Kids Discuss: Batman v Superman

17 Mar 2016

It's an age old question. In the fight of their lives, pitted against each other, who would win: Batman or Superman?

Batman, with his crazy gadgets, moral convictions and trusty sidekicks (let's not forget Robin), or Superman, the Man of Steel, with laser eyesight, serious muscles and the ability to fly. Man has struggled with this dilemma since the dawn of comic books, and has had no choice but to turn to our last, reliable hope for solid answers: children.

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel), who plays Superman in the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: the Dawn of Justice, sat down with a group of mini-critics, to get their take on who would win in this superhero throwdown.

To start, Cavill asked, just what exactly are the best superpowers? According to the the kids, the most coveted abilities are moving “really fast,” flying, super strength, bending metal and shooting lasers from your eyes. Not only does Batman not have any of those, he doesn't have any superpowers at all. “He just sits in a cave,” Cavill is quick to point out. A little harsh, but basically accurate. It's the kind of trash talk you'd expect between two serious enemies.

At one point, Cavill and the kids hang out with real live bats (pun intended), and realise that the furry little guys are actually pretty cute. “They should call him Cute Man,” one of the kids shouts. Some are less convinced about Superman's immediate readiness to defeat the Caped Crusader. Superman would win if he “got some upgrades,” a boy asserts. Something like the use of “tornado kicks” would help, which the boy offers to both demonstrate and teach. Sounds like Superman might have found his very own Alfred Pennyworth.

And then there are those who don't think Superman has a flying chance. Despite his attempts and swoon-worthy good looks, Henry Cavill isn't able to sway everyone. Batman can most certainly fly, one little girl says, “he's got wings!” Well, Batman can't go up, he can only fly downwards. “Superman can do both,” Cavill says, then adds with a tentative, “is Batman still better than Superman?” The short answer: a shrug and a yes. This is one fight Superman will have to concede.

Though their different superpowers will certainly help, the clash in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is about much more than just muscle. So far, the premise has been very hush hush, but one thing's for certain: the battles are epic.

After everything, the only question more difficult than which man would win is what would the kids rather do, fly with Superman or ride in the Batmobile? Once again, the lines are drawn. The kids' rock solid stubbornness in defending their chosen superhero makes Batman and Superman look like melted butter. But it's pretty safe to say that regardless of the superheroes' strength and super abilities, both outings would be pretty cool.

As for who wins in the film? We'll just have to wait and find out in cinemas March 25, 2016. 

Batman v Superman

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