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Game of Thrones - Season 3 18

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Game of Thrones Season 3

In the third season of the hit HBO® drama series Game of Thrones, the Lannisters barely hold onto power after a savage naval onslaught from Stannis Baratheon, while stirrings in the north threaten to alter the overall balance of power.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Valar Dohaeris

    "That was your job. Your only job."

    Alone on the Fist of the First Men, Samwell Tarly approaches a kneeling man of the Watch and realizes the man has been decapitated. A wight attacks Sam, but Ghost, Lord Commander Mormont, and the remaining brothers arrive and set it on fire. Mormont is furious when he learns that Sam hasn't sent the ravens as instructed. He tells his men they will need to make it back to Castle Black to warn the kingdom.

    Jon Snow enters Mance Rayder's camp, marveling at the number of refugees and the strangeness of it all. He mistakes Tormund Gianstbane for the King Beyond the Wall and kneels before him, unaware that Mance is the unassuming one standing in the back. Mance questions Jon's reasons for abandoning the Watch and Jon says Mormont betrayed him: When he told the Lord Commander that Craster was sacrificing his newborn sons, Mormont already knew.

    "That means you can afford it."

    n King's Landing, Tyrion Lannister adjusts to his scars and reduced circumstances. Believing his sister responsible for the attempt on his life, Tyrion is jumpy when she visits. Queen Cersei demands to know what business he plans to discuss with their father. Having been summoned by Podrick Payne, Bronn exchanges sharp words with Ser Meryn Trant outside of Tyrion's door. Meryn accuses the newly knighted Bronn of the Blackwater of being an up-jumper. After Cersei leaves, Bronn tells Tyrion he is doubling his prices.

    Sansa Stark and Shae watch ships as they sail from the harbor. When Lord Petyr Baelish and Ros approach, Ros hangs back with Shae while Littlefinger whispers with Sansa. Staring out at the sea, Sansa begs Littlefinger to take her away from King's Landing. Initially coy, Littlefinger promises he will. Ros asks Shae to watch out for Sansa--especially around Littlefinger.

    "The one true king of Westeros."

    Davos Seaworth is plucked from the rocky shores of Blackwater Bay by a passing ship--one that belongs to Salladhor Saan. The pirate tells his old friend to give up; Stannis Baratheon is licking his wounds at Dragonstone and completely under Melisandre's spell. Davos insists he needs to go to Stannis so he can stop her. Certain he will fail, Salladhor tells Davos he will gather his bones for his widow to wear around her neck.

    At Dragonstone, Davos appeals to Stannis to stop persecuting non-believers of the Lord of Light. When Davos declares Melisandre his enemy, she tells him her presence would have changed the course of the Battle of the Blackwater. "You convinced your king to leave me behind," she reminds him before taunting him with memories of his dying son. Davos attacks Melisandre, but is held back and imprisoned by Stannis.

    Robb Stark's army marches to Harrenhal only to find the castle already abandoned and riddled with corpses. Catelyn Stark grieves for a fallen bannerman, Ser Jeremy Mallister, whose body she spots in the carnage, but Robb has her escorted to a "chamber that will serve as a cell." Talisa chides him for treating his mother this way, but Robb tells her that his concern is for his men, including Lord Rickard Karstark: By freeing Jaime Lannister, Catelyn has robbed them of their justice. Next to Ser Jeremy, a body coughs. The two discover Qyburn, a prisoner with a cut throat.

    Daenerys Targaryen watches as her Dothrakis, the first ever to set sail, cope with massive seasickness on the seas between Qarth and Astapor. She feeds her growing dragons and tells Jorah Mormont she wishes they would grow faster. Although Ser Jorah speaks highly of Astapor's Unsullied soldiers, Dany worries that they are a slave army. Jorah tells her she won't have a true khalasar until she can prove her strength.

    "Jugglers and singers require applause. You are a Lannister."

    Now Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister forces Tyrion to wait as he finishes his correspondence. When he finally gives his son his attention, he reprimands Tyrion for bringing a whore to his bed, in direct defiance of his orders. The two face off: Tyrion points out that Tywin never once visited him after he fell in battle, a battle Tyrion is responsible for winning. He wants what is his by right: Casterly Rock. Tywin agrees to find Tyrion better accommodation, a sufficient position and a suitable wife, but he tells his youngest that Casterly Rock will never be his. "To teach me humility, the gods have condemned me to watch you waddle about wearing that proud lion that was my father's sigil," he thunders. He warns Tyrion that the next whore he catches him with will hang.

    Traveling in separate litters with Lady Margaery, King Joffrey is startled when his stops in the streets of Flea Bottom. From the safety of his compartment, he watches Margaery step through the filthy streets into an orphanage. Inside, Margaery charms the children and distributes toys and bread. When Loras Tyrell and Margaery join Joffrey and Cersei for dinner, Cersei makes pointed remarks about Margaery's revealing wardrobe. After Margaery deflects her criticism, Cersei mentions the impromptu stop in Flea Bottom. She tries to bring up the riot that took the life of the High Septon, but Joffrey shuts her down, telling his guests that age has increased Cersei's "flair for drama."

    "The honor is mine, my queen."

    In Astapor, Dany takes stock of the Unsullied that the slave master Kraznys parades before her. With help from Missandei, his servant who translates the High Valyrian, Dany learns that the warriors are trained as children, and only one in four boys--the most disciplined, loyal and fearless--survive its rigors. To prove it, Kraznys cuts off the nipple of one soldier, who remains stock-still. Kraznys gives Dany a day to decide if she is interested in his 8,000 men.

