with her girlfriend, and Andy shows up looking for Lafayette. When the suspended detective finds him in the kitchen, he interrogates the cook about his whereabouts over the past few weeks. But Andy pushes too hard, and Lafayette - still traumatised by his near-death experience - collapses under the stress. Terry, knowing PTSD when he sees it chases Andy away and talks his co-worker down. Out in the dining room, similar fireworks are going off between Hoyt and Maxine, who’s deactivated her son’s cell phone so he can’t talk to Jessica. Furious, Hoyt tells her to stay out of his business and adds, “The reason she calls me at night is ... she’s a vampire.”

    Jason and Luke make some progress with their carpentry, but Jason’s guilt over his tryst with Sarah is eating at him. Luke senses something’s bothering Jason but he assumes it’s just run-of-the-mill fornication - not full-on adultery with the minister’s wife. As Jason mulls over celibacy as a solution, Luke assures him that repentance is possible: “God is an open-minded guy,” he says, “to a point.”

    Sookie and Hugo pull up to the church - unknowingly driving right past Jason - and Sarah welcomes them with open arms. Nervous, Sookie becomes immediately talkative, spilling details about her “fiancé” Hugo and how they’re looking for a church to marry them, a church that doesn’t sympathise with vampires. Sarah takes them inside to meet Steve; Sookie’s plan seems to be moving along perfectly.

    At Hotel Carmilla, Lorena relaxes in her lightless room, a hand stroking the necklace she’s wearing. She’s flashes back to the old days with Bill ... In the bedroom of the rich couple they charmed, everything is slick with blood. Lorena braces the horrified man against a chair, snapping his neck as Bill sinks his fangs into the woman. When Lorena walks over to the bed, Bill gives her the dying woman’s necklace and the two of them have sex as their victim gurgles beside them.

    The Newlins insist on giving Sookie a tour of the church but as they work their way through the building, she starts to hear sinister thoughts leaking from Steve and panicky worries escaping Sarah. It turns out the Newlins know who she is and why she’s there. Back-pedalling and hoping to avoid a visit to Theodore Newlin’s underground tomb, Sookie attempts every excuse for leaving. But soon Gabe shows up to help with “the tour,” and when she refuses to go downstairs, he drags her into the basement. Sarah looks on, aghast and unable to believe her husband is capable of this.

    Back at Hotel Carmilla Bill senses that something is wrong with Sookie, but Lorena has appeared in his room and refuses to let him go. As his maker, she still has power over him - and she uses it to kiss him deeply.

    Lafayette stocks the walk-in at Merlotte’s, where he’s horrified to see Pam appear holding a bottle of vampire blood she expects him to sell. He tries to resist her demands but it’s no use; he accepts the drug with no clue why she and Eric are forcing him to do this.

    Andy drives down a Bon Temps road at night, when suddenly a pig and a dog leap out in front of his sister’s old Mercedes. Recognising the pig from Maryann’s house, he jumps out of the car and chases it into the woods, but both animals evade him. After Sam and Daphne shift back to their human forms, Sam says he was surprised to see her turn into a pig and mentions that Andy seemed to recognise her. Daphne says the pig is her “go-to shift,” but she laughs off the idea that Andy would know her animal form.

    Eggs and Tara return from their drive to find Sookie’s house and lawn littered with trash and clothing. As they follow the trail, they come to a party raging with an intensity they’ve never seen before. All the townspeople are naked and writhing in a massive orgy while Maryann vibrates and leads the bacchanalia. Nearby, a bull mask rests on a rock.

    At Hotel Carmilla, Jessica gets a surprise when Hoyt arrives with flowers, apologising profusely for what his mother did. Overcome with joy, she drags him into the room.

    Jason walks into the darkened church looking for the Newlins but he finds Sarah weeping on a balcony. She tells him between sobs that although she always knew she was meant to be with a great man, she now knows that Steve Newlin isn’t that man - Jason is. The two of them are meant to be together she tells him, as she reaches for his belt.

    Sam and Daphne continue to walk through the woods and when they hear drum music, Daphne turns toward it. Sam tries to stop her - joking that drums only lead to hippies and cults - and her smile disappears immediately as two naked people with blacked-out eyes grab him and drag him toward the orgy. Sam sees Maryann, and as Mike Spencer lowers the bull mask onto her head, Sam spies a large ceremonial dagger... and unleashes a wrenching scream.

  7. 07 - Release Me

    A drunken Andy Bellefleur stumbles through the woods, still searching for the pig that crossed the road in front of his car. As he tries to get his bearings, he notices drums and strange noises drifting through the trees. He finds their source - the people of Bon Temps, naked and wild, chanting as Maryann prepares to cut out Sam’s heart as a sacrifice. Andy fires a gunshot in the air, accidentally providing Sam with enough of a distraction to shift into an owl and escape, but when the detective grabs Terry to get his attention, the veteran twists Andy’s arm violently, breaking it with an awful crack. Andy lies on the ground in agony, gazing up into his cousin’s black eyes.

    In the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, Sookie attempts to talk Hugo through an attack of claustrophobia while trying to piece together who could have betrayed them. The Newlins knew they were coming ... could Stan be setting them up and eliminating Godric as some sort of power grab?

