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Hart of Dixie Season 2

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Hart of Dixie

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Hart of Dixie Season 2

Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) leads a stellar ensemble cast in this fish-out-of-water comedic drama about small-town living, big-city attitudes and complicated love triangles. Continuing in the fall for its second season, Hart of Dixie follows the story of New York surgeon Dr. Zoe Hart (Bilson) who unexpectedly finds herself a general practitioner in tiny BlueBell, Alabama - a place where she will learn to be a better doctor, a better person and maybe even fall in love.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - I Fall to Pieces

    In the second season premiere, after George confesses his feelings to Zoe, she finds herself having to make a tough decision between George and Wade, leaving the two guys at odds on how to handle the situation. In search of some much-needed girl advice, Zoe finds a new friend in former BlueBell resident Ruby Jeffries (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS - Girlfriends), who no one is excited to see. Lemon decides it's time to get her own apartment and a job, but it's tougher than she thought. Meanwhile, continuing to forge ahead with her new life, Lemon proceeds to return the wedding presents she and George had already received, but a sudden detour to Zoe's while holding a cake knife creates a stir with the townspeople. Recurring guest star CHARLIE ROBINSON (Night Court) appears as Sgt. Jeffries.

  2. 02 - Always On My Mind

    Zoe is trying hard to stay away from Wade, but when Rose (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER) enlists Zoe's help in throwing the first BlueBellapalooza - with very short notice - she is forced to ask Wade to convince his old band mate to be the musical act. Meanwhile, Wade convinces George to start playing the field and agrees to be his wingman, but when Wade stands him up, George decides to follow the seemingly questionable advice solo. Plus, Brick tries to trick Lemon into working for him, but she is determined to keep her waitressing job - that is, until one of her customers ends up needing medical attention. Recurring guest stars GOLDEN BROOKS, CLAUDIA LEE and CHARLIE ROBINSON also appear.

  3. 03 - If It Makes You Happy

    When Zoe reads about her fellow classmates' accomplishments in her alumni magazine, she is upset that they list her as "retired" and invites the reporter to BlueBell for an interview. However, Zoe has a hard time convincing the reporter that she actually has a thriving medical practice in BlueBell - that is, until she comes across a rare and potentially serious disease. Trying to be considerate of Lemon's feelings, George informs her that he is going out on a date, making her feel that she too needs to find a date. Meanwhile, Lemon and Lavon both find themselves in competition with their nemesis Ruby (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS). Award nominee LAURA BELL BUNDY (Legally Blonde: The Musical) guest stars as Shelby.

  4. 04 - Suspicious Minds

    While Zoe tries to keep things casual with Wade, she becomes jealous after she sees him with another woman. Zoe decides to two can play at that game, and sets up a date with Ruby's (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS) cousin. Reluctantly, Lavon agrees to let Lemon be his campaign manager, but he unexpectedly becomes part of a town scandal when he takes the fall for her, a move which could end up costing him the mayoral race. Meanwhile, with Lemon out of the house, Brick and Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) struggle with the household chores and devise a plan to get Lemon to come back. Recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY appears as Shelby.

  5. 05 - Walkin' After Midnight

    With Halloween right around the corner, Zoe begins to notice some odd occurrences happening in her home. She is shocked to discover that the culprit is George, but she soon realizes that he may have a sleepwalking issue. Concerned for his safety, they decide to conduct a sleep study, forcing her to cancel her big plans with Wade. Meanwhile, the mayoral race between Lavon and Ruby (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS) is close, and AnnaBeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) comes up with an unusual plan that may help Lavon clinch the election, leaving Lemon feeling uneasy. KELEN COLEMAN (The Newsroom) guest stars.

  6. 06 - I Walk the Line

    With the upcoming mayoral election looming, Lavon and Ruby (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS) continue to be tied in the polls, leaving Lemon no choice but to use some creative methods to win. Elsewhere, George and Wade are also tasked with trying to secure some last-minute votes, but run into a problem when Wade's ex-wife, Tansy (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE - Episodes), refuses to cooperate with their scheme. Meanwhile, Zoe and Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) grow concerned when they notice that Brick has been unusually grouchy and Zoe tries to help by offering to give Magnolia driving lessons. Recurring guest star KELEN COLEMAN appears as Presley.

