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Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman Season 2

With the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite, she's Wonder Woman.

Beautiful Amazon princess Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) travels to 1940s America disguised as Diana Prince, assistant to handsome but trouble-prone Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner). Using her golden belt, which imbues her with astonishing strength, her bullet-deflecting bracelets, a golden lasso that dispels dishonesty and an invisible supersonic plane, Wonder Woman combats evil.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Anschluss '77

    Wonder Woman is called upon to battle a new and more terrifying Nazi menace when she and Steve Trevor are assigned to investigate a reunion of expatriate Nazis on a small tropical island.
  2. 02 - The Man Who Could Move The World

    Wonder Woman is pitted against the awesome telekinetic powers of a Japanese man who was interned during World War II and has been planning revenge for 35 years.  James Hong guest stars.
  3. 03 - The Bermuda Triangle Crisis

    Wonder Woman investigates the disappearance of an intelligence plane over the Bermuda Triangle area and secures the safety of Paradise Island.
  4. 04 - Knockout

    Wonder Woman must use all her strength and power to stop a terrorist group from kidnapping Steve and other government officials.
  5. 05 - The Pied Piper

    Wonder Woman must use all her powers to save Joe Alkinson's daughter from the evils of Super Rock Star.  Martin Mull Guest stars.
  6. 06 - The Queen And The Thief

    Wonder Woman saves the tiny country of Malakar by catching the thief who stole the royal jewels and returns them to the queen.
  7. 07 - I Do, I Do

    Wonder Woman masquerades as a new bride honeymooning at a health spa to prevent a group of traitors from obtaining government secrets.
  8. 08 - The Man Who Made Volcanos

    A mad scientist plans to unleash artificially induced volcanic eruptions on the Earth.  Emmy-winner Roddy McDowall guest stars.
  9. 09 - Mind Stealers From Outer Space, Part 1

    Wonder Woman teams up the alien Andros to stop another alien from stealing the most brilliant minds of North America. Part one of a two-part episode.
  10. 10 - Mind Stealers From Outer Space, Part 2

    Wonder Woman realizes that the fate of the world rests on her ability to save the great minds of America from evil alien forces from outer space.
  11. 11 - The Deadly Toys

    An evil toymaker uses android duplicates of top scientists to steal plans for a secret government weapon.  Frank Gorshin guest stars.
  12. 12 - Light-Fingered Lady

    Wonder Woman (LYNDA CARTER) poses as a bank robber to capture the world's most notorious thief.
  13. 13 - Screaming Javelin

    Several world class athletes are kidnapped by a deranged genius who wants to use them in the next Olympics to compete for his nonexistent country.  Rick Springfield guest stars.
  14. 14 - Diana's Disappearing Act

    Wonder Woman saves the world from an oil crisis when she exposes a magician's method of changing lead into gold.  Ed Begley Jr. guest stars.
  15. 15 - Death In Disquise

    Wonder Woman captures a hit man who is a master of disguise and saves the life of a world-renowned industrialist and the IRAC computer.  Oscar-winner George Chakiris guest stars.
  16. 16 - IRAC Is Missing

    IRAC believes she will be the next victim of a computer genius who is stealing the memories of the world's greatest computers.
  17. 17 - Flight to Oblivion

    Wonder Woman (LYNDA CARTER) is pitted against a former Army Colonel who has become an enemy agent and wants to destroy a new Air Force test plane.
  18. 18 - Seance of Terror

    Wonder Woman (LYNDA CARTER) catches phony psychics and rescues three members of a peace conference.
  19. 19 - The Man Who Wouldn't Tell

    A janitor is pursued by his employer and a rival company after discovering the key ingredient for a new explosive formula.  Phillip Michael Thomas ("Miami Vice") guest stars.
  20. 20 - The Girl From Ilandia

    Wonder Woman meets a young girl from another world who has very special powers, and convinces her to stay in this world to keep it safe from enemy agents.
  21. 21 - The Murderous Missile

    Wonder Woman (LYNDA CARTER) saves the world from an angry scientist and a "thinking" missile.