Our Ultimate List of Christmas Movies

13 Dec 2016

The recipe for a day indoors this festive season is simple; take a splash of cold weather, an open fire, one plate full of delicious leftovers, and then sit down to a classic Christmas movie.

You will of course need to decide what to watch, so here with a helping hand are our ultimate Christmas films to watch this year...

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

At the Griswold household all they want is an old-fashioned Christmas, but where family patriarch Clark (Chevy Chase) is involved, the Norman Rockwell atmosphere seems a little unlikely. Nothing turns out quite as planned – not the Christmas tree or the lights or dinner. Then top it off with neighbourly feuds and uninvited extended family. Embrace the chaos and celebrate the ‘80s, it doesn’t get much more classic than this!

Fred Claus

It’s usually the younger sibling that feels a little left out, but in this festive romp it’s Fred Claus – Santa’s older brother, played by the hilarious Vince Vaughn – that gets the stiff. Fred’s younger sibling is his family’s pride and joy, while wild card Fred is more than a little sick of it. But when a North Pole big wig threatens to shut down Christmas and Santa is in bed sick, there’s only one Claus left to get the job done…

Paul Giamatti as Nicholas "Nick" Claus in Fred Claus.

Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas

An animated version of all-time Christmas legend Elf the lovable Buddy (Jim Parsons) is trying to make his way in New York City to find his long-lost dad. As it goes, Buddy and his stodgy dad don’t exactly get along and Buddy’s endless cheeriness that comes from being raised an elf doesn’t help. With a few festive tunes thrown in for good measure, we’re pretty sure he won’t be able to resist this goofy redhead for long.

Get Santa

After Santa (Jim Broadbent) crash lands in London and gets sent to jail, it’s up to Tom (Kit Connor) and his dad to get him out of the clink before Christmas is ruined. Their mission also involves retrieving Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, which are lost somewhere in the city. Even if they do round everything up in time, there’s still plenty of work left to be done in Lapland before the big day, so a Christmas miracle may well be needed!
Get Santa

The Polar Express

Based on the much-loved children’s book of the same name, The Polar Express follows one little boy’s incredible adventure to the North Pole, accompanied by Tom Hanks as a mysterious train manager. Late at night, the boy reluctantly hops aboard the Polar Express, taking children up north to meet Santa. The journey that ensues is one packed with friendship, perilous terrain and an unforgettable face-to-face meeting with Santa Claus himself.
the polar express.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet takes us to an animated winter wonderland lined with singing penguins. Well, lead character Mumble (Elijah Wood) might not be able to sing, but he sure can tap dance! The problem is that Mumble’s dancing sets him apart from the rest of his adorable tuxedo-clad flock, leaving him to find other ways to fit in and attract his dream penguin, Gloria (Brittany Murphy). Let the heart-meltingly sweet song and dance numbers begin.


Jack Frost

A horrible accident leaves Charlie without his father at Christmas time, but one blow on his magic harmonica brings his musician dad Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) back to life. Well, kind of, because Jack Frost comes back as a snowman, giving him a second chance at being the world’s best dad. With the snowball fights and sleigh rides that ensue, he’s well on his way to earning the title…



There are three rules to owning a furry little creature known as a mogwai – don't put it in direct sunlight, don't let it get wet and don't feed it after midnight. But when Billy (Zach Galligan) gets a mogwai he names Gizmo for Christmas, the rules get lost in translation and the little things multiply (and they’re not all as cute as Gizmo…). Havoc is wreaked, and until Billy can get his gremlins back in order, Christmas is about to get an interesting twist!


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