    Along the waterfront, Dany debates the value of the Unsullied with Ser Jorah. She worries about being a slave owner but Ser Jorah assures her she will be a fair master. A cloaked man follows them as they walk along the docks. Dany's attention is drawn to a little girl who rolls a ball towards her and asks her to open it. As Dany untwists the painted ball, the hooded man knocks it from her and stabs the poisonous manticore that crawls from it. As Ser Jorah takes hold of the man, the girl, now brandishing stained blue lips and teeth, disappears through the crowd. Dany realizes the warlocks of Qarth are after her. Dany thanks the hooded man, who kneels before her and reveals himself. Ser Barristan Selmy, who served as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard until Joffrey forced his retirement, pledges himself to Daenerys Stormborn and asks her for forgiveness.

  2. 02 - Dark Wings Dark Words

    "Word from Riverrun and Winterfell."

    Bran Stark wakes up dreaming of archery lessons with his brothers and the three-eyed raven. He has a vision of an unfamiliar boy who tells him, "The raven is you." Bran tries to explain his dream to Osha, but she brushes him off and says they still have a long way to go.

    Roose Bolton arrives with bad news, which Robb must then break to his mother. Her father Lord Hoster Tully has died and Winterfell has been put to the torch. Robb tries to remain optimistic: Bran and Rickon have not been found, but Catelyn Stark is distraught to learn there have been no demands from Theon Greyjoy--who is also missing.

    Elsewhere, Theon is splashed awake. Bound on an X-shaped cross, he pleads with the Ironmen who peel skin from his fingers and turn a screw into his foot. He explains he took Winterfell to bring glory to his father. When his captors seem unsatisfied, he confesses he was resentful about being a Stark hostage. When that still fails to change his situation, Theon swears he will tell them anything.  After everyone leaves, a boy mopping the floors tells Theon that he has been sent by his sister Yara. The boy promises he will return for Theon that evening.

    "That's what intelligent women do. What they're told."

    Brienne of Tarth escorts Jaime Lannister south off of the main road. Jaime does his best to provoke her, particularly when he realizes that she had feelings for Renly Baratheon. "You were far too much man for him," he teases her. When a farmer crosses their path, Jaime urges Brienne to kill him, but Brienne refuses on the chance that the farmer hasn't recognized Jaime.

    Queen Cersei keeps Joffrey company as he's fitted for new suits. When Joffrey refuses to take her bait about Margaery, she tries to warn her son he is being manipulated. Joffrey pointedly tells his mother he doesn't need to listen to her.

    Sansa Stark insists to Shae that Littlefinger is not interested in her romantically--he's too old. But Shae lets Sansa know she'll make Littlefinger stop should he ever step out of line. Loras escorts Sansa to meet his sister and their grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell.

    Sansa shares her condolences with Lady Olenna about Renly's death, but Lady Olenna has few kind words for Margaery's deceased husband. She has fewer still for the Tyrell men, Lord Mace and Loras, and complains about their involvement in the war. When the servants are out of earshot, Lady Olenna asks Sansa for her opinion of King Joffrey. Sansa repeats her usual platitudes, but Lady Olenna and Margaery encourage her to speak freely. Sansa then reveals the horrors Joffrey has put her through, and confesses, "He's a monster." Lady Olenna and Margaery absorb the information, but tell Sansa that the wedding will go on.

    "All this horror that's come to my family is all because I couldn't love a motherless child."

    On the road to Riverrun, Lord Karstark lets Robb know he no longer has faith in him; the war was lost when he married Talisa. Talisa tries to console Catelyn, but Catelyn pushes her away while she works on a prayer wheel for her children. Catelyn tells her she has crafted them before; the first when Jon Snow fell sick as an infant--after Catelyn wished for his death. Although she made promises to accept him if he lived, Catelyn couldn't keep her word.

    Mance Rayder tells Jon the different wildling clans joined him because he told them they would die if they didn't. Jon watches Orell control his eagle and learns about warging. Having entered the eagle's mind, Orell reports that he saw the Fist of the First Men and "dead crows." Further south, Rast tells Samwell Tarly he should stop holding the group back and die. Sam is ready to do so but the Lord Commander orders Rast to see that Sam makes it back to Castle Black.

    Bran wakes up from a dream to find Osha and Summer on edge. The boy from Bran's dream approaches, and is taken by Osha, who in turn, is threatened by the boy's sister. The boy introduces himself as Jojen Reed; he has been looking for Bran.

    In the Riverlands, Gendry questions Arya's choices for Jaqen H'ghar's kills. "You could have ended the war," he points out. As Arya tries to reorient them towards Riverrun, they are taken by a group of men who identify themselves as the Brotherhood Without Banners.

    "The subtleties of politics are often lost on me."

    Shae surprises Tyrion Lannister in his bedroom. Tyrion begs her to be careful--his father is in a hanging mood. Shae tells Tyrion Ros warned her about Littlefinger and Sansa. Tyrion admits that Sansa's beauty will attract suitors of all kinds, prompting Shae to mark her territory.

    At his request, Margaery pays a visit to Joffrey as he prepares for a hunting trip. Joffrey digs for details about her relationship with Renly, and she carefully explains he didn't seem interested in women. Margaery then expresses interest in Joffrey's new crossbow and joining him on a hunt, pleasing him even more. "It must be so exciting to squeeze your finger here, and watch something die over there," she murmurs.

    "Let us go and my father will pay you whatever you want."

    After learning about warging, Bran mentions the three-eyed raven, and Jojen says that they've seen it together. The raven gives him sight, into the past, the future, or elsewhere in the present. Bran finds out that Jojen has the sight too--he too dreamed of Ned's execution, and when he told his father, Howland Reed, Lord Howland cried. Bran recalls hearing from Ned that Lord Howland saved Ned's life during the rebellion. Jojen tells Bran his father never talks about the war, but Jojen saw it.