    Lorena continues to hold Bill captive in his own hotel room. She’s older and more powerful, and it’s impossible for him to escape. Lorena flashes back to the last standoff they had - more than 70 years ago. Returning from a musical, she brings a souvenir home for Bill: a pretty young chorus girl. Tempted as he is to feed, Bill can’t continue this violent existence, torturing humans for sport. At first Lorena laughs at him, and then softens, promising he’ll outgrow this sensitivity. But Bill pushes back saying he refuses to be the monster she’s turned him into. Present-day in the hotel, Bill assures Lorena that if Sookie is hurt he’ll drive a stake into “whatever semblance of a heart you have left.”

    Eric and Isabel lurk outside the Fellowship church, discussing their options and laughing at the humans’ feeble preparations for war. Eric asks Isabel why she’d get involved with a human like Hugo, and she responds that their short lives enable them to feel things much more strongly. She finds it curious, “like a science project!”

    Inside the church, Jason and Sarah lay semi-dressed on the balcony. Sarah, weeping with joy, says she’s finally found the man that God intends her to be with. She wants to tell Steve immediately (breaking her marriage vows doesn’t give her the excuse to then lie about it), but Jason talks her into waiting, at least until the lock-in and morning ceremony have ended.

    Jessica and Hoyt relax in their hotel room and when Jessica admits that she’s a virgin, Hoyt tells her that he is too. She says she wants to be his first ... but not tonight. It’s time for her to go to sleep before dawn. Stripping to her underwear, she climbs under the covers and cuddles with him.

    Eric and Isabel return to the hotel, where Stan again makes the case for a full-scale attack on the Fellowship. Eric has had it with this foolishness, but after seeing the ragtag enemy for himself, he can’t imagine them holding Godric for weeks. The only conclusion he can draw is that his maker has been destroyed.

    Steve comes downstairs to visit Sookie and Hugo. He tries to charm them, promising to let them go free if they’ll answer some questions. Sookie refuses, but Hugo blurts out both their names and their mission. Steve immediately recognising the Stackhouse name and rushes out to find Jason while Sookie makes a last-ditch attempt to call for help. She reaches out with her mind, hoping to send a silent message to Barry, the telepathic bellhop.

    Bill and Lorena lay in the hotel, weakening physically as they enter the daylight hours without sleep. Bill begs her to let him at least send help to Sookie ... Eric perhaps. Lorena laughs, telling him that Eric is the reason she’s there to begin with. “He wants the girl,” she tells Bill “Just let him have her.”

    Steve, driving an SUV, finds Jason with his bags packed, walking off of the compound. Convinced that Jason’s in league with the vampires, Steve orders Gabe to take care of him, so the burly drill instructor pulls a knife and drags Jason into the vehicle.

    Eggs and Tara wake up on the couch at Sookie’s house with no idea of how they got there and assume they must have blacked out from the joint they smoked. The appearance of Maryann, who’s wearing a dress and covered in blood from a rabbit she killed for dinner, does little to settle their worries.

    On the dock at the lake, Sam finds Daphne and levels a gun at her. Crushed and furious, Sam says he trusted her more than anyone he’s ever known. But the girl is a heart-and-soul follower of Maryann, who Daphne says has the power to control humans but not supernatural creatures. Maryann is a maenad, she explains, the closest thing to God that humans will ever see. She channels violence, lust, excess ... and she cannot be destroyed. Confused and more worried than ever, Sam walks away.

    Hugo’s anxiety continues to build in the Fellowship basement, and as he gets agitated Sookie can hear his thoughts more clearly ... he’s the traitor! She confronts him, and he admits the truth - that after Isabel refused to turn him, he realised she’d never let him be her equal. Vampires only care about their own kind, Hugo tells Sookie, which is why he joined the Fellowship.

    In the woods Gabe holds the knife against Jason, who pleads with him, saying there’s been some kind of mistake. But when his captor mentions Sookie, Jason spins around knocks the knife from Gabe’s hand, takes him to the ground and then knocks him out with a fierce blow to the head. Jason runs back to the road, heading toward camp as it gets dark. He initially runs from the headlights of an oncoming SUV, but when Sarah calls to him from behind the wheel, he stops, relieved to see her. Before he can tell her what happened, she raises a gun and shoots him.

    As a crowd gathers at Merlotte’s, Lafayette places calls from the ladies’ room, trying to move the V that Pam tasked him with. Tara and Arlene come in, and Arlene tells Tara that she’s worried that she and Terry blacked out and had sex, which is a bit too much of a coincidence for Tara’s taste. Out in the barroom Andy bursts through the door, shouting at the crowd of “devil zombies” that they won’t get away with what they did last night. Everyone laughs him off - except Tara and Sam.

    At the lake Daphne stands on the dock, as if waiting for someone. When Maryann and Eggs appear, she greets her master with absolute adoration. Maryann kisses her disciple softly on the lips before Eggs, his eyes glassy and black, plunges the ceremonial dagger into Daphne’s chest.

    At Hotel Carmilla, Bill and Lorena flash back to their past. Holding a stake against his heart, Bill threatens to destroy himself unless Lorena sets him free from the control she has as his maker. Weeping blood, she complies. Back in the present, she explains to Bill that she’s trying to help him by separating him from Sookie. A knock at the door interrupts them. It’s Barry, with the message from Sookie, and though he tries to deliver it from outside the room, the door swings open and he’s dragged inside.

