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Eastbound & Down Season 3

In this hilarious new HBO comedy series, Kenny Powers, a washed-up former Major League Baseball star, is forced to return to his hometown to teach P.E. at his old middle school. While preparing for his triumphant return to the big leagues, Kenny moves in with his brothers family and proves adept at burning every bridge he crosses.

Episode guide

  1. 14 - Chapter 14

    Enjoying a new lease on his baseball career as the closer for the minor-league Myrtle Beach Mermen, Kenny Powers settles into a life of body-boarding, jet-skiing, and hard-partying with his catcher Shane (Jason Sudeikis).

  2. 15 - Chapter 15

    With baby Toby in tow, a seething Kenny heads north in search of April. Getting no assistance from Dustin, Maria or Jamie, Kenny tracks down his erstwhile lackey Stevie, currently employed at Ashley Schaeffer’s (Will Ferrell) car dealership.

  3. 16 - Chapter 16

    Pro scout Roy McDaniel (Matthew McConaughey) arrives in Myrtle Beach to ask Kenny to mentor Ivan Dochenko, a promising young Russian pitching prospect.

  4. 17 - Chapter 17

    Convinced his son is cursed, Kenny blames Toby for his recent travails. Later, Kenny tries to connect with Shane’s straight-laced family during a difficult time.

  5. 18 - Chapter 18

    Kenny is surprised by some unannounced visitors. Desperate to win back control of his team, Kenny decides to stage a 4th of July party to end all 4th of July parties.

  6. 19 - Chapter 19

    Kenny and Eduardo reach into their shared past in an effort to find permanent child care for baby Toby.

  7. 20 - Chapter 20

    Kenny tries to win over Coach Banks and get back in the rotation, but many obstacles threaten to detour Kenny in his pursuit of redemption.

  8. 21 - Chapter 21

    As Kenny adjusts to the new realities of his life, a twist of fate alters his future with the Mermen.