    The Brotherhood feed Hot Pie, Gendry and Arya at the Inn at the Crossroads. Arya shows Thoros of Myr some of her water dancing to explain how they escaped from Harrenhal. Just as Thoros sets them free, Anguy delivers the Hound, whom he caught after he passed out. Arya tries to walk past them, but the Hound spots them and calling her "the Stark bitch," exposes Arya as a valuable hostage.

    While crossing a bridge, Jaime is able to grab hold of one of Brienne's swords. They square off, and Jaime is impressed by Brienne's skill, even as he taunts her for being unable to fulfill her promise to Catelyn Stark. Their fight is interrupted by a group of riders bearing the Bolton sigil: The farmer sold them out. Jaime tries to buy his way out of capture, but the lead rider, Locke, tells him Robb Stark will have his head if he learns Locke let the Kingslayer go.
  3. 03 - Walk Of Punishment

    "We seem to be running short on patience."

    Robb Stark, his mother Catelyn, and his wife Talisa attend the funeral of his grandfather, Lord Hoster Tully. Robb's uncle, Edmure Tully, tries to light his father's funeral boat with a flaming arrow, but fails after three attempts. Hoster's brother, Brynden, "The Blackfish," pushes him aside and sets the boat on fire as it disappears down the Trident.

    After the ceremony, Robb reprimands his uncle for ignoring orders: Edmure attacked a mill near where Gregor Clegane was garrisoned, upending Robb's strategy to draw him out. Edmure defends his decision, which yielded two young Lannister hostages, but Robb and the Blackfish are dismissive. Instead of the Mountain, they have a mill.

    "Let them have what they want. What does it matter?"

    Brienne of Tarth rides with Jaime Lannister in the custody of Locke's men. She tells the Kingslayer his sword skills didn't live up to his legend. Jaime parries, telling her she will be raped that night. He advises her not to fight, but Brienne says Jaime would resist if he were in her shoes.

    For their first meeting, the members of the Small Council rush to maneuver their seats around the new Hand. Waiting everyone out, Tyrion Lannister pulls a seat to the far end of the table and faces his father. Tywin is furious that there has been no news about Jaime. When Littlefinger is dispatched to the Eyrie to court Lysa Arryn, Tyrion is named Master of Coin-to his horror.

    "Smaller flock than you went north with."

    As the others pack up, Hot Pie tells Arya and Gendry that he's staying: The innkeeper made an arrangement with Thoros to keep Hot Pie for his baking skills. Hot Pie hands Arya bread shaped like a wolf and the three say goodbye.

    The wildlings and Jon Snow arrive at the Fist of the First Men but find only horse corpses-nothing human. Aware what that means, Mance instructs his team, including Jon, to climb the Wall and hide around Castle Black. They'll attack when they spot his signal: "the biggest fire the North has ever seen."

    When the men of the Watch make it to Craster's Keep, Craster grudgingly takes them in. Inside he mocks Sam's weight, prompting Sam to leave the keep. Following the sound of shrieking, Sam finds Gilly giving birth... to a boy.

    In Storm's End, Melisandre prepares to sail away. Stannis Baratheon pleads with her to stay and make him another son. Melisandre says no-his "fires burn low" and tells him there must be sacrifices. When Stannis protests, she tells him he isn't the only one with royal blood.

    "Did this one's ears mishear?"

    Daenerys surveys the Walk of Punishment in Astapor. She offers a dying prisoner water, but he refuses it. Although Barristan Selmy advises that they leave immediately, Jorah Mormont argues otherwise. The Unsullied will only kill on command; they will not rape or pillage after a battle. When Ser Barristan recounts how loyal soldiers rallied around her brother Rhaegar, the last dragon, Dany says she wish she had known him. But, she reminds her advisors, "He was not the last dragon."

    Through Missandei, the translator, Daenerys tells Kraznys she wants to purchase all 8,000 of his Unsullied. Daenerys negotiates the price of one dragon to cover the cost, upsetting Barristan and Mormont. Kraznys demands the biggest and Daenerys agrees, taking Missandei as part of the deal as well. Dany chastises Sers Barristan and Jorah for questioning her in public.

    Tyrion takes possession of the royal ledgers from Littlefinger. Littlefinger assures Tyrion it will be easy to make the numbers behave and he thanks Tyrion for securing Ros' release when Cersei took her prisoner. Before leaving the whorehouse, Tyrion and Bronn usher Pod into a room for his reward. As thanks for saving Tyrion during the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion has engaged the services of three highly skilled girls to make Pod a man.

    Perusing the books, Tyrion realizes that the kingdom is not just in debt to Lord Tywin, the Iron Bank of Braavos is owed tens of millions of gold dragons. But Tyrion and Bronn are rendered speechless when Pod returns with Tyrion's gold-the whores refused payment from the young squire.

    "You little bastard."

    Theon Greyjoy is helped off the cross by the boy who then puts the weakened Theon on a horse. He tells Theon to head east towards Deepwood Motte. Theon rides, but he is quickly overtaken by soldiers who surround him and beat him. Just as the main torturer pulls down Theon's trousers to rape him, arrows take out most of the men. The boy arrives on horseback to finish off the torturer, who recognizes the boy and realizes the betrayal.

    Locke's men stop for the night. When Brienne is taken aside, Jaime tells Locke that Brienne hails from Tarth, the Sapphire Isle. Her father, Lord Selwyn Tarth, will pay her weight in sapphires if she is returned unbesmirched. Locke decides to let Brienne go and further engages Jaime in conversation. Feeling increasingly confident, Jaime asks to be unchained and Locke agrees. Locke allows Jaime to join in dinner, but instead of carving up a bird, Locke takes off his hand.

