Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited Gender Pay Gap as of 5 April 2017

Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited (WBEUK) is committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees and for all job applicants. We hire, train, promote and compensate employees without regard to gender (or other factors prohibited by applicable equality legislation).

Equal Pay

Across WBEUK’s business, our employees receive equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. More than half (52%) of WBEUK’s overall workforce is female.

Understanding our Gender Pay Gap

Like many UK companies, we have a gender pay gap - our median is 22.6% and our mean is 30.9%. This reflects the greater number of men than women in senior management roles, as well as the related strong retention rate within the company’s senior leadership. These factors are also relevant to the bonus gender pay gap, but the majority of our employees, at all levels, receive a bonus.   

Ongoing Efforts

As part of our ongoing efforts relating to equal opportunities, we have an active programme of development and leadership training, and provide unconscious bias training for people managers and all other employees. We are determined to continue to address areas in our business where women are under-represented and to identify any barriers to progression. We will monitor the different stages of our employee life cycle, from recruitment through development, promotion and annual pay reviews, to help us identify relevant actions throughout the company to reduce our gender pay gap. As part of our global commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have an employee-led Business Resource Group, Women of Warner, which is dedicated to supporting women at various stages of their careers, by providing a platform for discussion, mentoring and access to industry leaders. We are supportive of part-time and flexible working arrangements for all employees, regardless of gender; we offer benefits such as backup childcare assistance and are also reviewing our shared parental leave package.

I can confirm on behalf of Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited that the information provided is accurate.

Steve Mertz, Statutory Director of Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited


The gender pay gap is different from the concept of equal pay. The gender pay gap is not job-specific, but rather illustrates the differences in average pay (both median and mean) between women and men in an organisation. Equal pay refers to any pay differences between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value.

Gender pay gap based on hourly pay for male and female employees:

Median       22.6%

Mean          30.9%

Gender pay gap based on bonus for male and female employees:

Median       31.8%

Mean          67.3%

Proportion (%) of male and female employees who received a bonus: 

Males          81 %

Females      79 %

Proportion (%) of male and female employees in each quartile pay band:

in quartile (%)
     in quartile (%)    

4th Quartile (Upper) 60%            40%

3rd Quartile (Upper middle) 54%            46%

2nd Quartile (Lower middle) 37%            63%

1st Quartile (Lower) 41%            59%