    Gabe returns to the church basement, battered and filled with rage. Hugo says that Sookie knows she’s been betrayed and begs Gabe to release him but the thug responds by punching Hugo in the face and then kicking him into unconsciousness. His plans for Sookie are even more sinister. Ripping the front of her dress open, he forces himself on her. She screams, scraping at his face with her nails as he unbuckles his belt. Suddenly Gabe is torn off of her, and when Sookie looks up, she sees him suspended in mid-air, trapped in the grip of a tattooed 15-year-old boy. Traumatised, Sookie asks, “Godric?”

  8. 08 - Timebomb

    In the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, Godric holds the thug Gabe by his throat as Sookie looks on with a combination of relief and horror. Gabe calls the vampire by name, pleading for his life, but Godric answers by snapping the man’s neck. Hearing a crash in an adjacent room, Sookie thinks that Bill has finally arrived to rescue her, but instead Eric sweeps in and kneels at his maker’s feet. Godric says he can take care of himself and orders Eric to escort Sookie from the church - without shedding blood in the process.

    At Hotel Carmilla, Bill questions Barry about the message he received from Sookie. However Lorena holds the bellhop in a death grip ... and then sinks her fangs into his neck. Taken aback by the man’s unique flavour, Lorena falters, asking Barry, “What are you?” Before Barry can speak, Bill slams a plasma TV into the back of Lorena’s head. She hits the floor, unconscious, and Bill darts to Jessica’s room, where he finds her and Hoyt in the midst of losing their virginity. Shocked, angry and embarrassed, Bill orders Hoyt to take Jessica back to Bon Temps immediately before bolting out the door himself.

    After hours at Merlotte’s, Lafayette tries to divine Tara’s future with a Tarot card reading but they’re interrupted when Eggs bursts into the bar. “He’s blacked out again”, he says, losing several hours before waking up disoriented by the lake. Both of them scared now, Tara and Eggs leave to go home.

    Sookie and Eric make their way through the Fellowship complex. When Eric comes upon a ragtag crowd of guards, he at first pretends to be human, but when they become suspicious, he disarms them easily. A quick look out the door reveals an approaching mob so Eric and Sookie flee toward the church sanctuary. From the altar of this quiet room, Steve Newlin’s voice rings out. He assures them that they’re headed straight to hell, and as his home-grown army quickly surrounds Eric and Sookie, Newlin says they’ll make perfect replacements for Godric in his ‘ceremony.’

    Lying on the road at Sarah’s feet, Jason realises he’s not dead; she just shot him with a paintball gun. He attempts to explain that he was only trying to escape her crazy (and well- armed) husband, but Sarah is inconsolable after being betrayed. She fires a paintball into Jason’s groin, levelling him with pain. “We have your sister,” she tells him. “You’re no more than a bunch of heartless, two-faced vampire-f**kers!” Not appreciating the slur against his sister Jason knocks Sarah to the ground and grabs her paintball gun. Jumping into her utility terrain vehicle, he tears off toward the church. When he gets there, he finds Sookie with Steve holding a gun to her head, Eric chained to the altar, and Bill surrounded by stake-wielding Soldiers of the sun. Jason fires a paintball with dead aim, knocking the gun from Steve’s hand and then follows up with a shot right between the minister’s eyes.

    Sookie sets Eric free, and the vampire seises Steve. However, before Eric can figure out to do with him, Stan and a squad of Dallas vamps stalk into the room. “We’ll kill you,” Stan threatens the minister, “same way we did your father.” Stan gives the order to massacre everyone in the room, but then Godric appears on the balcony commanding everyone to stop. He confronts the humans, asking if they’re prepared to die for the religious madman, and they answer by standing down and exiting. The vampires walk away from the scene. Jason apologises to Sookie for being foolish enough to follow these extremists. As everyone leaves, Steve assures them that their day of reckoning will come, but Jason quips back: “I’ve already been to heaven, and it was inside your wife,” before decking the preacher.

    Sam receives a call on his cell phone, with Merlotte’s showing up on the Caller ID but no one at the other end of the line. He rushes back to his darkened bar and when he goes inside, he’s horrified to find Daphne’s corpse in his walk-in, her heart cut out of her chest. Police lights start flickering through the windows as Sheriff Bud Dearborn’s voice fills the air.

    In the kitchen at Sookie’s house Maryann begins work on a feast, beginning with a pan full of chopped vegetables. But her key ingredient is on the cutting board - a human heart, which she carefully slices into bite-sized pieces and adds to her pot.

    Bud and Kenya interrogate Sam inside his bar, saying they got an anonymous tip. Sam knows Maryann is setting him up - and says as much - but Bud is concerned that nothing with the bar owner ever seems to check out. Andy bursts into the room, drunk as usual, and does his best to corroborate Sam’s story with his own tales about massive orgies and a clawed bull wearing a dress. Bud is far from convinced.

    Tara and Eggs return home, still shaken by their memory loss, but when Maryann offers them a “Hunter’s Soufflé,” they both dig in. As they eat, they can’t believe how great it tastes. Slurping up the bright red sauce, they become more and more enamoured with the meal, gushing about how delicious it is.

    At the lair of the Dallas vampires, Jason apologises to Bill for being prejudiced against him and gives the vampire an awkward hug. Bill tries to explain to Sookie that he couldn’t rescue her because he was held hostage but he leaves out the details about Lorena. Sookie and Bill both stare daggers at Eric for gambling with their lives to save Godric, but the Nordic vampire doesn’t seem to care.

