The Mysteries of Laura Season 1

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The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

The Mysteries of Laura

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Tuesdays at 9pm on 5USA


The Mysteries of Laura Season 1
Emmy® winner Debra Messing (Will & Grace, Smash, The Starter Wife) stars in the new dramedy THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA as Laura Diamond, an extraordinarily gifted New York City police detective and extremely overrun mother of 6-year-old twin boys -- aka "the monsters". Laura often throws off suspects by her disheveled demeanor, and her attention to detail and stellar hunches always pays off with an arrest (even if she does have oatmeal stuck in her hair). In contrast, she is usually one or two steps behind in her home life, maneuvering pre-school politics a little less deftly than those of the precinct, without much help from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jake, a rogue charmer and police lieutenant she may still be in love with who is always upbeat but often unavailable due to his "police work" -- something that is about to really complicate things.

Luckily, Laura has help. Her awesome partner Billy is a good cop with a good heart who is not afraid to run down a suspect or use his good looks to get information. Max is her super smart and resourceful investigative aide, who may not be ready to go out into the field, but can pitch in as a makeshift babysitter when Laura's twins are kicked out of preschool. Meanwhile, Laura's rival, Meredith, is a detective who does things strictly by the book and doesn't understand how Laura always gets the perp and accompanying accolades.

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA showcases what it means for Laura to be a working mom while always getting her man -- er, suspect. Greg Berlanti (Arrow), writer Jeff Rake (Boston Legal), director McG (Supernatural), Aaron Kaplan (Chasing Life) and Todd Lituchy serve as executive producers of the pilot, based on the original series created by Carlos Vila and Javier Holgado for Boomerang TV and TVE1 Spain

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    Debra Messing (Will & Grace) stars in this new series as Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who balances her Columbo-esque day job with a crazy family.
  2. 02 - The Mystery of the Dead Date

    When an online hook-up ends in murder, Laura creates her own online profile and, under Billy's watchful eye, uses herself to bait the killer. Jake finally inks the divorce papers.
  3. 03 - The Mystery of the Biker Bar

    The owner of a biker bar is found dead, leading Laura and Jake to return to the site of their first date to investigate. The twins may have met their match with a new babysitter.
  4. 04 - The Mystery of the Sex Scandal

    When a congressman's campaign is tainted by a sex scandal, Laura must find out the truth. The team delves into the online gaming world to shut down a well-connected killer.
  5. 05 - The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant

    When a homeowner shows up alive and well during a murder investigation, the detectives must determine who the victim is that was killed in his bathroom - and who the killer is!
  6. 06 - The Mystery of the Red Runway

    When a luxury designer's intern is murdered, Laura infiltrates the inner world of New York Fashion Week to find the killer. GILLES MARINI guest stars.
  7. 07 - The Mystery of the Art Ace

    Hunting for a gallery owner's killer, a gambling ring is uncovered. Laura must enter a high-stakes poker game, forcing her to reconnect with her estranged father (ROBERT KLEIN).
  8. 08 - The Mystery of the Mobile Murder

    When a woman is found dead on a "party bus," Laura and the team take on a beauty empire and its leader. Plus, the precinct detectives engage in a little friendly competition.
  9. 09 - The Mystery of the Dysfunctional Dynasty

    Laura and the team investigate to determine if a religious motive was at play when a couple is found murdered. Laura and Jake search for a replacement nanny for the boys.
  10. 10 - The Mystery of the Fertility Fatality

    The 2nd Precinct detectives are off to the horse races when a fertility doctor goes missing and his wife suspects foul play. The twins are accused of bullying.
  11. 11 - The Mystery of the Frozen Foodie

    The 2nd Precinct detectives enter New York's culinary world to take on a chilling case. Things start heating up for Laura when a potential suspect turns into a serious crush.
  12. 12 - The Mystery of the Fateful Fire

    An arson case sparks chemistry between Jake and a former flame (ANASTASIA GRIFFITH), while Laura tries to remove herself from police work to focus on the twins' Winter Carnival.
  13. 13 - The Mystery of the Deemed Dealer

    An investigation into the death of a star athlete leads the detectives to the dark side of an elite New York prep school. Laura and Jake team up undercover, and sparks fly.
  14. 14 - The Mystery of the Popped Pugilist

    The team dives into the New York City drag world. Laura reconnects with an old friend (KELLY RUTHERFORD), leading to a wild night out and an encounter with Tony (NEAL BLESDOE).
  15. 15 - The Mystery of the Alluring Au Pair

    New detective Frankie Pulaski (new series regular MEG STEEDLE) is sent from headquarters to investigate alleged indiscretions between Jake and Laura. An au pair's death is probed.
  16. 16 - The Mystery of the Exsanguinated Ex

    Laura is reunited with her ex-fiancé (ERIC McCORMACK - Will & Grace, Perception) after the stabbing of a former beauty queen - too bad he's the number one suspect.
  17. 17 - The Mystery of the Intoxicated Intern

    The detectives probe the murder of an intern working at a trendy tech startup. Laura struggles to make time for intimacy with her new beau (NEAL BLEDSOE).
  18. 18 - The Mystery of the Sunken Sailor

    Laura dodges her birthday while probing the murder of a sailor. Kathie Lee Gifford (Today) and Meta Golding (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) guest star.
  19. 19 - The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft

    Laura deals with a personal crisis while searching for a teacher's aide's killer. The investigation leads the cops into the madness of NCAA basketball. KENNY SMITH guest stars.
  20. 20 - The Mystery of the Crooked Clubber

    A murdered club kid is tied to a string of jewel heists. Laura reevaluates her relationship with Tony (NEAL BLEDSOE). JANEL PARRISH (Pretty Little Liars) guest stars.
  21. 21 - The Mystery of the Deceased Documentarian

    Laura and the team clash with a meddlesome amateur detective while tracking down a young filmmaker's killer. MELISSA JOAN HART and STEVE GUTTENBERG guest star.