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Without A Trace Season 1

From powerhouse executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and Emmy Award-nominated writer Hank Steinberg (61*), Without a Trace provides a fascinating glimpse into a rarely seen arena: the search for people who vanish inexplicably. For authoritative agent Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) and his driven colleagues, finding the missing depends as much on figuring out who they are as it does on determining where they are. Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series - Charles S. Dutton.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    Five people with a curious connection are abducted at the same time from a coffee shop, and the team is called to investigate the unusual disappearance. Meanwhile, Sam prepares for the birth of her baby, and FBI psychiatrist Clare Bryson (recurring guest star LINDA HUNT) returns.

  2. 02 - Birthday Boy

    Jack and his team search for an 11-year-old boy, Gabe (DAVID HENRIE), who disappears from a subway station en route to Yankee Stadium for what was to be his birthday celebration. After Gabe gets separated in the station, his frantic father, Bob Feldman (DAVID PAYMER), sees him boarding a subway train. He assumes that Gabe will get off at the next stop, but that doesn't happen, so Bob searches the ballpark before calling the police. By the time Jack's squad learns about the case, the boy has been missing for 16 hours.

    As they begin their investigation and gather information for their Day of Disappearance timeline, the agents learn that what initially seemed to be a case of a missing child and possible abduction has become a very different scenario: The boy may have run from his dad on purpose.

  3. 03 - He Saw, She Saw

    As a couple, Duncan (KYLE SECOR) and Emily (STACY EDWARDS) Muller, cross to their car after a day of shopping, Duncan realizes that he needs to go back into the store to retrieve his credit card. After Duncan walks away, his wife's car speeds off, leaving a bystander, Doug Dunsmore (RICK RAVANELLO), injured. Witnesses say an unknown assailant forced the frightened Emily into the car and drove away. Jack and his team are called in to find the missing woman. But as they interview Duncan, along with the witnesses and the couple's acquaintances, to construct their Day of Disappearance timeline, the detectives realize that this case may involve more than just a random kidnapping.

  4. 04 - Between the Cracks

    The agents' job is harder than usual because they must find a woman, Eve (KAITLIN DOUBLEDAY), who changes her appearance to suit whatever modeling or acting job she is seeking at the time. No one seems to know Eve well, including her roommate, who files the missing persons report when she notices that Eve's beloved cat has not been fed for days. Jack and the team find a half-packed suitcase in Eve's room but few other clues. The investigation becomes more illuminating when the squad members interview people associated with the modeling agency that Eve occasionally worked for. Meanwhile, Jack is haunted by an old case that he still cannot solve for a grieving father, Chet Collins (recurring guest star CHARLES DUTTON - "Roc," "The Corner").

  5. 05 - Suspect

    Jack and his squad search for a young man, 17-year-old Andy Deaver (JARED HILLMAN), who was last seen by the charismatic headmaster, Graham Spalding (CONOR O'FARRELL), of Spalding Academy, the private boarding school Andy attends. When Andy is reported missing, Jack immediately suspects the headmaster. Spalding is a former veterinarian with no credentials for his current job except that his father founded the school. And it appears that his relationship with Andy, as well as with other boys in the past, was unsavory. As Jack gets closer to implicating Spalding, he fears that he won't be able to get enough information from Spalding in time to find Andy alive.

  6. 06 - Silent Partner

    Jack and the team search for a New York businessman, Patrick Kent (ERICH ANDERSON), who disappears after he checks in for a routine airline flight home. During the investigation, the agents are shocked to discover that Kent has been leading a secret double life - but that his father-in-law, Noah Ridder (PHILIP BAKER HALL), has him under surveillance by a private investigator for another reason entirely.

  7. 07 - Snatch Back

    Jack and his squad search for a toddler, Abby, who was snatched from a park playground while playing with another child. Abby is the daughter of prominent New York Assistant District Attorney Angela Buckman (MARIN HINKLE) and her college professor husband, Matthew (JOHN MESE). As the investigation proceeds, clues implicate suspicious people in both parents' lives. But when none of the suspects proves to be the culprit, and a ransom demand is made, the team members suddenly realize that they are focusing on the wrong aspect of the case.

  8. 08 - Little Big Man

    Jack and the team search for a teenager, William Hope (DEMPSEY PAPPION), who goes missing in a very bad neighborhood after a confrontation with a local bully. Considered a good kid, William was living in a foster home after 18 months on the street and seemed destined for a better life when he disappeared. The squad discovers that his older brother, Aaron (N. NEKO PARHAM), who was recently released from juvenile hall, visited William, despite the fact that his foster family forbade Aaron from being in their home. Jack and the others then learn that William was seen getting into a car with Aaron immediately prior to disappearing, and they fear that the good kid may have gone bad.

