7 Times That The LEGO Batman Movie Was Totally Relatable

13 Feb 2017

It’s not every day that a superhero movie keeps it real, especially when the world on the big screen is entirely made of LEGO. Make no mistake though; there are some key life lessons in The LEGO Batman Movie that we can all take inspiration from. Here’s what we learnt from the infamous Caped Crusader…

The LEGO Batman Movie

It’s Important to Unwind From Time to Time

We might not all have a stately home, batcave and private pool like LEGO Batman (voiced by Will Arnett), but we should take a little time to appreciate our creature comforts. If you’re after some advice from the man himself, lobster thermidor is always a good idea.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Sometimes Technology Just Isn’t Our Friend

Try as we might, sometimes it seems like there’s just no reasoning with modern technology. Our phones run out of battery just as we need them the most, our HDMI leads fail as we’re settling in for a good movie, and let’s not even talk about all those times the WiFi’s dropped and we’re left wondering just how we’ll go on...

The LEGO Batman Movie

We All Like to Look Good But Feel Comfortable

As Batman knows too well, dressing to impress is all part of the plan. We’ve all got that power outfit in our wardrobe, the one that says we’re here to get things done. Still, sometimes you just want to get cosy — and LEGO Robin (voiced by Michael Cera) certainly knows how to make that happen…

the lego batman movie

All of Us Get Hat-Hair

Let’s face it, it happens to the best of us. And if even superheroes can fall victim to the dreaded hat-hair, who are we to complain? Take a leaf out of Bruce Wayne’s book and distract people with a slicker than average tuxedo. Just look at him… What a man, what a hero.

the lego batman movie

Even Mean People Get Sad Sometimes

There’s a strong message here, something about even bad guys having a soft side, because let’s face it, seeing The Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) welling up is quite a sight. If a master villain has a tender side, it’s safe to say that even the meanest people we know have their own inner demons to face. (Woah, things just got deep.)

the lego batman movie

We all Want to Get Changed as Soon as We’re Home

Hands up if the first thing you do when you get home is put your comfies on. You know how it is, after a hard day around town, you just want to shut the door and change into something a little more liberating. LEGO Robin is once again on fine form here, and even if his padre isn’t impressed, we are.

lego batman.

In the End, It’s all About the People Around You

Your friends, family, squad, team, crew… whatever you call your nearest and dearest, they’re part of who you are. It’s a lesson that the solitary LEGO Batman reluctantly learns, yet many of us already know that without those around us our lives would be a lot less action-packed.

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