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Ben 10 Vol 7 - Ben 10,000

The Rust Bucket is causing problems! When it breaks down outside the largest mall in the United States, Ben volunteers for a hypnotist’s corny mall act. But it turns out that the hypnosis is real — and is causing Ben to turn into his aliens to help the evil hypnotist (Midnight Madness). 

Later, the air conditioning of the Rust Bucket breaks down, stranding Ben, Gwen and Max in a Christmas theme park under a timestopping spell (Merry Christmas). In Ben 10,000 Ben meets his older self and each learn a valuable lesson from the other. Charmcaster tries to switch bodies with Ben to obtain the Omnitrix, but things don’t go as she plans (A Change of Face). Finally, Ben is wounded by a werewolf-like alien, and gains control of a new hero — Benwolf!