  4. 04 - And Now His Watch Has Ended

    "I have no doubt the revenge you want will be yours in time, if you have the stomach for it."

    Jaime Lannister rides with his severed hand hanging from his neck as the Bolton men heckle him. Weak and dehydrated, he falls from his horse onto the muddy ground. His pleas for water are answered with horse urine. Infuriated, he seizes one of the men's swords, but is further humiliated when he tries to fight with his left hand. Although restrained, Brienne attempts to aid Jaime but her efforts prove futile and Jaime is quickly beaten. Locke threatens to take his other hand if he acts up again.

    Tyrion Lannister visits Varys, hoping to prove that his sister was behind the attempt on his life at Blackwater. Varys, who has no evidence of the Queen's intentions, changes the subject to the story of how he was cut as a boy. He tells of the sorcerer who castrated him, then burned his parts. A voice in the flames answered the sorcerer, a voice that still haunts Varys and catalyzed his hatred of magic. It was this hate that motived him to join the fight against Stannis Baratheon and his red priestess. As he speaks, Varys excitedly pries open a large crate, revealing the sorcerer inside. Varys advises Tyrion to be patient; revenge and influence are a matter of time.

    Bran Stark sees the three-eyed-raven in a dream. Jojen Reed encourages him to climb a tree in pursuit of the bird. High in the branches, Bran sees his mother, who begs him not to climb. She shakes him pleadingly, causing him to fall. He awakes and shares a knowing look with Jojen.

    "Sometimes severity is the price we pay for greatness."

    Queen Cersei and Lady Olenna Tyrell tour the Sept of the Baelor, where Joffrey and Margaery will marry. Olenna speaks of her son's recklessness, which resonates with the Queen. King Joffrey shows his bride-to-be the Targaryen remains and the two discuss the significance of the legacy. Aware of the crowd outside, Margaery encourages Joffrey to greet his people; he has nothing to fear. Cersei looks on as the crowd roars for the couple, at once relieved for Joffrey's safety and jealous of Margaery's influence.

    Theon Greyjoy travels with the boy he believes his sister sent to free him. He questions if his father knows he's been tortured, and the boy doesn't deny it. As the duo trudges through a tunnel, Theon discloses his jealousy of Yara and Robb Stark, both of whom possess a clear sense of identity. Theon admits his decision to take Winterfell was the wrong one - his real father lost his head in King's Landing. As he laments, the boy lights a torch and reveals they've returned to the torture chamber. The boy tells two waiting men that Theon killed the others and smiles as he's dragged back onto his cross.

    In conference with her father, Cersei makes a case for herself: Has it ever occurred to Tywin that his daughter might have the most to contribute to his precious family legacy? Cersei then points out they need to be concerned about the Tyrells: Margaery is manipulating Joffrey. Tywin tells Cersei he discounted her because she's not as smart as she thinks she is. As for Joffrey, Tywin plans to rein him in as well.

    "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes."

    Ros reports to Varys about Podrick's impressive reputation around the brothel. Their talk turns to Littlefinger, who is preparing to journey to the Eyrie to pursue Lady Arryn. Ros indicates he hasn't lost interest in Sansa Stark; he's planning to take her with him.

    Aware of her interest in Sansa, Varys visits Lady Olenna and shares Littlefinger's plans with her. They agree that Littlefinger doesn't deserve so lovely a bride, particularly one who will be "the key to the North" should Robb Stark fail. Later, Margaery approaches Sansa and suggests she marry Loras Tyrell. Sansa finds the idea so wonderful it brings her to tears.

    "You can't die. You need to live. To take revenge."

    Because Jaime refuses to eat, Brienne calls him a coward for giving up after "one taste of the real world where people have important things taken all the time." To spite her, he starts eating. Brienne tells him she knows he protected her from being raped and asks why. Jaime gives no answer.

    At a funeral for one of their own, the men of the Night's Watch are angry that Craster feasts while they starve. Craster lets Lord Commander Mormont know he's anxious for them to leave - they'll get no stronger. When one ranger, Karl, pushes Craster too far by calling him a "daughter f***ing wildling bastard," Craster attacks him, only to be knifed by Karl. Mormont sees the body and realizes his men have broken a sacred oath, but Rast drives a dagger into him, killing him too. An all-out brawl ensues and Sam grabs Gilly and her baby. They flee into the night as Rast yells threats after them.

    The Brotherhood escorts a hooded Arya, Gendry and the Hound to their secret cave hideout. There, the Hound recognizes Lord Beric Dondarrion and dismisses his group as deserters. Beric explains the Brotherhood Without Banners fights against those - like the Hound - who prey on the weak. When the Hound says it's his murderous brother they want, Arya brings up Mycah, the butcher's son, killed for nothing on Joffrey's order. Beric tells the Hound he'll be judged by the Lord of Light and challenges him to trial by combat.

    In Astapor, Daenerys Targaryen surrenders a dragon in exchange for her new army. Slaver's whip in hand, she orders the Unsullied to march forward and startles Kraznys by speaking Valyrian. In her mother tongue, Daenerys commands her army to slaughter all the slavers and for Drogon to unleash dragonfire. Kraznys is engulfed in flame. Once the smoke clears, Dany tells the Unsullied they are free to go or fight for her as free men. She leads them all out of Astapor.

  5. 05 - Kissed By Fire

    "If you lie to me, I'll pull your guts out through your throat."

