Dramatic decisions with Amanda Waller in Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within is filled with tough calls and moral conundrums, and this goes double whenever Amanda Waller gets involved. From butting heads with Commissioner Gordon to blackmailing Batman over his secret identity, Waller can always be trusted to take the tough approach and follow her own agenda, not that she’ll ever tell you what it is. Players can choose to work along with Waller, or antagonise her at every turn. And while some of the characters in this series can definitely play against type, Amanda Waller remains as ruthless and morally ambiguous as ever.

Suicide Squad Gaming Appearances

Basically any game involving Harley Quinn!
What? Did you really think we’d forget about Harley? This dynamite gal just happens to be featured in every single game mentioned on this list so far, as well as many, many more. Whether she’s playing a hero, villain, or just clowning around, Dr Harleen Quinzel is guaranteed to steal the show and go out with a bang!

Harley Quinn Game

We’ve had some great moments with the Suicide Squad, and no doubt we haven’t seen the last of them yet! Because what would gaming be without the bad guys?