The Top 5 LEGO DC Supervillains 

05 Nov 2018
With the new release of LEGO DC Supervillains we have named our top 5 supervillains to be...
Harley Quinn
Herleen Frances Quinzel, also known as “Harley Quinn” first made her comic book appearance in the 1993 edition of “Batman Adventures #12”.
Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, this is where she stumbled upon a patient who would change her life forever… The Joker. She became his partner in crime and formally became the new and improved “Harley Quinn”. While she has made a life for herself away from her “Puddin”, Harley continues to make life crazy for the heroes of Gotham City.
Affiliations: Task Force X (Suicide Squad)
Death Stroke
Slade Wilson also referred to as “Death Stroke” made his first comic book appearance in the 1980’s edition of “New Teen Titans #2”.
Death stroke is a ruthless adversary of heroes everywhere with his considerable battle skills only matched by his keen tactical mind. With his years of extensive training and experimental genetic enhancements, Slade Wilson is a highly valuable supervillain.
Affiliations: Justice League and League of Shadows.
The Joker
The Clown Prince of Crime otherwise referred to as “The Joker” first made his comic book appearance in the 1940’s edition of “Batman #1”.
Notorious for being one of Batman’s greatest ever foes his intent is to spread mirth and mayhem in equal measure. With his true origins forever shrouded in mystery, we now see him as the laughing lawbreaker. He has proven himself to be as clever as he is chaotic… and that’s no joke.
Affiliations: Justice League
Gorilla Grodd
Grodd also known as “Gorilla Grodd” made his first comic book appearance in the 1959 edition of “The Flash #106”.
Gorilla Grodd, is the ruler of Gorilla City of course, a technologically advanced civilisation of apes. The super intelligent simian Gorilla Grodd is one of The Flash’s most fearsome foes. Gorilla Grodd gained his powers from a mysterious meteor and uses his many abilities in an effort to reclaim the earth for his primate populace.
Affiliations: Injustice League and Gorilla City.
Reverse Flash
Brace yourself for “Eobard Thawne, Professor Zoom” otherwise referred to as “Reverse Flash”. He made his first comic book appearance in the 1963 edition of “The Flash #139”.
Originally a fan of superhero legend “The Flash”. Eobard Thawne built his own version of the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time from the twenty fifth century to meet his hero. However, upon discovering his own tragic destiny, Thawne turned to a life of villainy, becoming the Reverse-Flash, funny how these things work out right?
Affiliations: Injustice League

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