Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Things are different for the Pontipee men now that big brother Adam’s fetched a bride and brought her to their cabin. Indeed, the unwed brothers are so inspired they raid the town and carry off brides of their own! 

Like a favourite flannel shirt, everything fits right in this rugged whoop-for-joy directed by Stanley Donen, choreographed by Michael Kidd and featuring an exhilarating Gene dePaul/Johnny Mercer score that won an Academy Award.® Jane Powell and Howard Keel star, supported by a cast of buck skinned dancers and petticoated danseuses. And what steppin’! The barn-raising sequence alone— backflipping, plank-leaping athleticism—leaves a daylong smile. Bless Yore Beautiful Hide, all you brides and brothers!