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  • In 1959, Kit (Martin Sheen), who has killed several people, and his new girlfriend Holly (Sissy Spacek), who watched him do it, are adrift in a double fantasy of crime and punishment across South Dakota and Montana. They’re playing make-believe but the bullets and bloodshed are very real. 

    The first of writer/director Terrence Malick’s three landmark films (1978’s Days of Heaven and 1998’s The Thin Red Line are the others) was inspired by a real-life 1958 Midwestern killing spree. Malick imaginatively transforms their story into a provocative study of people alienated from everyday life – but fascinating to us. Beautifully shot and memorably acted, Badlands is a spellbinding journey.

  • Double Academy Award® winner Michael Caine has rarely looked cooler as the well dressed heavy, attempting to uncover the facts behind the death of his brother, in this hard-boiled thriller. 

    The film tracks Caine as he becomes embroiled in the sinister underworld of crime and pornography. John Osborne (Look Back in Anger) stars as the flesh peddlers' ringleader, whilst sultry Bond girl Britt Ekland sizzles as Caine's London girl. Get Carter's powerful combination of violence and corruption, with its dark portrayal of England, especially Newcastle, signaled the end of the sugar-coated '60s ushering in a more cynical style of film-making.

  • In underworld terms, Chas Devlin is a “performer,” a gangster with a talent for violence and intimidation. Turner is a reclusive rock superstar. When Chas and Turner meet, their worlds collide – and the impact is both exotic and explosive. 

    James Fox and Mick Jagger indelibly play Chas and Turner in this spellbinder of illusion and reality, decadence and decay. Fugitive Chas hides in Turner’s cavernous house. Events then spiral into an eerie breakdown of barriers and roles in which Chas sees his sense of reality vanish. And Turner’s experiment of self-discovery leads to a shocking final performance of his own. Co-directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, Performance has become a modern movie legend. Experience it and understand why.

  • His crime: nonconformity. His sentence: the chain gang. Paul Newman plays one of his best-loved roles as Cool Hand Luke, the loner who won’t – or can’t – bend to the arbitrary rules of his captivity. 

    A cast of fine character actors, including George Kennedy in his Oscar® - winning role of dragline and the indelible Jo Van Fleet as Luke’s mother, give Newman solid support. And Strother Martin is the Captain who taunts Luke with the now-legendary line, “What we’ve got here is.. failure to communicate.” No failure here. With rich humour and vibrant storytelling power, Cool Hand Luke succeeds resoundingly.

  • Mystery novelist Agatha Christie's intrepid spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, goes from dissenting jury member to actress in a seedy theatre troupe in her investigation of a Murder Most Foul.

    Miss Marple (Academy Award winner Margaret Rutherford) causes a mistrial when she remains the sole juror opposing a guilty verdict for Harold Taylor in the murder of his landlady. Rather than settle for a new trial, Marple investigates. And when the clues lead her to believe that the landlady was blackmailing someone in a rundown theatre company, she auditions for a part. But the killer strikes again as the curtain goes up. Now, can the spinster sleuth identify the murderer before he claims his next intended victim--Mrs. Marple herself?

    Based on the novel Mrs. McGinty's Dead by Agatha Christie

  • Mystery novelist Agatha Christie's intrepid spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, dares the high seas when she hears the call of Murder Ahoy.

    Miss Marple (Academy Award winner Margaret Rutherford) investigates when a fellow board member of an organization that mentors troubled juveniles is found dead. The authorities rule death by natural causes, but the spinster sleuth suspects otherwise. Now, at sea aboard the ship the organization uses to train the teens, Miss Marple discovers a finishing school for young thieves--and entirely too many suspects. But will she identify the murderer before he murders her?

  • Agatha Christie, the grand dame of the mystery novel, weaves an twisting tale of terror that can only by unraveled by gray-haired intrepid amateur sleuth Miss Marple when the wily Marple confronts Murder at the Gallop.

    Miss Marple (Margaret Rutherford) witnesses an elderly recluse fall down a flight of stairs and die: She believes it's murder, even though the authorities label the death an accident. But the number of suspects dwindles as the body count rises ... and only Miss Marple will be able to reveal a vicious killer.
    Based on After the Funeral by Agatha Christie.

  • Mystery novelist Agatha Christie's intrepid spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, reveals a skeleton full of closets as she tracks a killer in Murder, She Said.

    Miss Marple (Academy Award winner Margaret Rutherford) witnesses a murder while aboard the night train from Paddington. But when she reports the crime and the police cannot find a body, they dismiss her story as the ramblings of a doddering eccentric. Now, determined that the crime she saw does not go unpunished, the dauntless Miss Marple first poses as a railroad worker to inspect the tracks, then goes undercover as a maid when the clues lead to the Ackenthorpe estate, the many awful secrets kept by the family--and a series of terrible murders.

    Based on the novel 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie

  • Academy Award winner Henry Fonda stars in director Alfred Hitchcock's real-life thriller of an innocent man trapped as the victim of a heartless criminal justice system, even though he's The Wrong Man.

    When an eyewitness to a robbery identifies musician Christopher Balestrero (Fonda) as the culprit, Balestrero cannot prove where he was on the day of the crime. Now, the wheels of justice, driven by the testimony of witnesses, mercilessly grind away the life of a man who looks remarkably like the real thief.