5 Things You May Not Know About LEGO Dimensions

09 Feb 2016

The one thing that we always say about LEGO is that it’s a great toy, because the only limit it has is your imagination. The LEGO Movie reflected that by giving us a world where practically every fictional character imaginable teamed up and built giant robots and spaceships. Somehow, LEGO Dimensions is setting out to top that.

By now you’ve probably seen the game, the space age portal Toy Pad and know that it’s a LEGO game where the toys you put on the platform affect who you play in the game. But there’s much more to LEGO Dimensions than that.

LEGO Dimensions

It’s The Ultimate Crossover
While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice shows it is the right time for some epic crossover action, LEGO Dimensions takes the idea way beyond any sense of reason. It’s a party for your imagination, and crossovers are not just possible, but encouraged! You might have not known what it was like to have Doctor Who driving away from dinosaurs in the Scooby Gang’s Mystery Machine, but now that the possibilities are there, it sounds like the best thing ever. It’s now possible to interact with all the great stories you’ve had in your mind – and you have a whole load of universes to help you bring that story to life.

With a story that takes place across the entire multi-verse everything is up for grabs. Batman V Superman? How about Batman V The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

And yet that’s just scratching surface of what TT games have created here.

LEGO Dimensions

The Detail is Staggering
These toys aren't a simple cosmetic redress of your avatar in the game either, the developers have taken serious time to get every detail right on these characters. For example, the Doctor is voiced by none other than Peter Capaldi himself. While archive recordings mean he also has the voice of Matt Smith, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston… and all the other Doctors. When the Doctor gets hurt he regenerates into a perfect LEGO version of one of his other reincarnations, and when he steps into the TARDIS the TARDIS interior changes to suit that incarnation, with an appropriate theme tune to boot.

This level of thought and detail has gone into all the LEGO Dimension’s characters and gadgets.

LEGO Dimensions

The Toys Aren't Just for Decoration
Each of these characters and their gadgets is activated by their own LEGO model, but you don’t simply plug them onto the Toy Pad and forget about them. This is a LEGO game, but more than that it’s a game you play with LEGO. Every one of the vehicles in the game can be taken apart and put back together one of three different ways, and when you rebuild it that’s reflected in the game, giving the vehicle new powers and abilities. Even where you place models on the Toy Pad will affect how they play in the game itself!

LEGO Dimensions

You Make the Journey
Having fun in LEGO Dimensions isn’t just a straight forward path. The game rewards you for exploring new areas, and taking a look at all the different worlds that are there. There are even mini games that will remind you of classic arcade style gaming, but with that LEGO twist that everyone loves. And rest assured, the points you collect in the mini games transfer over to the main game, so all the fun is actually progressing too. 

Lego Dimensions

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