Sneak Peak of the New Characters in Aquaman

18 Dec 2018
Ever wondered what secrets lie beneath the ocean? It's time to find out…
Based on the DC Comics character, Aquaman is jumping off the pages and onto the big screen for his first stand-alone film. Be prepared for an underwater adventure jam-packed with action.
Follow Aquaman as he finds himself between two worlds: the only home he has ever known on land and the underwater kingdom of Atlantis of which he is heir. With an enemy from the ocean declaring war on the surface, it is left to one person to bridge the gap…
Aquaman (Jason Momoa)
Our lead character, Aquaman, is the superhero who is reluctant to claim his birthright as heir to the throne of Atlantis. Known as Arthur Curry on land, he was raised by his human father after his mother, Queen Atlanna, is forced to return back to the underwater city. With superhuman strength and speed, the ability to breathe underwater, and control over the creatures of the sea, Aquaman is the only one who can save both worlds from danger.
Mera (Amber Heard)
From the Atlantean tribe of Xebel, Mera is a warrior who is daughter to King Nereus. Groomed to become Queen, she has the power to control aquatic elements. After discovering plans of war, a determined Mera heads above water in search of Aquaman. With her fiery red hair and no-nonsense attitude, Mera is no damsel in distress.
Black Manta (known as David Hyde) pursues a relentless mission of revenge. After Aquaman stops pirates hijacking nuclear weapons, an altercation leads to the accidental death of Hyde's father. Blaming Aquaman for his loss, Hyde works to create the ultimate device: the helmet of Black Manta. Enabling him to challenge Aquaman both underwater and on land, making him a formidable opponent.
Orm (Patrick Wilson)
The supervillain of the movie and Aquaman's half-brother, Orm (also known as Ocean Master) sits on the Atlantean throne. Angry with the surface world for polluting the ocean, he believes land must be taken out for good and for Atlantis to rule the world. Using any means necessary to unite the seven underwater kingdoms, he plans to wage war and destroy the surface. With a mighty trident and a fearsome helmet, he is willing to remove anybody in his way – including his own family.
King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren)
King Nereus is the powerful ruler of the Xebel tribe and the father of Mera, looking to gain allies for the war against the surface land, Orm approaches him as a potential ally. Left with an important decision, he must choose what is best for his tribe.
Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman)
TEMUERA MORRISON as Tom Curry and NICOLE KIDMAN as Atlanna DC Aquaman
Mother to Aquaman and Orm, the Queen falls in love with human Tom Curry. After vicious sea creatures attack her in home on land, she is forced to leave her family in order to protect them. Yielding a deadly five-pronged trident, and matched with her incredible combat skills, she is not one to be underestimated.
Vulko (Willem Dafoe)
The most trusted advisor, Vulko is Aquaman's mentor. When Queen Atlanna returns to the ocean, he is tasked with the responsibility of training the young heir. Teaching Aquaman how to use his superpowers, he must bring him to his full potential. The highest-ranking member of the Atlantean forces, you can catch him riding a giant, armoured shark.
With all of the popular comic-book characters coming to life, prepare to discover a new underwater world with Aquaman. Starring many household names and incredible CGI effects, this underwater blockbuster is set to be bigger and better than ever. Don’t miss Aquaman this Christmas, in cinemas now.
Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II)

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