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Two and a Half Men Season 12
Emmy® winner Jon Cryer stars alongside the multitalented Ashton Kutcher in the Emmy®-nominated TWO AND A HALF MEN as the hit comedy series returns for its 12th season. The Malibu beach house has become an empty nest for billionaire entrepreneur Walden Schmidt (Kutcher) and his freeloading housemate Alan Harper (Cryer). But not for long. When Alan's previously unknown niece, Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), staggers onto the scene with a parade of partying women in tow, it's back to business as usual at the Harper/Schmidt house with hilarious new high jinks and hookups. After an on-again, off-again wedding for Alan's mother, Evelyn (Holland Taylor); an alter ego for Alan; temporary retirement for Berta (Conchata Ferrell); and a new job for Walden as an unpaid coder in a garage-tech startup, prepare for another year of Walden, Alan and Jenny as they develop affectionate bonds -- and occasional bondage -- in the long-running comedy that celebrates the opposite sex, the same sex, life, love, computer startups, family dustups and ... oh, men.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - The Ol’ Mexican Spinach

    On the twelfth and final season premiere, Walden (ASHTON KUTCHER) decides to reprioritize his life with Alan's (JON CRYER) help, following a Halloween health scare.
  2. 02 - A Chic Bar in Ibiza

    When Walden asks Alan to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, Alan gets offended and has second thoughts about getting married. MICHAEL BOLTON returns as himself.
  3. 03 - Glamping In A Yurt

    Glamping In A Yurt Walden and Alan have a meeting with an adoption social worker that hinges on them being convincing as a loving couple. Meanwhile, Lyndsey returns after 60 days in rehab.
  4. 04 - Thirty-eight, Sixty-two, Thirty-eight

    Walden and Alan meet a birth mother who's considering them to adopt her baby. MAGGIE LAWSON guest stars as a social worker helping Walden and Alan adopt a child.
  5. 05 - Oontz. Oontz. Oontz.

    Walden decides to foster a six-year-old boy, but begins to doubt himself when they don't bond like he expected. EDAN ALEXANDER joins the cast as Louis, the foster child.
  6. 06 - Alan Shot A Little Girl

    When Alan realizes that Louis thinks he's cool, he starts breaking Walden's rules in order to stay that way. Series star Jon Cryer directs.
  7. 07 - Sex With An Animated Ed Asner

    Alan and Walden befriend three moms at a kids' gym, but things get complicated when Walden becomes attracted to one of them. Meanwhile, Alan joins the moms for a girls night out.
  8. 08 - Family, Bublé, Deep-fried Turkey

    Walden and Alan are determined to convince Louis that Santa Claus is real. MELANIE LYNSKEY returns as Walden's stalker, Rose.
  9. 09 - Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey

    Walden discovers how challenging it is to be intimate with women with his foster son, Louis, in the house. Also, Herb (recurring guest star RYAN STILES) asks Alan if he can go on.