Christmas TV Wishlist

17 Dec 2018
TV shows just seem to be getting better and better. Whether it’s the latest releases with movie-size production budgets or the older series that get even better with age, there are so many great gift ideas that come in a boxset. Here’s some inspiration for you...

Nothing says Christmas more than Joey Tribbiani with a turkey stuck on his head and Phoebe talking about how vegetarians might not eat animals but they still like to play with the carcasses (as she plucks a wishbone). Once a Friday-night staple, Friends is now enjoyed as a complete boxset, so you can watch an episode (or several) any day, any hour you want. The storylines are as fresh and hilarious as they ever were, from Ross and Rachel debating whether or not they were 'on a break' to the whole gang giving back their keys and leaving the iconic apartment for the last time, there’s an episode for everyone to enjoy.


westworld season 2

Picking up where the hugely successful and critically acclaimed first season left off, season two of Westworld brought with it new characters, twists, and a healthy dose of scares. Based in a futuristic theme park that has faithfully recreated the American Old West, paying guests can indulge their wildest fantasies with no fear of reprisals, as the park 'hosts' are androids incapable of hurting humans. In this second series, having gained awareness as to the continuous cycle of servitude and memory-wiping, certain androids rise up, changing the balance of power. Complex, gritty and gripping, the series box boxset allows for repeat binge watching.

Game of Thrones

Stark family

Whether you have been dipping in and out of GOT or are an avid watcher that’s been reading the books first, you’ll know that there is so many layers and so much detail to keep on top of. The series seven boxset is a great addition to your Christmas wish list, not least because the final instalment starts in 2019 so it’s best to go into it refreshed on all the facts. Will Daenerys be successful in Westeros? Has Tyrion turned his back on his family forever? And what of Jon Snow? We’ll soon be finding out, that’s for sure.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Season 11

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the season that sees Sheldon and Amy take their relationship to the next level has arrived and can be enjoyed on repeat, thanks to the series 11 boxset . Enjoying the magic of Penny and Leonard trying to navigate married life, Bernadette and Howard trying to master parenthood and Raj being, well, Raj, are all added bonuses in what is the penultimate season of the television show that made geeks chic again. The final episode will have you laughing and crying in equal measure – don’t say you weren’t warned.

Young Sheldon

Hot on the heels of the globally successful Big Bang Theory comes Young Sheldon, a television series looking at the origins of Sheldon Cooper. The result is a series that’s just as funny as you’d expect, thanks to the talented cast and brilliant characters. With series two premiering last September, series one has been released on DVD for enthusiastic audiences to watch all over again, before enjoying all the new episodes. Featuring Jim Parsons as an adult Sheldon Cooper narrator looking back at his childhood, the laughs keep on coming in watching a child prodigy try to navigate high school long before he should.

The Vampire Diairies

Vampire Diaries

Having captured the hearts of countless fans for many seasons, this supernatural televisual force is now available to watch on Blu-ray, thanks to the series complete series boxset . The final series of the hit show, it received critical acclaim and laid to rest all the unanswered questions that have plagued fans since day one, especially who Elena was meant to be with. Peppered with the expected amazing effects, just the right amount of gore and some heartbreaking emotional moments, this season tied things up beautifully and is a testament to why vampire-based entertainment has enjoyed a serious revival.

Big Little Lies

Big little lies

Ahead of season 2 arriving in 2019, the first season boxset is still a firm favourite. A huge it with critics and audiences around the globe, the incredible performances, beautiful cinematography and gripping storyline made this one of the standout new series of recent time. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz and Alexander Skarsgård, it’s a must watch and a great gift.

Whether you’re creating your own wish list for family and friends or looking for gift ideas for your nearest and dearest, you’re sure to find a boxset here that will tick all the right boxes.

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