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The Lying Game - Season 1

The Lying Game

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The Lying Game Season 1

The Lying Game is a one-hour scripted drama which follows Emma, a kind-hearted foster kid who can't catch a break. She finds out she has an identical twin sister, Sutton, who - unlike Emma - was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life.

After their initial meeting, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days while she pursues a lead on their birth mother. Initially excited to do this favour for her sister, Emma soon learns that Sutton has gone missing and could be in trouble. Now, Emma must decide whether to come clean to Sutton's family and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister's true whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    In the series premiere, Emma, a kind-hearted foster kid, has recently discovered she has an identical twin sister, Sutton. Unlike Emma, who has bounced from foster home to foster home, Sutton was adopted by wealthy parents, Ted (series star ANDY BUCKLEY) and Kristin Mercer (series star HELEN SLATER), and is seemingly living every teenager's dream life. Both girls are eager to meet each other in person, yet Sutton feels it is better to wait until she tells her adoptive parents what she has discovered. Emma and Sutton agree to continue their separate lives - but when Emma has an unfortunate encounter with her foster family and is forced to flee, the only person she can turn to is Sutton. Upon meeting in person for the first time, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days while she pursues a lead on the identity of their birth mother. Though doubtful that she'll be able to play the part of a rich girl and blend seamlessly into Sutton's life, Emma agrees and enters what once was only a fantasy world to her. But while the twins may look exactly alike, their mannerisms are far from identical: unlike Sutton - who has been standoffish with her family, especially her younger sister, Laurel (series star ALLIE GONINO) - Emma is polite and gracious. Plus, Emma must now play the part of the "it" girl, something she has never been, and though this means built-in friendships with Madeline "Mads" Rybak (series star ALICE GRECZYN) and Charlotte "Char" Chamberlin (series star KRISTEN PROUT), it also means the consequences that come with that title, including a rivalry with Nisha Randall (series star SHARON PIERRE-LOUIS), who seems bent on besting Sutton. To complicate matters further, Emma discovers that Sutton has been keeping some secrets of her own. For example, who exactly is Ethan Whitehorse (series star BLAIR REDFORD), a boy at Sutton's school who always seems to be lurking nearby? Though their plan is going well enough, on the night Sutton and Emma are scheduled to meet again, Sutton fails to appear. Now Emma must decide whether to come clean about her true identity - and risk her own safety in the hopes of uncovering Sutton's whereabouts, along with the truth of the separation - or continue to play the part of the perfect girl and hope her long-lost sister knows what she is doing.

  2. 02 - Being Sutton

    Since concern for Sutton's safety seems to be occupying Emma's mind, she starts to let pieces of her own personality emerge. Although Emma is worried by her behaviour, it seems her friends and family are enjoying the change in the person they think is Sutton. Wanting to please the father she never had, Emma must learn to ballroom dance for the annual father-daughter dance. Realizing she is in dire need of assistance, Ethan offers to help, in turn risking revealing his and Sutton's secret relationship. Will Emma be able to put aside her worries for Sutton and shine on the dance floor? Or will the night's series of events force her to reveal her true identity? Meanwhile, as the teenagers do anything to keep their secrets, the parents may be lying to keep life-altering secrets of their own.

  3. 03 - Double Dibs

    After revealing Sutton's real relationship with Ethan, the Mercers insist she invite him over for dinner. Hesitant because of his obvious feelings for Emma, Ethan obliges, only to have the dinner cut short by a disturbing visit from his brother, Dan (recurring guest star TYLER CHRISTOPHER -- Into the West, General Hospital ). As Emma and Ethan struggle to keep order in Arizona, Sutton and Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER -- Eastwick ) discover shocking revelations in Los Angeles pertaining to the search for the girls' birth mother. Although the outcome may not turn out to be what Sutton had hoped for, it does lead her to wonder what it is that everyone around her has been hiding all of these years. Will Sutton be able to find the answer about why she and Emma were separated, or will her curiosity put her and her loved ones' lives in danger? Meanwhile, Laurel falls for a new guy in school hoping she will finally emerge from being in Sutton's shadow and have something of her own. Unfortunately, her wishful thinking is cut short when Char calls dibs on the one Laurel did not want to share.

  4. 04 - Twinsense and Sensibility

    After waking up from a terrifying nightmare, Emma learns that Sutton has been suffering from the exact same dream for years. With this discovery, Sutton asks Emma to try to remember all the memories she has of her childhood with their birth mother, which, for Emma, is slim to none. It is not until during a nighttime rendezvous with Ethan that Emma remembers pieces of her former life, allowing Sutton to locate the house which Emma shared with their long-lost mother, as well as secrets many around them have tried to hide. Will the house and the new information be the missing piece of the puzzle, or are the superstitions true? Can curiosity kill? Meanwhile, with Ethan facing a lot of trouble, Emma tries to convince Ted that Ethan is innocent. But when she pushes, Emma sees she has hit a nerve with Ted, leading her to believe that he might be hiding something. Although she does not know what, it appears Ted is feeling guilty and knows more than he is willing to share.