    Isabel drags Hugo before Godric, explaining that he’s the one who betrayed them. And Godric - much to Stan’s dismay - grants Hugo mercy, suggesting he leave town as it’s “not safe for you here.” Eric tries to bring a woman to feed his maker but the ancient vampire isn’t hungry. Mostly, he’s tired and when Eric becomes angry about the Fellowship and their hatred, Godric counsels understanding: “We ARE frightening,” he tells Eric, lamenting that vampires haven’t evolved in thousands of years - they’ve only become more brutal.

    Jessica and Hoyt try to have sex again, but the vampire is crushed when she finds out that the chastity she’d lost seems to have found her. Everything heals for a vampire after all, and she’s going to be a virgin for eternity. As she weeps, Hoyt has no idea what to say to comfort her.

    Bud and Kenya lock Sam up in jail where he finds a who’s who of Bon Temps incarcerated for various public disturbances - most involving wanton sex. Mike Spencer and Jane Bodehouse are both chagrined to be behind bars though neither can quite remember what they did to get there.

    Tara and Eggs continue to receive far too much enjoyment from Maryann’s soufflé, and as they eat, their eyes turn black and frenzied. Soon, they’re hitting each other - hard - in the face and exalting in the pain. Maryann looks on, thrilled with the result.

    At the Dallas lair, Lorena slips in through the crowd and finds Sookie to introduce herself. Dripping with menace, Lorena explains that she and Bill go way back and as Sookie pieces things together, Bill steps in to get rid of Lorena. When the vampire caresses his cheek, Sookie’s had enough and starts to mouth off to Lorena telling her, “Go find someone else you trashy bitch. You’ve lost this one!” Lorena goes wild, grabbing Sookie, her fangs extending. But Godric steps in, separating them and banishing Lorena from his area, disgusted with her behaviour. He asks Bill to escort her out.

    With Lorena gone things start to return to normal but then Luke steps into the middle of the room, calling for everyone’s attention. Jason tries to talk to him but his former campmate refuses to listen. Instead, he tells everyone, “I have a message for you all from Reverend Steve Newlin,” Opening his jacket, Luke reveals a bomb strapped to his chest and covered in wood and silver. Before even a vampire can react, he pushes the button on the detonator.

  9. 09 - I Will Rise Up

    Outside the Dallas vampire lair Bill sends Lorena away, telling her that she’s dead to him. Their farewell is cut short, however, when an explosion erupts behind them - Luke has detonated the bomb strapped to his chest.

    Bill races inside where he scans the bloody tableau, calling Sookie’s name. She’s alive, shielded by Eric, who urges Bill to chase after the rest of the Soldiers of the Sun before they can escape. Bill catches a young boy who pleads for his life, but Bill sinks his fangs into the enemy’s neck. The vampire doesn’t drain him though; he sends the soldier back to the Fellowship commanding him to tell his leader that vampires showed him mercy.

    Inside the gore-spattered lair, Eric tells Sookie that the silver shrapnel he’s taken is killing him - she’ll have to suck it out to save him. Disgusted but grateful for his help, she agrees. But when Bill comes back inside and finds her working on the second slug in Eric’s chest, he’s furious. The silver was no threat Bill tells Sookie; it was just a ploy to get her to drink the Nordic vampire’s blood. Now they’ll share a connection forever.

    Isabel and the other Dallas vamps conduct a survey of the damage - a few destroyed vampires, Stan included, and several humans - and then Godric orders everyone to reconvene at the Hotel Carmilla. Once Bill and Sookie make it back to their hotel room, they vent over Eric’s trickery. Though Bill is furious he doesn’t blame Sookie. After all, it was her goodness and desire to help that Eric took advantage of. He warns Sookie that she may start to feel a sexual attraction toward the older vampire... It’s part of the blood’s power.

    At Bill’s house in Bon Temps, Hoyt tries to comfort Jessica who’s still upset over her permanent virginity. Adamant that it doesn’t affect their relationship, Hoyt suggests they take things to the next level: It’s time for Jessica to meet his mom.

    Covered in bruises from their fight, Tara and Eggs continue the disturbing trend of remembering nothing from the previous night. And they aren’t amused when Maryann makes light of it as they compare notes in Sookie’s kitchen. Maryann suggests that maybe it isn’t so bad to lose control. Maybe the two of them are reaching a higher plane. Eggs is willing to consider the idea, but Tara, who’s spent decades on the receiving end of a raging drunk’s blackouts, is not about to accept inebriation as a spiritual journey.

    At the Hotel Carmilla Jason has taken over Jessica’s room. He and Sookie both loaf around, miserable after the events of the past few days. Jason tries to explain how he ended up with the Fellowship, that they made him feel like he was worth something. Sookie, understanding but still incredulous, asked if he ever thought for a moment what Gran would think of a group like the Fellowship. Jason says he can’t think about Gran. It’s too hard. He and Sookie are all alone now, and they have to stick together and be a family. He apologises for being a “dumbass f**kup,” and Sookie smiles. They’re as close as they’ve been in a long time. As their heart-to-heart ends, the Newlins come on the hotel TV melting down fantastically during an interview with Nan Flanagan. As the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League grills them about their involvement in the suicide bombing, Steve and Sarah devolve into outright bickering in front of the camera.

    At Merlotte’s Arlene approaches Terry carefully, trying to address the nights they’ve spent together that neither of them remember. Terry’s squirrelly at first, but as Arlene becomes upset, he opens up, telling her that he can’t remember whether they had sex. Glad that they’ve both been granted a dubious pass on this one, Arlene takes his hand and gives it a squeeze. Out in the dining room things don’t go so smoothly once Lafayette gets a look at the bruises covering his cousin. He can’t believe Tara would let Eggs hit her - especially after living with an abusive mother her whole life. The cook lunges at Eggs who’s just as ready to fight, causing a scene in the middle of the restaurant. Tara manages to separate them and drag Eggs out the door, taking a wayward punch from him in the process.

