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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 4

Will Smith gives a graduate course in comedy in a 4-disc collection that features all 26 fourth-season episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Where There's A Will, There's A Way - Part I

    Will and Carlton begin their first year of college by moving into their own apartment, while Philip and Vivian enjoy their newborn son.  Hilary learns that Trevor plans to propose marriage to her during an elaborate stunt on his TV news show.
  2. 02 - Where There's A Will, There's A Way - Part II

    Will and Carlton begin their first year of college by moving into their own apartment, while Philip and Vivian enjoy their newborn son.  Hilary learns that Trevor plans to propose marriage to her during an elaborate stunt on his TV news show.
  3. 03 - All Guts, No Glory

    Will withdraws from a difficult college philosophy class then regrets his decision when he discovers that the professor is the most stimulating teacher he's ever known.
  4. 04 - Father Of The Year

    When Will tries to impress a beautiful college girl by pretending his new infant cousin is his own son, he's forced to accept the honor of "Campus Father of the Year."
  5. 05 - It's Better To Have Loved And Lost It...

    Carlton meets JoAnn, a beautiful woman on the college campus, and finally loses his virginity.
  6. 06 - Will Goes A Courtin'

    When Will refuses to pay his rent to Philip unless Philip repairs the air conditioner in Will's guest house, the two stubborn men plead their cases in court before Judge Reynolds.
  7. 07 - Hex And The Single Guy

    When the Banks family attends a séance so Hilary can contact her dead ex-fiancé, the spiritualist gets so annoyed with Will's skepticism that he curses the family with a hex that brings them all bad luck.
  8. 08 - Blood Is Thicker Than Mud

    Will and Carlton are given humiliating tasks as part of their initiation into a college fraternity, but the fraternity president has a personal prejudice against Carlton and his rich family.
  9. 09 - Fresh Prince After Dark

    When Hilary is invited to pose for Playboy magazine, Will and Carlton get to meet HUGH HEFNER and the beautiful bikini-clad "bunnies" at the Playboy mansion.
  10. 10 - Home Is Where The Heart Attack Is

    After struggling to lose weight, Philip has a serious heart attack while eating a cheeseburger that he bribes Will to buy for him.
  11. 11 - Take My Cousin...Please

    When one of Will's college professors gets depressed over his recent divorce, Will hopes to improve his own failing class grade by introducing him to Hilary.
  12. 12 - You've Got To Be A Football Hero

    When Will is challenged to a drinking contest by Jackie's boyfriend, a popular college football player, he gets drunk and is trapped in a mausoleum with four philosophical ghosts.
  13. 13 - 'Twas The Night Before Christening

    Surprised by the expensive gifts that the Banks family bought for baby Nicky's christening on Christmas Eve, Will foolishly promises to provide a live performance by the rap music group BOYS II MEN.
  14. 14 - Sleepless In Bel-Air

    Will and Carlton try to concentrate on their schoolwork while surrounded by the noisy late-night distractions of the Banks family.
  15. 15 - Who's The Boss?

    When Carlton becomes the new manager of the campus restaurant, Will refuses to work as his employee.
  16. 16 - I Know Why The Caged Bird Screams

    When Carlton, the mascot of the university's football team, is abducted by the students from a rival college, Will wears Carlton's peacock costume to inspire the team during a championship game.
  17. 17 - When You Hit Upon A Star

    Will's love affair with a superstar singer is threatened when she meets her handsome former lover.
  18. 18 - Stop Will! In The Name Of Love

    When Will chaperones Ashley on a date, he is so overprotective that she rebels.
  19. 19 - You'd Better Shop Around

    Will withdraws from his university classes to become a successful car salesman.
  20. 20 - The Ol' Ball And Chain

    On the day of Jazz's wedding, his bride-to-be makes sexual advances towards Will.
  21. 21 - The Harder They Fall

    Will finds himself stranded in a mountain forest with his new girlfriend's disagreeable father after they parachute out of his disabled plane.
  22. 22 - M is for the Many Things She Gave Me

    When Philip's former college girlfriend visits the Banks family, she seduces Will.
  23. 23 - Mother's Day

    When Jazz and his wife try unsuccessfully to conceive a child, they ask Will to "father" the baby.
  24. 24 - Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse

    Will is reunited with his father (BEN VEREEN), but Philip and Vivian won't forgive him for abandoning Will and his mother 14 years ago.
  25. 25 - For Sale By Owner

    The Banks family is offered a $1 million profit by an unknown wealthy client who wants to buy the family house.
  26. 26 - The Philadelphia Story

    Will and the entire Banks family vacation in Will's hometown, Philadelphia, and learn a surprising secret about Will's reputation in the neighbourhood.