    In the Brotherhood Without Banners' hideout, the Hound's trial begins. Thoros of Myr slices Lord Beric Dondarrion's outstretched hand, using the blood to ignite Beric's sword. Arya Stark is thrilled to see Beric's flaming blade gives him an advantage, until the Hound crashes his sword down on his opponent. Thoros begins to pray over his brother's dead body while Arya rushes at the Hound yelling, "Burn in hell!" "He will... but not today," answers Beric, miraculously alive. After the fight, the Brotherhood seizes the Hound's gold but sets him free. Beric silences Arya's protests, declaring the Hound innocent in God's eyes.

    At the wildling camp, Orell and Tormund prod Jon Snow for information about the Night's Watch's patrol of the Wall. Because Jon's response is guarded, Orell accuses him of lying. Ygritte comes to Jon's defense, pulling her knife on the man. Tormund breaks up the dispute but informs Jon he will kill him if it turns out he lied. Out of earshot, Jon tells Ygritte he doesn't need her protection. She reminds him he does and lures him into a cave. Now secluded, Ygritte tells Jon to prove his loyalty by breaking his vow of celibacy. He relents and the two consummate their relationship.

    "It doesn’t matter what we want. Once we get it, we want something else."

    Tyrion Lannister voices his concern about the expense of the royal wedding to Lady Olenna Tyrell. Although disappointed that Tyrion isn't nearly as debauched as his reputation suggested, Lady Olenna agrees to foot half the bill. In a different part of the castle, Cersei approaches Littlefinger with a specific request: Find out if the Tyrells have the crown's best interests at heart.

    Lady Margaery and Sansa Stark watch as Ser Loras Tyrell trains with a man-at-arms. Margaery assures the smitten Sansa she can persuade Joffrey to consent to the union. After the squire tending to Loras suggests he "spar with a proper partner" the two fall into bed together. Loras reveals that he is engaged and the squire, a spy for Littlefinger, moves quickly to report this development. Littlefinger approaches Sansa with an offer to leave, but claiming concern for his safety, Sansa tells him she'd prefer to wait.

    "Could you bring back a man without a head? Not six times. Just once."

    Robb Stark, along with Catelyn, Talisa, and Edmure Tully regard the corpses of young Willem and Martyn Lannister. Lord Rickard Karstark defends his actions, but Robb sentences Karstark's accomplices to hang. Robb's mother, wife and uncle plead with him to spare Karstark's life: Robb cannot win the war without him and his men. But the Young Wolf believes there's only one honorable course of action. The next morning he takes Karstark's head.

    In the Brotherhood's hideout, Thoros informs Arya she's a hostage; they'll obtain her ransom from Robb at Riverrun. She pretends not to be frightened as Beric explains he died and was resurrected by the Lord of Light. He's been killed and brought back six times, though each time he returns as "a bit less." Arya laments her father couldn't cheat death this way.

    "By what right does the wolf judge the lion?"

    Still bound, Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth arrive at Harrenhal. Locke presents the Kingslayer to Lord Roose Bolton, who toys with Jaime about Cersei's safety before sending him to the maester. Qyburn, who lost his chains for "bold" experimentation, advises amputating the full arm to protect from infection. Jaime refuses and forgoing milk of the poppy, screams while Qyburn cuts away the rotten flesh.

    Arriving at the bathhouse, Jaime finds Brienne already in a tub. To her horror, he hops into the same one. After some teasing, he proposes a truce, claiming he trusts her. He makes good on this sentiment by telling her the story of how he got the name ‘Kingslayer.' After the Lannisters entered King's Landing and sacked the city, Aerys not only refused to surrender, he prepared his pyromancers to set the city on fire. Jaime was told to bring his father's head. Left with no choice, Jaime drove his sword into the Aerys' back and climbed atop the Iron Throne. Ned Stark found him there and immediately judged him guilty; Jaime never told him the truth. Woozy and weak, the former knight struggles to stand in the bath. Brienne catches him and calls for help for the Kingslayer, but he corrects her: "My name is Jaime."

    "I want to know what it’s like to serve with pride. To fight for someone I believe in."

    Arya finds Gendry repairing Beric's armor. Drawn to their atmosphere of equality and family, he's decided to stay with the Brotherhood. Arya is heartbroken.

    While Selyse Baratheon prays to the Lord of Light, her husband, Stannis, enters her chamber. He confesses to his affair with his red priestess but is shocked to learn Selyse not only knew, she "wept with joy" when she learned of his "son." Her complicity fuels Stannis' guilt as the couple stands in the shadow of their stillborn baby boys, preserved in jars.

    Selyse turns bitter when she realizes Stannis wants to see their daughter too. Shireen, who suffers from disfiguring greyscale, is pleased to see her father. When she inquires about Davos Seaworth, Stannis tells her of his treason. She ignores her father's order to forget her friend and sneaks down to Davos' prison cell with a book to keep him company. Learning that Davos cannot read, Shireen insists she will teach him how.

    Daenerys Targaryen marches with her army of Unsullied. Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy follow, trading war stories. Jorah digs to see if Barristan knows how he betrayed Dany, but learns that the Lord Commander was not welcome at Small Council meetings. Dany asks her new army to choose their own leader; they select Grey Worm. Perturbed that the Unsullied are named after vermin, she encourages them to select new ones. The solider maintains ‘Grey Worm' is honorable because it's what he was called when Dany set him free.

    Staring at a map of Westeros, Robb ponders his options without the Karstarks. At Talisa's mention of Winterfell, Robb realizes he needs to take Casterly Rock and catch the Lannisters unawares. Robb tells his wife that will mean turning to Walder Frey, the man whose daughter he was supposed to marry.

    "You’ve both disgraced the Lannister name for far too long. Now do your duty."

