Season 7

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  1. 01 - not your brother's drop off

    In the season premiere, Sue's move to her college dorm doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned, and Brick's girlfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level.
  2. 02 - cutting the cord

    While Sue (EDEN SHER) anxiously awaits the arrival of her college dorm roommate, Axl and Hutch find their house overrun by ants; and Brick gets his own personal school.
  3. 03 - the shirt

    Frankie is shocked when flannel-loving Mike decides to wear a Hawaiian shirt; and Sue scares Devin (GIA MANTEGNA) when she accidentally reveals that Axl is in love with her.
  4. 04 - risky business

    Frankie is completely gobsmacked when Mike's brother Rusty (recurring guest star NORM MACDONALD) pays an unexpected visit and offers him an opportunity to partner on one of his crazy business ideas - and Mike wants in. Meanwhile, Axl goes to extreme measures to prove to Mike that he can handle riding his dad's new motorcycle; and unbeknownst to her parents, Sue tells Brad (recurring guest star BRAD BOTTIG) that her college roommate is so horrible that she's resorted to living in her car.
  5. 05 - land of the lost

    Frankie becomes worried about Mike, who is being more quiet and distant than usual, and calls on Reverend TimTom (recurring guest star PAUL HIPP) to come over and try to find out what's troubling him. Meanwhile, Sue invites an excited Brick to spend a weekend with her at college, which includes a tour of the library. But when Sue bumps into Logan (guest star DAVID HULL) - the hunky Abercrombie guy who had asked her out to prom - and once again falls under his dreamy spell, she realizes that Brick is no longer with her and is now missing; and when Axl and Hutch decide to take matters into their own hands by complaining to the city when their house is completely overrun with ants, and they discover that they may have even more problems than an insect infestation.
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