    Hoyt confronts his mother in her kitchen, demanding to know why she’s so filled with hate. Her prejudice extends far beyond vampires, he points out - all the way to families with lots of kids and women who wear red shoes. She doesn’t know what to say, only that he’s her baby boy and she doesn’t want to lose him. Frustrated, he assures her he’s a “grown-ass man” and isn’t willing to tolerate any rudeness toward Jessica.

    Sookie sleeps beside Bill at the Hotel Carmilla but she dreams of Eric - naked and in bed beside her. Even worse, he’s charming. Teasing, he tells her she’d make a great vampire and she argues playfully with him. But the fantasy goes south when Lorena appears at the foot of the bed and reminds Sookie that she’s betraying Bill. Sookie wakes with a start.

    Sam - along with half of Bon Temps - sits in jail as an exhausted Bud Dearborn tries to figure out what to do with everyone. Maryann shows up looking for Sam and suggests the sheriff make things a little easier on himself by releasing all the revellers he’s picked up. Vibrating quickly she takes control of Bud, smiling as his eyes turn black. She stalks into the holding area and demands to see Sam Merlotte but the bar owner has transformed into an insect and flown away; leaving nothing but his clothes behind on the floor of the cell.

    Hoyt introduces Jessica to his mother at Merlotte’s but in spite of his warnings, Maxine doesn’t cooperate. Jessica tries to win her over with compliments, but the older woman is obstinate, telling Jessica that she can’t allow her son to spend the rest of his life with a vampire who can’t give him children. Crushed, Jessica leaves with Hoyt following behind.

    At Sookie’s house, Eggs, Tara and Maryann play cards until Lafayette and Lettie Mae interrupt. They want Tara, and even after her eyes turn black and she starts to rage against them, Lafayette drags her out the door. Eggs tries to follow - his eyes also black - but Maryann tells him to stop, sure that Tara will come back on her own.

    Nan Flanagan shows up at the Hotel Carmilla to dress down the Dallas vamps for their involvement in this “PR mess.” Godric insists on taking all the responsibility, giving up his title as sheriff. Eric balks at Nan’s rudeness toward his maker but Godric doesn’t care. When he explains that he agreed to meet the sun, that the humans weren’t holding him against his will, everyone is shocked. But Godric just seems tired. He apologises to the group for all the harm he’s caused and tells Eric, who’s beside himself with anger toward Nan, that they need to talk. As the meeting breaks up, Bill approaches Eric calmly and then punches the vampire in the face. Eric gazes back coolly telling Bill, “That doesn’t change anything. I’m part of her now.”

    Maryann walks into Merlotte’s, her easygoing act cast aside to reveal a glimpse at her true power. In an otherworldly voice, she informs the room: “The God Who Comes demands his sacrifice. Where is Sam Merlotte?” Everyone’s eyes turn black but Sam is nowhere to be found.

    On the roof of Hotel Carmilla, Godric tells Eric that he can no longer exist as a vampire. “It’s unnatural,” he says, and it must end. Eric’s heart is breaking and he says he won’t let Godric go alone, but as Eric’s maker, the older vampire commands him to leave. Sookie arrives and though she can only pull patches of English from their Swedish conversation, she knows exactly what is going on. She promises Eric that she’ll stay with Godric until the end. As sunrise nears, Eric says goodbye and goes inside. Sookie weeps softly next to Godric who tells her that he’s filled with joy. He warns her to stand back as the sun crests the horizon, and as she watches, Godric disappears into white-hot radiance.

  10. 10 - New World In My View

    Sookie returns from the roof after Godric’s death, shaken but more concerned about Eric who she finds slumped over the edge of his bed, weeping tears of blood. She comforts him kissing his face lightly, and when he responds with his own kiss on her lips, she returns it. As they become more passionate, Eric pulls back, his fangs clicking into place. Sookie reaches out exploring his teeth gingerly with her fingers. Eric gets the message and dives into her throat but Sookie snaps awake in the back seat of an Anubis Air hearse. It was just a dream ... again.

    Sitting next to Sookie in the car, Jason knows an erotic fantasy when he sees one and starts to give her a hard time. However, they’re interrupted when the driver of their transport hits someone in the street of Bon Temps. Jason and Sookie both jump out of the vehicle and into a version of their hometown that’s been vandalised almost beyond recognition. The people they ran over - a half-dressed couple - giggle maniacally and limp away.

    Maryann marshals her followers at the Stackhouse place, where a giant totem has been erected out of fruit, flowers, dirt, meat and God knows what else... Karl and Eggs, his eyes black as pits, serve her every whim promising to find Kobe beef too add to the monument as an offering to her God Who Comes.

    In Andy’s motel room Sam hides as a car pulls up. It’s the detective returning from the deserted police station, and he’s managed to find a bottle of booze along the way. Handing Sam the personal effects left behind in his jail cell, Andy still isn’t clear on what’s going on in town. The previous night’s explanation feels pretty hazy. Sam quickly fills things in again: Maryann’s an ancient creature called a Maenad, the pig worked for her, she wants to sacrifice Sam to her god, and it may be impossible to kill her. As Andy tries to digest this, the phone rings - it’s Arlene. She’s calling from Merlotte’s where a crowd of possessed townspeople has pinned her down, and she’s afraid her kids are going to get hurt. Sam suspects it’s a trap but he can’t bring himself to turn his back on her.

