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The Wire Season 5

One of television's most critically acclaimed programs, the Peabody Award-winning drama series 'The Wire' continues to challenge viewers with a "cop show" unlike anything on air. The fifth and final season of 'The Wire' centers on the media's role in addressing - or failing to address - the fundamental political, economic and social realities depicted over the course of the series, while also resolving storylines of the numerous characters woven throughout the narrative arc of the show.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - More With Less

    Citywide budget cuts hit the police hard and corporate downsizing frustrates the staff of a local newspaper.

  2. 02 - Unconfirmed Reports

    McNulty decides to take matters into his own hands and Marlo takes care of unfinished business.

  3. 03 - Not for Attribution

    Carcetti’s police plans are leaked to the press, Marlo cleans up his cash and McNulty shares his obsession with Freamon.

  4. 04 - Transitions

    The police brass changes, McNulty and Freamon look for bodies, Prop Joe pays his last respects and Marlo delivers a gift.

  5. 05 - React Quotes

    Marlo’s new alliance gives Freamon and McNulty a fresh lead as the press turns its attention to a breaking story, to Davis’ relief.

  6. 06 - The Dickensian Aspect

    Templeton makes headlines, Bunk follows up on old leads and McNulty takes an interest in the homeless.

  7. 07 - Took

    An unexpected call puts Templeton and the newspaper back in the spotlight – and gets McNulty some unwanted extra attention.

  8. 08 - Clarifications

    Bunk returns a McNulty favor, Carcetti is forced to make political deals and Hayes talks to Templeton about his sources.

  9. 09 - Late Editions

    Freamon;s hard work pays off with a promising lead, though McNulty isn't in the mood to celebrate. 

  10. 10 - 30

    In the series finale, McNulty and Freamon face the consequences of their actions, while Carcetti tries to save face.