5 Promising Young Actors to Watch Out For

06 Feb 2018

You might recognise a couple of the names on our list, but where some of these promising young actors have numerous film credits to their name, others are fairly new on the scene. Their paths to stardom are varied, but what they all have in common is recent breakthrough roles that are sure to make them big names of the future.

Rohen Chand (Mowgli)

Rohen Chand had an unusual entry to stardom, when at age six he was playing little league baseball and got spotted for the role of Adam Sandler’s adopted son in Jack and Jill. Going on to appear in an episode of the much-revered Homeland, his breakthrough role was as the co-lead in Bad Words, aged 10. This comedy pits him against Jason Bateman in an unlikely spelling bee contest.

Rohen went on to play the younger version of the lead character, Hassan Haji in The Hundred-Foot Journey, but his biggest film role will be as the title character in Andy Serkis’ Mowgli. Due for release this autumn, Rohen, now 14, re-tells the iconic Jungle Book story using his unique and endearing charm.

Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One)

At 21 years old, Tye Sheridan already has some seriously impressive film credits under his belt. Making his big screen debut in The Tree of Life at the age of 14, he has worked alongside the likes of Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Lawrence. His breakthrough role was at 15, playing Ellis opposite Matthew McConaughey in Mud.

More recently Tye starred as young Cyclops, Scott Summers, in X-Men: Apocalypse, recently filming the sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. His latest role is as the lead character in the sci-fi thriller Ready Player One. Released in cinemas March 30, Tye plays Wade Watts, who delves into a virtual reality world to escape the grim real life of 2045 Ohio and soon finds himself in an action-filled and dangerous treasure hunt.

Ready PLayer One

Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One)

English actress Olivia Cooke was already well-known for her performance as Emma Decody in drama series Bates Motel when she took the lead in the 2018 mini-series adaptation of Vanity Fair. In terms of film appearances, 25-year-old Olivia has been in everything from horrors to sci-fi thrillers, but nothing so big as her upcoming role in Ready Player One alongside Tye Sheridan (above).

Olivia plays the bold and independent Art3mis, one of the original gunters, or egg hunters. She makes an unlikely friendship with Wade (Sheridan), as they forge a strong bond and fight to keep The Oasis virtual reality world alive.

TYE SHERIDAN as Wade Watts and OLIVIA COOKE as Samantha Cook in Warner Bros. Pictures', Amblin Entertainment's and Village Roadshow Pictures' science fiction action adventure "READY PLAYER ONE," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk)

A relatively new actor on the scene, 20-year-old Fionn Whitehead had only appeared in the TV mini-series Him prior to landing the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dunkirk.

He was filming The Children Act at the same time, where he played a critically-ill teenager alongside Emma Thompson. He’s currently working on Caravan, as the main character Gyllen – a role he had to pass his driving test for as he steals his Stepdad’s campervan and drives to France to find his real father.

FIONN WHITEHEAD as Tommy in the Warner Bros. Pictures action thriller "DUNKIRK," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Amandla Stenberg (Everything, Everything)

Known for playing the loveable Rue in The Hunger Games when she was 14, Amandla’s biggest role to date has been playing Madeline Whittier in 2017’s Everything, Everything. The now 20-year-old portrays a teen who is confined to the house due to a rare illness.

A love story ensues when Olly (Nick Robinson) moves in next door who emboldens her to risk her life in order to experience the simple joys of the outside world with him. Amandla has since filmed three further movies – The Darkest Minds, Where Hands Touch and The Hate U Give, with the latter still in production.

Everything Everything Film UK

We’re looking forward to seeing the latest films from these gifted young actors as they continue on their path to stardom. Which other rising actors are on your radar?  

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