9 Life Lessons We Learnt From How To Be Single

22 Jun 2016

Suffering from single dilemmas this summer? Have no fear because How To Be Single is finally coming out on Blu-ray and DVD June 27. Let’s look back at some great life lessons that will get you buzzing for the ultimate girls’ night in!

If you’re a single girl living in THE city, you do not go home. The party doesn’t stop until the sun is out – yes to more drinks and no to early taxis!

How To Be Single - Rebel Wilson

You need to sort out that *LTRP. Especially with bikini season right around the corner…

*Long term relationship p***y

How To Be Single - Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson

You don't need to watch Bridget Jones and Sex and the City and get hyped up on some big single experience!  Let Alice, Robin, Meg and Lucy teach you the ways… 

How To Be Single Dancing Gif

Don't tell girls what they wanna hear, tell them the truth. We always end up finding out anyways!

How To Be Single - My Daught Gif

You don’t buy the drinks, boys buy the drinks! Unless, of course, your friends are feeling super generous – it would be rude to say no…

How To Be Single Quotes

TEXTING RULE:  wait four hours to respond, do not respond in full sentences and more importantly, do not use an emoji. All of this qualifies for a t*t-punch!

How To Be single - Tit Punch Gif

Don’t fall into the d**ksand. Once should be scarring enough.

How To Be Single - Dicksand - Dakota Johnson
It's a good idea not to call a pregnant woman crazy. Or just women in general…
Pregnant Woman Gif - How To Be Single

And last but not least, the holidays are the best time to be single!

How To Be Single Gifs

So grab the cocktails, assemble the squad and get ready for the single best night in with How To Be Single - available on Digital Download now, and available on Blu-ray and DVD from June 27.

How To Be Single

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