    Sookie, Jason and Bill arrive at the old Compton house and when Jason calls the sheriff’s office, all he can raise is the answering machine. Something is obviously wrong in town, but any chance to discuss it slips away when Maxine Fortenberry - looking unkempt and sporting black eyes - stumbles down the stairs toward them. Hoyt and Jessica chase after her, and once they get Maxine under control, explain how the whole town’s gone mad. Everyone’s eyes have turned black and they’re planning to offer Sam as a human sacrifice. Jason decides he’s going to Merlotte’s to get to the bottom of things, despite Sookie’s protests, and after Hoyt explains that Maryann has taken over the Stackhouse place, Sookie and Bill leave to confront her.

    Sam and Andy arrive at Merlotte’s and walk into the very trap they expected. One look at Arlene’s eyes is all the warning they get before they’re surrounded by lunatic townspeople. Andy pulls out his pistol, firing warning shots into the air, but it has no effect. Terry easily disarms him and empties the weapon into the walls, accidentally shooting the arm of a local man who starts laughing. Sam and Andy flee into the walk-in refrigerator, sealing the door behind them. Terry, in full military mode, addresses the disappointed crowd saying their mission has been accomplished: The targets are trapped. He orders Jane Bodehouse to call Maryann to report the victory and everyone cheers.

    At Lafayette’s house, he and Lettie Mae have tied up Tara who spouts the most hurtful words her possessed mind can come up with. Lettie Mae starts to pray and when her nephew joins in, she looks shocked. “Jesus and I agreed to see other people,” he tells her. “Don’t mean we still don’t talk time to time.”

    When Bill and Sookie arrive and find Maryann’s totem in the front yard of Sookie’s house, it’s clear things have gone even further than they suspected. The inside of the house is decorated with branches and candles; dirt and leaves are strewn everywhere. As Sookie takes it all in, her cell phone rings. It’s Lafayette asking for her help with Tara and warning her to get out of the house right away. She hangs up, but Maryann appears blocking their escape. Bill sinks his fangs into their enemy’s neck but her black blood causes him to foam at the mouth and vomit. Sookie immediately understands that Maryann was the creature that attacked her in the woods and when the strange woman advances, Sookie pushes back and is stunned to see sparks burst from her hands and shock Maryann. With no idea what just happened, she and Bill flee into the night.

    Jason arrives at Merlotte’s, armed with all the power tools he can carry. He sneaks into the bar and, cranking up a chainsaw, threatens all the locals gathered in the place. They don’t even blink. Even when he sinks the blade into the bar they only laugh and cheer him on. Changing tacks, he grabs Arlene and holds a nail gun to her head, and though most of the group urges him to shoot her (Arlene included), Terry steps in to save his “special lady!” He orders everyone out of the bar, and Jason manages to rescue Andy and Sam. The reprieve is brief, however. No sooner do the men collect their thoughts and compare notes than a window shatters in the bar and the whole mob floods back in. Sam, realising Maryann’s minions will never stop, turns himself over to them but once they get him outside the bar, Jason reappears wearing a gas mask and hurling road flares - impersonating the God Who Comes.

    As Andy holds up a stick behind him to look like horns, Jason “smites” Sam, who shifts into a fly giving the appearance that he’s been vaporized. Disappointed at the lack of destruction but convinced nonetheless, Maryann’s followers wander off to give her the good news.

    Sookie and Bill make it to Lafayette’s house, where they find Tara in her strange state. Sookie tries to gaze into her friend’s mind but sees only darkness - as if Tara doesn’t exist at all. Bill suggests he try to glamour her while Sookie uses her power and the tandem effort manages to break through, freeing Tara from the power of Maryann’s will. But the reality that Tara’s returned too is far more painful than being possessed - she needs to go save Eggs, she says.

    Outside on the porch, Bill tells Sookie that he knows one vampire who may be able to tell them how to kill Maryann but he must go alone. Sookie objects but when Bill explains to her that the people of Bon Temps need her help more than he does, she knows he’s right. He kisses her quickly and bolts away.

    At Bill’s house, Maxine is working herself into a frenzy, belittling her son and hurling insults at Jessica. Finally the young vampire reaches the limit of her tolerance and attacks Maxine. Hoyt looks on screaming as his girlfriend’s fangs puncture his mother’s jugular.

    Bill arrives at his destination; a strange mansion patrolled by secret service agents, one of whom greets him, “Welcome Mr. Compton. She’s expecting you.” Bill steps inside, bowing to his host and greeting her, “Your majesty.”

  11. 11 - Frenzy

    Inside her eclectic but opulent mansion, Sophie-Ann - the Vampire Queen of Louisiana - feeds on the thigh of an agreeable young woman. Bill looks on, self-conscious. When the Queen finishes her meal, Bill explains that he needs to know how to kill the maenad that’s been terrorising Bon Temps. Sophie-Ann lets on enough about the creature to convince him she can help but she then toys with Bill, insisting that he stay for a day and visit with her.

    At the old Compton place, Hoyt manages to pry Jessica’s fangs from his mother’s neck. The young vampire struggles to explain that she couldn’t listen to Maxine badmouth Hoyt any longer, but he’s furious and yells at Jessica: “She’s my mama! She gets to!” Gathering his bleeding and insane mother, he leaves.