    Tyrion enters Lord Tywin's chamber, surprised to find Cersei present. Tywin discloses that the Tyrells are conspiring to wed Sansa to Loras. He views this union as a betrayal against the crown and a strategic plot to control the North. Aware that the Tyrells' hands are tied until after the royal wedding, Tywin decrees they must act quickly; Tyrion will marry Sansa. Smug at her brother's predicament, Cersei is taken aback to learn her father's plan for her: She's to marry Loras Tyrell.

  6. 06 - The Climb

    "Your flock gets smaller every year."

    Samwell Tarly struggles to build a fire to warm Gilly and her infant. His lack of know-how confirms what Gilly suspected; Sam is highborn. He tells her what to expect once they reach Castle Black and at Gilly's request, sings a song to lull her baby to sleep.

    North of Winterfell, Osha and Meera Reed bicker until Bran Stark demands they stop: They must work together to make it to the Wall. As Jojen, asleep nearby, begins to twitch uncontrollably, Meera expertly tends to her brother's fit. She explains, "The visions take their toll." Jojen awakes and shares his dream-Jon Snow was on the wrong side of the Wall.

    Tormund Giantsbane notes the growth of trees close to the Wall, and remarks there used to be no such cover; the Night's Watch would come out each morning with axes. Intimidated by the expansive sheet of ice, Jon Snow admits to Ygritte he's afraid. Her own fears are overshadowed by excitement; she's waited her entire life for this climb. Ygritte tells Jon she knows his loyalty still lies with the Night's Watch, and she doesn't care. Neither of their armies will ensure their survival, she reasons. The lovers pledge to never betray each other.

    "Our god is the one true god. And all men must serve him."

    Arya Stark practices her archery at the Brotherhood's hideout. She fires an arrow for Joffrey, Cersei and Ilyn Payne, hitting the straw target each time. As Anguy coaches her, Arya notices riders approaching the camp. Thoros of Myr meets the visitors, speaking to Melisandre in High Valyrian. In the same tongue, the red priestess greets Thoros by name and questions the status of his mission-to convert King Robert to the Lord of Light. Admitting he failed, Thoros invites her inside, where Melisandre is mesmerized by Lord Beric Dondarrion's scars. She's shocked to learn of his six resurrections. Thoros explains that his friend's survival ignited his faith-he was a dubious priest until his prayer for Beric's life was answered the first time. Now his devotion to the Lord of Light is absolute.

    Melisandre reveals the purpose of her journey; their god needs Gendry. Beric exchanges Gendry for sacks of gold, while the Red priestess assures the stunned boy he is meant for a higher purpose. She promises, "You will make kings rise and fall." Watching the scene, Arya is hysterical and calls Melisandre a witch.  Melisandre looks deeply into Arya's eyes and sensing darkness in the child, foresees they will meet again.

    "I would have hoped you've learned your lesson about overplaying your position"

    Still bound to his X-shaped cross, Theon Greyjoy is awakened by his torturer. The boy taunts Theon while he peels the skin off his pinkie finger. Urged to guess, Theon ventures the boy is Rickard Karstark's son holding him in Karhold. The boy affirms these details, only to deny them moments later: The real reason Theon is being tortured is because the boy enjoys it. After Theon begs him to stop the pain, the boy cuts off his pinkie.

    Brienne of Tarth, now dressed in ladylike finery, dines with Jaime Lannister and Roose Bolton at Harrenhal. As Jaime struggles to eat with one hand, he negotiates his return to King's Landing. Bolton agrees, aware this is the most lucrative and safest course of action. Jaime insists on taking Brienne with him, but Bolton refuses. She's charged with abetting treason and must be returned to the King in the North.

    "If we don't do this and do it now, we're lost"

    Lothar Frey and his bastard brother Black Walder meet with Robb Stark as emissaries for their father. After obtaining Harrenhal for Lord Frey once the war is over, they demand that Edmure Tully wed their sister Roslin. Edmure refuses but Robb emphasizes that gaining Frey's men is a strategic necessity. He tells his uncle this marriage will redeem his recklessness at Stone Mill. When Edmure begrudgingly consents, Robb says he will not forget the act of loyalty.

    Lord Tywin Lannister shares his proposal that Queen Cersei and Ser Loras marry with Lady Olenna Tyrell. Because she rejects the idea-Cersei is too old-Tywin threatens to name Loras to the Kingsguard, ensuring that the Tyrell name will die with Loras. Backed into a corner, Olenna consents, and in spite of herself, is impressed that Tywin lives up to his ruthless reputation.

    Sansa Stark takes a walk with Loras and talks excitedly about their wedding. The two agree that they can't wait to leave King's Landing. Watching the couple from above, Cersei and Tyrion Lannister discuss how they landed in this mess. Cersei says it was family loyalty that inspired her investigation into the Tyrells, and concedes that Tyrion proved himself at the Battle of the Blackwater. Tyrion begins to suspect it was Joffrey who ordered the attempt on his life, not Cersei. Although there's a chance that Jaime will return and put a stop to Cersei's wedding, Tyrion tells his sister he "is f***ed." He seeks out Sansa to tell her of their engagement, and is forced to deliver the news in front of Shae.

    "Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder."

    Alone in the Throne Room with Varys, Littlefinger rejoices that he thwarted Varys' plan to give Sansa to the Tyrells. Littlefinger then tells the spymaster he's aware that Ros conspired against him. To recoup his investment in her, he passed her on to Joffrey, who was eager to try out his crossbow. His ascent assured, Littlefinger declares "The climb is all there is." Sansa watches Lord Baelish's ship sail for the Eyrie with tears streaming down her face.

