LEGO Dimensions Launch Trailer Revealed

18 Sep 2015

The launch trailer, 'Endless Awesome', for LEGO Dimensions was revealed... And it's awesome.

In LEGO Dimensions you will not only experience worlds based on DC Comics ™, The Lord of the Rings™, The LEGO Movie™ LEGO Ninjago™, Back to the Future™, The Wizard of Oz™, Scooby-Doo! ™, LEGO Chima™, Doctor Who, Jurassic World™, Ghostbusters™, The Simpsons™, Portal™ and Midway Arcade ™, but also combine different characters and re-buildable vehicles and gadgets from these worlds in any way that you choose – there are no rules. Imagine Kai, the Ninjago ninja, driving the Mystery Machine through Metropolis or Legolas battling ghosts alongside Homer Simpson in New York!

Check out the full trailer below!

LEGO Dimensions

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