    Tara, unbound but blocked from leaving Lafayette’s house, pleads with Sookie to let her go help Eggs. It’s too dangerous Sookie tells her, and then Lafayette piles on, informing Tara he won’t let her go back to a man who beats her. This is news to Lettie Mae and as she also starts to become involved, Tara loses it and screams that just because all their lives are miserable doesn’t mean they should ruin hers too. Stung, Lafayette handcuffs her to the coffee table and goes out on the porch to stand watch with a rifle.

    At his bar, Sam explains to Andy and Jason that he can take on the shape of any animal. Predictably, this blows Jason’s mind. But despite Sam’s obvious familiarity with the supernatural, he fails to convince Jason to avoid Maryann. The young paramilitary trainee is determined to fight the Maenad with whatever weapons he and Andy can dig up at the police station. At this point in the conversation, Sam catches a movement outside and when he goes to investigate, he finds Arlene’s kids, Coby and Lisa, hiding hungry and frightened in the woods. Jason and Andy leave to gear up and Sam takes the kids inside, telling Jason, “You’re a damned fool.” Sam fixes the kids some food, and as they eat and tell Sam about their mom, Coby suggests they ask a vampire for help... giving Sam an idea.

    Sookie and Lafayette stand guard on his porch when a text arrives from Bill saying he’ll be late. Sookie finds out from Lafayette that she isn’t the only one having sex-tilled dreams about Eric after drinking the vampire’s blood. Inside the house Tara goes to work on Lettie Mae, trying to convince her troubled mother to set her free that this is the one chance to repair their relationship. Lettie gives in, tricking Lafayette into handing over his gun and then holding him and Sookie hostage as Tara makes a break for it.

    Jason and Andy raid the arms locker at the police station where Andy manages to subdue Bud Dearborn as the frenzied sheriff square-dances around the building tiring his pistol. On the way out, a local named Kevin shoots Andy in the chest and just as Jason turns a gun on the attacker, Andy lifts his shirt showing Jason the Kevlar that saved his life.

    Lafayette is nearly overcome with stress, hallucinations of Eric dancing before his eyes as Lettie Mae trains her gun on him. Still, he and Sookie manage to disarm her and escape - if rushing to Maryann’s with plans to kill the creature counts as any kind of escape.

    Tara hurries into Sookie’s house where she finds Eggs with his eyes blacked out and a big grin on his face. She tries to hustle him out the door but Maryann corners her first. The Maenad explains that Tara is the one who summoned her Miss Jeanette’s exorcism may have been fake, but the power of the ritual was enough to pique Maryann’s curiosity about Bon Temps. Maryann vibrates lightly which has no effect on Tara who says she’s free of the Maenad’s control now. So Maryann punches Tara in the face, hard, and when the girl looks up, her eyes have turned black. At this point, the mob from Merlotte’s returns to tell Maryann about the return of her god and the smiting of Sam - and she’s furious with their idiocy.

    Hoyt does his best to console his mother in the kitchen of her house, but she’s more concerned with the concoction she’s ‘cooking’ for Maryann’s next bash. When Hoyt tries to stop her, she digs deep to hurt him, telling her son that he’s always held her back from doing what she wanted. She says Hoyt is weak, just like his father was before he killed himself. This is news to Hoyt who always thought his dad was shot by a burglar. “I lied,” Maxine says. “Otherwise we never would’ve gotten the life insurance money.”

    Sam takes Arlene’s kids to Fangtasia, hoping Eric will be able to help with the problems in Bon Temps. Cagey and condescending, Eric makes it clear to Sam that he’s being generous by getting involved at all, though the vampire is secretly pleased at this opportunity to make an impression on Sookie. He tells Sam there is someone he can talk to and then flies off into the night - literally.

    Bill lounges poolside with the Queen of Louisianna, who insists that he feed from her stable of humans. When she won’t allow him to beg off, Bill capitulates but he can’t allow her to detain him any longer - Sookie needs his help. As he plays a game of Yahtzee with the Queen he reminds her as politely as possible that he must leave. Finally, to keep him just a few minutes longer, she gives him the information he’s looking for: The only way to kill Maryann is to let her meet the God Who Comes. Only then will she be vulnerable. Bill thanks her for her help and leaves but he runs into Eric on his way out. Bill immediately understands the vampire’s ploy to get closer to Sookie and warns Eric to stay away from her ... or else he’ll tell the Queen that Eric is trafficking in vampire blood.

    Sookie and Lafayette arrive at what’s left of her house and they are jumped by Terry and Arlene. Lafayette captures the couple’s attention by scattering a bag full of pills on the ground while Sookie heads to the house. Soon, however, Maryann and Karl catch up with Lafayette and when he fires a shot at the Maenad; she deflects the bullet into her manservant’s skull.

    Andy and Jason park their truck near Maryann’s place and get ready to attack but before they go, Andy tells Jason he thinks the all-star quarterback has had it too easy. Sounding like an idiot - but a credible one - Jason shoots back that being a ripped sex machine takes a lot of work. Not to mention that every person he’s ever loved has died. Cowed, Andy nods and the two of them bury the hatchet in preparation of what’s to come.

    Inside her house Sookie finds a handful of deranged locals holed up in the kitchen. After an uncomfortably close encounter with Mike Spencer, she goes to her room, where she finds Tara and Eggs converting her bed into a nest for a giant egg. She turns to flee but runs into Lafayette whose eyes have turned glassy and black.