    The wildlings tackle the Wall in a vertical line. Hundreds of feet in the air, Ygritte hits a fault with her ice pick and a fissure erupts. A chunk of ice detaches from the face, plummeting scores of men to their death and tearing Jon and Ygritte from their grip. Tormund and Orell struggle to hold on with the pair dangling below them. Orell tries to cut their weight loose, but Jon finds a grip just in the time. The lovers press on and finally reach the top. While gazing upon the kingdom below, they share a passionate kiss.

  7. 07 - The Bear and the Maiden Fair

    "You've been nursed on pretty lies since you were a baby."

    As the wildlings continue their trek south, Jon Snow confronts Orell about cutting him loose on the Wall. The wildling explains that his actions epitomize their way of life: People " love each other when it suits them and they kill each other when it suits them."

    Because Jon does not understand their ways, Orell insists, he will lose Ygritte. Orell voices concerns to her as well-she should be with one of her own, specifically, him. When his declaration is met with silence, he warns, "You won't love him so much when you find out what he really is."

    King Joffrey, ensconced on his throne, calls a meeting with his Hand, Lord Tywin Lannister. Joffrey takes issue with the location of his Small Council meetings and inquires about rumors of dragons. Tywin's pointed responses make it clear to Joffrey that his grandfather is the one in charge.

    "This is duty, not desire."

    Sansa Stark cries to Lady Margaery about her dashed hopes of a happy marriage. Margaery counsels the girl to make the best of her situation-Tyrion is far from the worst Lannister. He has never mistreated her and their son will be Lord of Casterly Rock and the North. The thought of producing an heir scares Sansa, but Margaery asserts she might be pleasantly surprised.

    In his chamber, Tyrion Lannister drinks to numb the discomfort he feels at the thought of bedding his future wife. Bronn doesn't see the problem; Tyrion can wed Sansa and keep Shae on the side. Tyrion dreads this will only lead both women to hate him. He presents Shae with expensive golden chains and she rejects the gift. She believes that Tyrion wants to marry Sansa. When he denies this, Shae again proposes they flee across the Narrow Sea. Tyrion refuses-he cannot abandon his family duties. They both realize they'll have no life together once he marries.

    "If blood is your desire, blood shall flow. But why?"

    Jorah Mormont, Barristan Selmy and Daenerys Targaryen look onto Yunkai. Jorah advises that taking the Yellow City may sacrifice men unnecessarily, but Dany says the 200,000 people enslaved within the walls are reason enough.

    The Yunkish envoy, Razdal mo Eraz, offers Dany gold and ships if she and her Unsullied agree to leave in peace. Dany rejects this pact and offers new terms: The city's slaves must be freed and paid for their servitude or she will show no mercy. Razdal, enraged at her gall, warns that Yunkai has powerful friends protecting the city and tries to reclaim the gold, only to be stopped by the dragons. Dany keeps the gold and offers Razdal a gift-his life. He scampers away and the queen asks Jorah to identify Razdal's powerful friends.

    Two attractive women untie Theon from his X-shaped cross. He's scared and paranoid, but they provide water and nurse his wounds. Eventually, they strip naked and climb on top of him. Theon's enjoying himself when his captor enters. The boy smashes his prisoner to the ground and Theon cries for mercy, realizing he's about to be castrated.

    Ygritte teases Jon about his highborn upbringing and mocks the customs of those South of the Wall. Jon remarks that although the wildlings are brave, they cannot win. He warns, "If you attack the Wall you'll die. All of you." Ygritte reminds him that they've agreed to live or die together.

    "There is power in a king’s blood."

    Melisandre and Gendry sail past King's Landing, discussing their humble backgrounds. When Gendry says he's lowborn, she corrects him, "Your blood is noble." As they gaze at the Red Keep, the priestess shares the truth-he is the bastard of King Robert Baratheon.

    Heavy rain suspends the Starks' journey to the Twins. Catelyn Stark worries that Lord Frey will take the delay as further insult, but Robb assures her that Lord Walder will be satisfied Edmure Tully is marrying into the family. Later that evening, Talisa reveals to Robb that she is carrying their child. The couple plans to visit Volantis once the war is over.

    "I didn’t ask the gods what it meant. I didn’t need to. I already knew."

    At their camp, Osha is worried that Jojen Reed's talk of "black magic" is a bad influence on Bran Stark. She's even more upset when she learns the boys have changed their course from Castle Black; they're headed Beyond the Wall to find the three-eyed raven in Bran's dreams. Osha reveals why she won't go back- when her husband disappeared, she had to kill him when he returned as a blue-eyed "dead man."

    Arya Stark remains furious that Lord Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr gave up Gendry. The men maintain they were following the orders of the Lord of Light and Arya replies that her true god is death. When Anguy arrives with news that they've found a Lannister raiding party, Arya realizes they aren't taking her to Riverrun. She absconds into the dark forest where the Hound snatches her.

    "Sorry about the sapphires."

    Jaime Lannister enters Brienne's chamber in Harrenhal to say goodbye. He tells her that Lord Bolton will travel to Edmure Tully's wedding-leaving Brienne with Locke. Aware of what this means, Brienne tells Jaime his debt to her will be paid if he keeps his promise. He swears to return the Stark girls to their mother. When Brienne says goodbye, she calls Jaime by name. As Jaime departs, he asks Bolton to deliver Lannister regards to Robb Stark. Locke assures Jaime he'll take good care of his "friend."

    On the road, Qyburn tends to Jaime's bandages, confessing he lost his chain for conducting human experiments. Jaime asks the old man of news from Brienne's father and learns that Lord Tarth's reward for his daughter's safe return was rejected-Locke believes that Tarth, rich with sapphires, is cheating him. Realizing his lie is keeping Brienne captive, Jaime bribes Bolton's man Steelshanks to turn back.

