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This girl accepted a stranger's friend request. What happens next will SHOCK you!

This girl accepted a stranger's friend request. What happens next will SHOCK you!

15 Apr 2016
Laura’s life was pretty much perfect…until she accepted a stranger’s Friend Request...
Laura was one of those girls who seem to have it all – she was pretty, popular, had awesome friends and the perfect boyfriend. Like many people, Laura used social media all the time and loved sharing updates about her life with her 800+ friends on Facebook. She’d post about almost everything. New hair? New status! Pics from her night out? Uploaded! Boring day at college? She’d totally post about that too!
After she ‘unfriended’ the girl, her real friends paid the ultimate price ...
Friend Request Blood
One day, Laura came home to find a friend request from a strange girl from her Psychology class called Marina. They’d never spoken before and had no mutual friends, because actually – Marina had NO Facebook friends at all. Thinking it was a bit odd, still Laura accepted her request and went back to what she was doing. Then things got creepy. After seeing pictures from her birthday party, to which she was obviously not invited, Marina freaked out at Laura in the cafeteria which led to Laura ‘unfriending’ her later that day.

Laura wasn’t friends with Marina, but accepted her friend request anyway...   

Alycia Debnam Carey
Soon, one by one Laura’s closest friends began dying in a series of vicious, horrifying attacks… a creepy curse had been unleashed, and Laura could only look on as her once healthy online ‘friend’ count dropped lower and lower.  

“I tried changing my password, I tried everything,” says Laura, “the freakiest thing is that Marina even appeared back in my friends list after I unfriended her.”  

What did Marina want? She just wanted to be Laura’s BEST friend…forever.

Laura’s story will make you think twice about accepting a stranger’s friend request.  Want to know more? Find out on April 20 when Friend Request creeps into UK cinemas. Book your tickets now.
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