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Ben 10 Vol 11 - Ready To Rumble

The summer road trip brings Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max to Florida, where they come in contact with the Fountain of Youth. Max turns into a kid, and Ben into a toddler, and Gwen having to deal with them both (Don’t Drink the Water)! In Big Fat Alien Wedding, Ben and Gwen must accompany Max to a wedding. 

But with the bride’s parents being aliens, and the groom’s family being ex-Plumbers — there will be some MAJOR arguments! The Rust Bucket is hijacked by some highway pirates, and Ben and Gwen must get Max’s beloved vehicle back (Ben 4 Good Buddy). Ben thinks he has broken Gwen’s computer, and tries to win enough money to replace it by entering a wrestling competition — as Four Arms (Ready to Rumble).