    Arriving at the castle, Jaime finds a crowd watching Brienne fighting a huge bear with a wooden sword. Jaime futilely tries to pay off Locke and then jumps into the pit to get between the bear and Brienne. Steelshanks, charged with Jaime's safe return, fires off several quarrels and wounds the animal. Jaime hoists Brienne out of the pit and is pulled out just as the bear charges. "The bitch stays," Locke tells Jaime, but the Kingslayer replies it will mean killing him first. Helpless, Locke backs down and Jaime escorts Brienne out of Harrenhal.

  8. 08 - Second Sons

    "A man who fights for gold can't afford to lose to a girl."

    Daenerys Targaryen, Barristan Selmy and Jorah Mormont scout a group of mercenaries paid to protect Yunkai, the Second Sons. Although there are more Unsullied than sellswords, Ser Barristan warns Dany they are formidable. Dany invites their leaders, Mero of Braavos, Prendahl na Ghezn and Daario Naharis to meet in an attempt to buy their allegiance. Mero and Prendahl are crude and offensive, while Daario is only skeptical of her mission. The men take a barrel of wine while they think over her proposition.

    Back at their camp, the captains debrief. Daario respects Dany's audacity, but his comrades are furious at the way she spoke to them. They agree there's only one way to beat the army of Unsullied-eliminate the khaleesi. The men draw coins and Daario is designated the assassin.

    "You've slaughtered many lambs."

    Ayra Stark considers killing the sleeping Hound with a giant rock, until he stirs and assures her he'll break her hands if he lives. Her captor surprises her when he mentions he saved Sansa from being raped by a mob. He also reveals that they're not returning to King's Landing-they're en route to Edmund Tully's wedding at the Twins. The Hound plans to collect Arya's ransom from her mother and brother.

    Melisandre and Gendry arrive at Dragonstone. Melisandre sends him to a comfortable chamber, provoking Stannis Baratheon to complain she should just do the deed. Because the boy won't suspect what's coming, Melisandre says her way is better. Stannis visits Davos Seaworth in the dungeon and offers his sympathies for Davos' deceased son. He discloses Melisandre's plan to "sacrifice" Gendry and says it's his duty to comply. Davos, aware that Stannis trusts his opinion, pleads for the innocent boy's life. Stannis tells his Hand that although he was once skeptical of the Lord of Light, he cannot deny the god after all he's seen. After Davos pledges never to raise a hand to the Red priestess, Stannis releases him.

    "I want you to know that I didn't ask for this."

    Sansa Stark dresses for her wedding with Shae's assistance. Tyrion enters her chamber and in a moment alone with his bride-to-be, swears he will never hurt her.

    In the Sept of Baelor, Lady Margaery links arms with Queen Cersei and warmly remarks they'll soon be sisters. In reply, Cersei reminds her about House Reyne, a powerful family that tried to outshine the Lannisters-and was slaughtered as a result. Reiterating her point, she whispers, "If you ever call me' 'sister' again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

    Much to her horror, King Joffrey escorts Sansa down the aisle. When they reach Tyrion, Joffrey walks away with the groom's stool, forcing Tyrion to ask his bride to kneel in order to fasten the marital cloak around her neck.

    "And so my watch begins."

    At the wedding reception, Tyrion drinks heavily while Sansa and Shae sit miserably. Equally unhappy, Loras Tyrell and Lady Margaery listen as Lady Olenna charts the convoluted new family tree. Loras tries to make conversation with Cersei and quickly learns she has no desire to speak to him.

    Joffrey taunts Sansa about her childhood dream of marrying a Lannister-and informs her it doesn't matter which one gets her pregnant. Over Tyrion's protests, he decries that the traditional bedding ceremony begin. When the groom threatens the king, Tywin comes to his son's defense, connecting the insubordination to Tyrion's insobriety. Tyrion plays up his drunkenness and retreats with his wife into their chamber. There, he learns the woman he's been commanded to bed is only 14 years old. Despite his father's orders, Tyrion tells Sansa he won't sleep with her until she's ready. Sansa replies that may never happen.

    Shae barges in with breakfast the next morning. She's curt with the newlyweds, but softens when she sees the sheets and realizes the marriage hasn't been consummated.

    In her camp, Missandei attends to Dany in her bath when an intruder enters the tent. The man grabs Missandei and holds a knife to her throat. Daario Naharis removes his helmet, releases the girl, and spills Mero and Prendahl's decapitated heads out of a sack. Daario pledges his loyalty-and heart-to Dany alone and promises that the Second Sons will fight for her.

    "Come fight death with me."

    Melisandre plies Gendry with wine and urges him to trust his circumstances: The Lord of Light has willed this. Stripping naked, Melisandre seduces him and straps him to the bed-and then applies leeches to his body. Stannis and Davos enter and watch as Melisandre removes the swollen leeches and walks over to a brazier. One by one, she tosses the blood-fat creatures into the flame and names the "usurpers": Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon.

    Samwell Tarly and Gilly stumble upon a shack north of the Wall and decide to spend the night there. As they gather kindling, ravens land in the trees above them and begin to caw. Huddling for warmth inside the shack, Gilly learns that Sam's father was also cruel. With the ravens' cries growing in intensity, Sam steps into the night, and Gilly realizes a White Walker has come to claim her son. After the Walker easily shatters Sam's shaking sword, Sam drives his dragonglass dagger into its neck. The Walker explodes into ice. Sam, Gilly and her baby flee the scene, followed by a flock of screaming ravens.

  9. 09 - The Rains of Castamere

    Robb presents himself to Walder Frey, and Edmure meets his bride.

  10. 10 - Mhysa

    Season Three Finale.