  7. 07 - Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me

    After Zoe treats the high school football team, she learns that Max (guest star NICHOPODANY), who happens to be Rose's (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER) new crush, has become infatuated with her instead. Eager to nip his crush in the bud, Zoe learns that Max is prone to overreacting to heartbreak and she is encouraged by the town to wait until after the big game, as they are counting on him to win. Lemon decides to start a catering business and asks AnnaBeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) to join, but Lemon is taken aback by her answer. Meanwhile, Lavon tries to win over Ruby's (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS) grandfather, Sergeant Jeffries (recurring guest star CHARLIE ROBINSON) by doing his chores, but Lavon finds out there is another reason her grandfather doesn't want them together. Olympic gold medalist McKAYLA MARONEY guest stars as Tonya, a friend of Rose's.

  8. 08 - Achy Breaky Hearts

    Both Zoe and Lemon are having a difficult time accepting Lavon and Ruby's (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS) new relationship, so they decide to find out Ruby's true intentions. Wade agrees to supervise a Little Ranger's camping trip to avoid a potentially awkward conversation with George. However, when George unexpectedly shows up on the trip, Wade has nowhere to hide, and their talk makes him see his relationship in a different light. Meanwhile, Brick wants to take the next step in his relationship with Emily (recurring guest star MARY PAGE KELLER - Duet), but is shocked about who is not on board with the plan.

  9. 09 - Sparks Fly

    Wade struggles with feeling like he's a placeholder in Zoe's life, so he decides that they should go on a date. Despite Zoe's apprehensions, she decides to bid on Wade's basket at the upcoming charity picnic auction, but is surprised that she is not the only one interested. Lemon mistakenly wins Lavon's basket and decides to keep her true feelings for him to herself and instead offers some advice about his relationship with Ruby (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS). Meanwhile, George is interested in dating Tansy (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE) and creates a basket that he hopes she will bid on.  Recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY appears as Shelby.

  10. 10 - Blue Christmas

    Zoe finds herself anxious that her ever-critical mother will soon be visiting BlueBell for the holidays. In order to avoid spending quality time with her mother, she busies herself with a patient, but potentially ruins Christmas Eve for the whole town.

  11. 11 - Old Alabama

    With Lavon preoccupied with his personal life, he lets his mayoral duties slip at the worst time, as BlueBell's Pioneer Day is fast approaching and a reporter from Southern Living magazine is in town. Seeing that he needs help, Zoe and Wade volunteer to help him out by playing BlueBell's "Founding Couple." Zoe is also trying a new tact when it comes to her relationship with Wade, which has her taking on many new projects. Lemon and AnnaBeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) devise a plan to get Lavon to let them cater the First Feast, in order to get some publicity for their new business.  Meanwhile, George gives advice to Brick on how to handle his new relationship. Recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY appears as Shelby.

  12. 12 - Islands in the Stream

    When George's parents come to visit, they are thrown when they meet his new girlfriend, Tansy (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE), and George's mother devises a plan that forces George and Zoe to address their feelings for one another. Lemon discovers that Brick has a secret girlfriend and is shocked when she finds out who it is. Meanwhile, Annabeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) is smitten with a charming British visitor to the town, but Lavon grows suspicious of him and is determined to uncover his real identity. DAVID DE LAUTOUR (What I Like About You) guest stars as Oliver.

  13. 13 - Lovesick Blues

    When Zoe is alerted by the Health Department about a flu epidemic heading towards BlueBell, she is forced to put the town on lockdown. Because of the quarantine, Wade is forced to stay at his ex-girlfriend's house causing Zoe to become jealous. Lemon's plan for the perfect night with Walt (recurring guest star RICH McDONALD - Generation Kill) goes awry when she begins to feel under the weather. Meanwhile, George finds himself roped into directing Lavon's tourism commercial about BlueBell's small-town charm, but it seems Lavon is more preoccupied with his co-star than his commercial.

  14. 14 - episode14

    George is given the responsibility of watching Tansy's (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE) most prized possession - her dog - but panics when the dog goes missing. Wade starts to feel frustrated by the lack of alone time with Zoe, especially when she is focused more on not losing her good status in the town to a new doctor, Jonah (guest star TRAVIS VAN WINKLE - Transformers, Friday the 13th, 90210), who also happens to be Brick's nephew. Brick is ready to let the town know about his relationship with Shelby (recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY), but Lemon and Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) are doing everything they can to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Lavon wants to take a chance on a new relationship, but first has to clear the air with one person.

  15. 15 - The Gambler

    Wade is excited to compete in the Battle of the Bands competition so he can use the prize money to open up his own bar, but Zoe's suggestion that George play in the band ultimately backfires. Lemon finds herself alone for the weekend until she talks Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) into some sisterly bonding. Meanwhile, Lavon, who has seemingly given up on love, agrees to help Tom (recurring guest star ROSS PHILIPS) with his relationship - which, in turn, opens his eyes to his own future.