  9. 09 - In Extremis

    The team investigates the disappearance of Anwar Samir (DARIUSH KASHANI), a Saudi Arabian medical intern who became upset when his boss refused to write a letter of recommendation for him, and his girlfriend declined his marriage proposal. Anwar is a hardworking and well-respected doctor whose every move becomes subject to interpretation after he disappears. His desire to work at the Centers for Disease Control to study infectious diseases, his girlfriend's lack of knowledge about his career ambitions and even the books in his apartment suggest that he might have a hidden connection to terrorism. As Jack coordinates the investigation with the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF), he discovers that samples of a virus are missing from a biotechnology company where Anwar once worked. Meanwhile, the team thinks that Martin - who is convinced that Anwar is a terrorist - may be more concerned with impressing the JTTF supervisor than with the truth.

  10. 10 - Midnight Sun

    Jack and the team investigate a father, Greg Prichard (BRETT CULLEN), and his daughter, Kyla (BRYNN LAUREN LEMON), who disappear during their regular morning routine. Greg and Kyla depart for work and school respectively, but neither reaches the intended destination. As the squad begins to uncover facts in the case, Greg's wife, Sarah (DANA WHEELER-NICHOLSON), is forced to confront the fact that she knows very little about her husband's past. There are no records of his existence before 1990, and financial irregularities abound. His employees identify a mystery woman with whom he may be having an affair, and his best friend reveals that the night before his disappearance, Greg offered to sell him his business. As she copes with these shocking revelations, Sarah fears that she may never see Greg or Kyla again.

  11. 11 - Maple Street

    The citizens of a small Long Island town are shocked when 13-year-old Annie Miller (LANDRY ALLBRIGHT) disappears on her way to school. Then, 24 hours later, her best friend, Siobhan (ALIA SHAWKAT), is also reported missing. Jack and his squad hope that a series of videotapes made by the pair will help find them. After Annie is found dead, Jack becomes convinced that the girls knew the person who abducted them, and he races to find Siobhan before she suffers the same fate as Annie.

  12. 12 - Underground Railroad

    Jack and the team search for a pregnant woman, Kathy Dobson (NICOLE DeHUFF), who disappeared from a hospital before being told that she has serious complications. As the detectives race against time to find Kathy, their investigation gradually reveals that Kathy's seemingly happy life actually hasn't been going very well. She is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and, under the tight control of her husband, Paul (JEFFREY PIERCE), has withdrawn from her family and friends. Paul's brother, Ritchie (A.J. BUCKLEY), who has been following Kathy and providing Paul with addresses she visits, lists a woman who may be affiliated with an "underground railroad" that helps battered women. When the team members find the woman, they learn that she has been assaulted by Paul--but she still refuses to lead them to Kathy.

  13. 13 - Hang Onto Me

    Jack is distraught and defensive when Chet Collins (recurring guest star CHARLES S. DUTTON), whose son has been missing for 6 years, decides to search for him on his own because he thinks Jack has given up hope of finding him. Feeling guilty over his failure to recover Collins' son, who was 2 years old when he disappeared, Jack kept the case active despite fearing the worst. However, after Collins comes in with another clue, Malone becomes angry and tells him that the case will never be solved. The team gets involved when Malone fears that Collins will do something desperate to finally get his child back.

  14. 14 - The Friendly Skies

    Jack and the team search for an airline stewardess, Linda Schmidt (HEATHER DONAHUE - "The Blair Witch Project"), who disappeared on her way to the airport. Finally improving her life after a devastating bout with alcoholism, Linda had admitted to her roommate that the man she was dating was very disappointing. As the squad begins to uncover information about her, it appears that Linda was the victim of a serial killer, Richard Morgan (HARRIS MANN), with whom she had communicated through an Internet dating service. The investigation leads to two therapists - Dr. Aaron Morrison (TIM MATHESON - "The West Wing"), who treated Linda, and Dr. Henry Franklin (JOEL POLIS), who treated Morgan - both of whom have privileged information that the team needs in order to find Linda.

  15. 15 - There Goes the Bride

    Jack and his squad investigate a bride, Audrey Rose (KELLY OVERTON), who disappears from her wedding celebration. The groom, Charlie Beckworth (MacKENZIE ASTIN), has no explanation, although it appears that she left with someone she knew. The team learns that Audrey had a troubled past and was being blackmailed by a man who videotaped her cheating on her unsuspecting fiancée. When the investigators find the blackmailer dead at an abandoned building with no trace of Audrey, they begin to suspect that a member of Charlie's family may be involved in the disappearance.

