How to prepare for watching a horror movie

29 Mar 2016

With so many great modern day horrors hitting the screens such as the chilling new Friend Request, which sees a friend acceptance on Social Media site leading to several horrifying deaths, it’s easy to get spooked. Avoid the constant fear and anxiety by making some simple preparations beforehand so you can enjoy your trip to the cinema in a little more comfort. Here are our tips for keeping the goosebumps at bay.

Friend Request


There’s safety in numbers, and this is never truer than when embarking upon a bone-chilling horror film. Call your friends, grab some snacks and make a night of it. There’s always the danger that panic travels faster in a group and hysteria can occur, but it’s well worth the risk.


The last thing you need half way through the film is the sudden urge to go to the toilet. Squeezing past your fellow cinemagoers and having to traverse the stairways and corridors is a dangerous game. Not to mention the dark environment on your return; who knows who you could accidently end up sitting by. Plus you risk missing a vital plot line that can lead to confusion. It’s far safer to go to the bathroom beforehand and maybe opt for the small, rather than the bucket-sized, soft drink.


With tensions running high throughout the course of a film, the last thing you need is the sinister sound of slow munching and crunching. Anything that snaps, breaks or pops is a no-go. You’re better off selecting things that melt in the mouth, or sweets you can silently suck. Avoid Monster Munch at all costs, and eat as much as you can during the trailers so you’re free to concentrate on the horror at hand.


Returning home from the cinema to dark corners, shadows and menacing hallways is enough to make you stay hidden under the duvet or curled up in a chair for days. This fate is easily avoided by turning every single light on in the house before you go. Leave no switch unclicked. This includes oven lights, outside lights, nightlights and bathroom bulbs. A word of warning; candles have the opposite effect. With their orange glow and flickering illuminations, they’re best kept unlit and out of sight. Far too many bad things have happened by eerie candlelight.


There’s always one joker in the group who thinks it funny to scare the others during the tensest moments of a horror film. These offenders should be carefully monitored. Be cautious. Meticulously plan who you want to sit next to in the cinema, and check who’s in the seat behind you too. The last thing you want is a cold hand surprising you out of nowhere during that intense chase scene. Also, consider your invite list from the outset, as many classic horror films have warned us, Friend Request included, people aren’t always who they say they are so make sure you choose your friends wisely...

Friend Request is out in cinemas on 12th April 2016.
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