  12. 12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

    Inside Gran’s bedroom, Sookie watches in horror as a black-eyed Lafayette advances and orders her to take off her clothes. She strips to her underwear, terrified, and he hands her a toga. He then marches her downstairs where Maryann holds court, wearing Gran’s wedding dress and surrounded by frenzy-eyed women in togas. “You’re going to be my maid of honour,” she tells Sookie who’s as enraged as she is frightened.

    Sookie promises she won’t let Maryann get away with taking over the town, but the Maenad is more interested in Sookie’s strange powers. Ordering the rest of the bridesmaids away, Maryann prods Sookie to reveal what she is and how she was able to shoot electricity from her hands. The waitress has no answer but Maryann doesn’t care; Sookie will serve as perfect bait to lure Sam back into the sacrificial circle.

    At the Queen’s mansion Eric plays a bored game of Yahtzee, waiting for his opening to ask about the Maenad. However, Sophie-Anne has other concerns - like how Bill found out that she’s been having Eric sell vampire blood. Pouncing on top of him, Sophie-Anne extends her fangs menacingly. He swears that Bill has no idea she’s involved and the Queen accepts Eric’s assurance that he’ll take care of the situation.

    Jason and Andy creep toward the mania unfolding at the old Stackhouse place. Jason, feeling like an action hero with a gun in his hand, tosses a weapon to Andy who’s almost ashamed to admit that he’s never killed anyone. Both men are spared the deflowering. They don’t even make it to the porch before they’re overcome by Maryann’s power, their eyes flipping to black.

    Inside the house, Maryann forces everyone in her wedding party to lick the giant ostrich egg she’s chosen to “represent fertility” at her ritual. Grossed out, Sookie follows suit, but she still defies Maryanri, telling the Maenad that her God is not going to show up. Jason enters to tell Maryann that the “vessel” has arrived and when Sookie refuses to cooperate, Maryann subdues her with the threat of killing her brother.

    Outside the house, Bill arrives with Sam in tow. The vampire offers Maryann her “vessel” in exchange for Sookie and despite the waitresses screams, hands Sam over. The crowd becomes even more agitated and starts to chant as Sam is bound to a plank and placed before the totem. As Sookie shrieks in the background, Eggs plunges Maryann’s ceremonial dagger deep into Sam’s chest. But when Sookie meets her dying friend’s eyes, she’s shocked to receive a mental message from him: Distract Maryann! In a fit of confusion and grief, Sookie pushes the totem over and confronts Maryann, whose rage is absolute. However, before the Maenad can use her power to destroy everyone around her, a giant bull approaches. Her God has come. She raises her arms in welcome and the beast gores her, unleashing a torrent of her black blood. Just as she expires a willing sacrifice to her own God, the bull changes shape...into Sam. He pulls his arm from Maryann’s chest, gripping her darkened heart.

    Bill explains that Sam drank enough of his vampire blood to heal the dagger wound, apologising that he couldn’t inform Sookie about their risky plan. As Sookie hurries back toward the house, Bill and Sam share an awkward but agreeable moment before the vampire follows his girlfriend. The townspeople immediately snap out of Maryann’s trance, astounded by the scene surrounding them Sookie orders everyone off her lawn and goes inside where Tara’s trying her best to reassure Eggs, who’s beside himself after finding his hands covered in blood. Upstairs Bill holds Sookie until dawn.

    The next day at Merlotte’s everyone takes guesses at why the whole town blacked out, ranging from pharmaceutical experimentation to space aliens Sam even contributes his own rumour: A tainted shipment of vodka. Mostly, the town is ready to get back to normal - except for Eggs, who’s tortured by guilt over atrocities he can’t remember committing. He catches Sookie in the parking lot and begs her to unshackle his memory, like she did with Tara. Hoping to lessen his suffering she agrees but when Eggs sees Miss Jeanette, Daphne and Sam all killed at his hand, he runs off totally overcome.

    Later that night Eggs comes back to the bar parking lot, clutching the dagger and begging Andy to arrest him for murder. When Jason steps outside and finds Eggs threatening the police officer, he fires a shot, hitting Eggs in the head and killing him instantly. Andy takes the gun and tells Jason to run before anyone sees him. As the bar empties into the parking lot to see what’s happened, Tara runs to her boyfriend’s body wailing.

    Bill prepares for a date, as does Jessica, who says she’s going to try to smooth things over with Hoyt at his house. Bill comments that the young man would be a fool not to accept her apology. He bids Jessica a warm goodnight as he leaves to take Sookie to a French restaurant. Across town, Hoyt leaves his mother’s house to come patch things up with Jessica but his ex-girlfriend is at a truck stop having a big-rig driver for a midnight snack.

    Bill’s date with Sookie goes off just as he’d hoped. The two dine in a restaurant he’s rented just for the occasion and as she finishes her dessert, Bill pulls out a small black box. “Miss Stackhouse,” he asks, “will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” Struggling for words, Sookie eventually manages to spit out that she’s not even sure if she’s human, let alone ready to get married. She asks for a moment to collect herself and flees to the bathroom where after looking at herself in the mirror, she realises that she’s in love with Bill and wants to marry him. She bursts back into the dining room shouting, “Yes! I will marry you!” But she’s greeted by an empty room, where Bill has been replaced by an overturned chair and the signs of a struggle.