  16. 16 - Claire de Lune

    Jack and his squad search for a teenage girl, Clare Metcalf (AMBER TAMBLYN), who disappears from a mental hospital after she suffers an extreme psychotic episode. As the team members investigate Clare's disappearance, they begin to uncover conflicting evidence about her sanity. A hospital worker and her boyfriend think there is nothing wrong with her, but others believe she is extremely ill. The investigators also discover that the apparent suicide of Clare's mother may play a role in Clare's psychological state--and they begin to suspect that her mother's death may not have been self-inflicted after all.

  17. 17 - Kam Li

    Jack and the team search for a recently retired U.S. Army officer who disappears following a dinner in his honor given by former members of his Vietnam platoon, including Manny Aybar (ERNIE HUDSON - "Ghostbusters"). While questioning those who attended John "Bull" Carver's (STEVE EASTIN) dinner, the squad hears hints about a controversial, fatal incident involving one of Bull's men in Vietnam. Jack's team members wonder if that event - which appears to have resulted in a decades-long cover-up by the platoon - is related to Bull's disappearance. The investigation also leads to the office of Congressman Troy Whitehurst (SAM ANDERSON), who served with Bull and who may be part of the conspiracy.

  18. 18 - The Source

    Jack and the team search for a tenacious television reporter, Delia Rivers (APRIL GRACE), after she disappears in the middle of a dangerous, high-profile investigation. She was scrutinizing a nightclub owner, Freddy Cattan (CHRISTIAN CAMARGO), who is also a suspected drug dealer. The squad discovers that Delia was also working on the case of a murderer awaiting execution who she thought was innocent - and who might be linked to an assistant district attorney working with Jack. Recurring guest star TALIA BALSAM ("L.A. Doctors") appears as Jack's wife, Marie.

  19. 19 - Victory for Humanity

    Jack's squad looks for a young, idealistic and dedicated schoolteacher, Josh Abrams (CHRISTOPHER GORHAM), who disappeared after teaching a night class in the Bronx. The team soon begins to uncover seemingly contradictory information about Josh. He is wealthy from the sale of an Internet business, but a bag of heroin in his apartment indicates he may be dealing drugs. When the investigators learn that Josh has withdrawn a large amount of cash from his bank account, they must find out whether he went missing by his own choice or if he is the victim of malicious intent.

  20. 20 - No Mas

    Jack and the team search for a boxer, Dante Jones (DAVIS HENRY), who vanishes before a much anticipated fight at New York's Madison Square Garden. Jones' boxing career was better than ever when he disappeared before the big match. The squad learns that Jones' brother, Andre (DWAYNE L. BARNES), may have illegally pre-arranged the outcome of the fight in order to recoup his gambling debts. When Andre is found murdered, Jack and the others seek information from those who would benefit if the fight were actually staged. But Andre's autopsy reveals surprising information that could implicate the missing boxer himself.

  21. 21 - Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...?

    Jack finds himself at the center of an investigation into how missing persons cases have been handled, including such controversial cases as that of Graham Spaulding (recurring guest star CONOR O'FARRELL), the accused pedophile now on trial whose confession Jack may have coerced. As each squad member is interrogated by a representative from the Office of Professional Responsibility, a level of paranoia and distrust is established among them, leaving all of their professional futures in question.

  22. 22 - Fallout

    In part one of a two-part season finale, Jack and his team search for an office worker, Sydney Harrison (recurring guest star MARSHA DIETLEIN BENNET), who disappeared from her building. Within hours of Sydney going missing, her employers receive a ransom note via e-mail demanding $50,000. The kidnapper is identified as Barry Mashburn (recurring guest star TOM IRWIN), the husband of Sydney's former assistant, who died in the company's World Trade Center office during the terrorist attack. After a plan for the ransom exchange is devised, with Samantha undercover at the location, everything seems to be going well until Mashburn panics and turns the kidnapping into a volatile hostage crisis.

  23. 23 - Fallout - Part Two

    In part two of a two-part season finale, Jack's squad must determine the best course of action when Samantha is shot and possibly critically injured in a hostage situation. After the ransom drop for a woman who has disappeared goes dreadfully wrong, Samantha becomes trapped in a bookstore by the kidnapper, Barry Mashburn (recurring guest star TOM IRWIN), who has discovered that she is an FBI agent. Jack successfully negotiates Samantha's release by substituting himself then continues to bargain on behalf of other hostages. Meanwhile, the team continues to search for Sydney Harrison (recurring guest star MARSHA DIETLEIN BENNET), the missing woman.