  16. 16 - episode16

    With the sudden nuptials of Wanda (recurring guest star MALLORY MOYE) and Tom (recurring guest star ROSS PHILIPS) in BlueBell, Zoe agrees to be maid of honor, which entails the difficult job of watching Wanda's crafty mother, Betsy (guest star DEBRA JO RUPP - That '70s Show). Zoe uses her wedding duties to try to avoid the awkwardness between her and Wade, but has a feeling something is wrong. Lemon faces the memory of being left at the altar and decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Lavon hears about the neighboring town trying to build a shopping mall next to their local beach and he enlists George's help to fight it, but an unexpected side of George rears its ugly head.

  17. 17 - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

    Zoe tries to keep her feelings about Wade under control, causing her to become overly protective when it comes to Rose (recurring guest star MCKALEY MILLER) and her boyfriend. Lavon and Wade are forced to work together at the church's casino fundraiser, but when money goes missing, suspicion immediately falls on Wade. Meanwhile, Brick and Shelby's (recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY) big decision about their relationship pushes a concerned Lemon to try and sabotage things with the help of George.

  18. 18 - Why Don't We Get Drunk

    Lavon's big plans to make BlueBell a Spring Break destination hit a roadblock when the competing town tries to lure the partiers away. With the help of Ruby Jeffries (recurring guest star GOLDEN BROOKS), Lavon creates a competition that is bound to attract some attention. Eager to join in some much-deserved fun, Zoe agrees to give partying a try with Jonah (recurring guest star TRAVIS VAN WINKLE), but seeing them together makes George jealous. Wade and Lemon decide to compete in Lavon's contest in order to win the grand prize to buy the Rammer Jammer, which they have learned is for sale.   Meanwhile, Brick has been acting odd and when everyone begins to notice they force him to seek treatment.

  19. 19 - The Kiss

    When the town decides to put on a performance of Shakespeare's most iconic scenes, George and Zoe refuse to play Romeo and Juliet, but eventually agree just to prove to everyone that they are over each other. Lemon and Wade are excited about taking over the reins at the Rammer Jammer, but things come to a halt when they lose all the staff two days before opening. Meanwhile, Brick decides to offer a week of free counseling to everyone in BlueBell and winds up helping the two most unlikely people, but in his effort to help others he learns a secret he has been keeping from himself.

  20. 20 - If Tomorrow Never Comes

    After Zoe tricks Jonah (recurring guest star TRAVIS VAN WINKLE) into spilling a secret about Brick, she unintentionally makes things worse for Brick in his love life. Following Brick's advice, Zoe decides she must finally express her feelings, but timing never seems to be her strong suit. Wade and Lemon must learn to work together, but things go awry when they each try to prove that they know what is best for the new Rammer Jammer. Knowing what Wade and Lemon are up to, Lavon and AnnaBeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) agree to not get involved, but that might be easier said than done. Meanwhile, Tansy's (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE) brothers surprise her with an unexpected visit, leaving George to look after them and put up with their wild antics.

  21. 21 - I'm Moving On

    Zoe's attempts at online dating hit a few snags until Rose (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER) and Max (recurring guest star NICHOLAS PODANY) take matters into their own hands and play matchmaker. Faced with yet another setback with the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade are close to throwing in the towel. George tries everything he can think of to prove to Tansy (recurring guest star MIRCEA MONROE) that they belong together, but she still has her doubts. Brick and Shelby (recurring guest star LAURA BELL BUNDY) decide that they might have acted too rashly, which forces them to make a difficult decision about their future together. Meanwhile, Lavon refuses AnnaBeth's (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK) help in stopping the feud with the competing town's mayor, leaving her to take a different tact. Guest star ROB HUEBEL (Childrens Hospital) appears as Michael, a potential love interest for Zoe.

  22. 22 - On the Road Again

    In the second season finale, after having a rough time in BlueBell, Zoe decides a little time in New York City might be the perfect opportunity to give her some much-needed perspective. But a medical emergency on the plane forces her to complete the trip with an unexpected companion. George struggles with his constant relationship misfortunes, until he runs in to Lily Anne (recurring guest star AMY FERGUSON), who helps him with his heartache. When Lemon promises that the Rammer Jammer will be having a special concert with the band GLORIANA (appearing as themselves), she must scramble to make it happen, with the less-than-enthusiastic help of Wade. Meanwhile, Lavon discovers that the opposing town's mayor has stolen something dear to him and enlists the help of the townspeople to get it back.