  5. 05 - Over Exposed

    With the Homecoming dance fast approaching, Emma is shocked to find out that Sutton is running for queen. Panicked, Emma devises a plan to not have to attend the dance, thus dropping out of the race against Nisha, which raises red flags for all who know Sutton. Realizing that she must go through with it, Emma is rushed back into the spotlight and finds herself clinging to Ethan for support and comfort. Although both know Sutton wants the relationship kept a secret, the homecoming dance electrifies feelings that have been present from their first meeting. Will Ethan and Emma go behind Sutton's back and finally take the "secret" relationship public? Or, by doing so, will a much anticipated relationship emerge? Meanwhile, Alec Rybak (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR - Heroes ) seems to be increasingly close to catching on to Sutton and Emma's switch. Although he has not been able to prove Sutton has gone missing, Alec begins to take the necessary precautions to protect his and Ted's secret about the girls' mother.

  6. 06 - Bad Boys Break Hearts

    Now that Sutton has realized there is more than just a friendship brewing between Emma and Ethan, she decides to get revenge in her own way. In doing so, she ends up hurting Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER), the one man who has never let her down. Even though she knows she should make amends, Sutton cannot bring herself to allow any distractions to get in the way of finding Annie Hobbes. Back in Arizona, Emma has begun to conduct her own investigation, possibly endangering her secret switch with Sutton. Will Sutton and Emma be able to find Annie Hobbes, or will their search endanger not only their lives but the lives of others as well? Meanwhile, as Laurel is enjoying her blossoming sister bond, she is also smitten with her new boyfriend, Justin (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE -- The Secret Life of the American Teenager, True Blood ). Unfortunately, that is all put to the test when Kristin begins to question Justin's home life. Although Laurel thinks Kristin is overreacting, she cannot help but wonder about the boy to whom she has given her heart.

  7. 07 - Escape from Sutton Island

    Questions surrounding Emma arise when Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) returns to Phoenix and everyone deals with Eduardo's (recurring guest star RICK MALAMBRI - Step Up 3D ) accident. What does Emma know about the accident, and why does Thayer seem to know more about the situation even though he has been in LA? Sutton's friends are tired of the lies and demand answers from Emma. Not exactly knowing the whole story surrounding Eduardo's accident, will Emma finally tell Mads and Char about the switch to save their friendship, or will she risk their friendship to save Sutton's secret? Meanwhile, Sutton finds more trouble than she expected at Dowinger Clinic as she finally comes face to face with her mother, Annie Hobbes (recurring guest star STACY EDWARDS - Make It or Break It, Superbad ).

  8. 08 - Never Have I Ever

    With tensions already high, Emma is thrown into a tailspin when her creepy foster brother, Travis (recurring guest star KENNETH MILLER), shows up. Seeing he has an upper hand with Emma, Travis decides to use his knowledge of Emma's situation to his benefit. With her relationship with Ethan still strained, she has no one to turn to and is forced to go along with Travis's plan if she has any hope of getting him to leave her alone. But with her old life looming over her, will this be the straw that breaks Emma's back? Meanwhile, Sutton is forced into Emma's life when she is sent back to Las Vegas.

  9. 09 - Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High

    Secrets abound in the Mercer household and Emma has had about enough of it. When she overhears an argument between Ted and Kristin, Emma thinks she finally can put a stop to all of the lies and get some real answers out of Sutton's mom. But does Emma really think that she could pry the truth out of a secret that has been hidden for almost 17 years? Or will the secret Kristin has been hiding turn out not to be the biggest secret lurking in the Mercer house? Meanwhile, Sutton gets a glimpse into what Emma's life has been like when she is forced to pretend to be her sister while in Las Vegas.

  10. 10 - East of Emma

    It's the twins' 17th birthday and instead of celebrating their first birthday together, Emma is planning her escape as an angry Sutton returns to Phoenix to get her life back. Knowing her new life had to come to an end sometime, Emma tries to say goodbye to the family and friends she always dreamed of before Sutton arrives home and reveals the truth. But hell hath no fury like a scorned Sutton, and she doesn't just plan on revealing the truth, she plans on also ruining Emma in the process. With Ethan begging Emma to stay and fight for the life she wants, will Emma, for once, stand up for herself? Meanwhile, Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) and Char become more suspicious of Alec (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR).

  11. 11 - O Twin, Where Art Thou?

    It's the night of the twins' 17th birthday, and Emma and Ethan have just had a huge blow-up with Sutton. It's been a tough night for Emma and Ethan, and things are about to get tougher when they find Sutton has disappeared after their argument and the Mercer family car is missing from the garage. When the police find the car at the bottom of the lake, Emma and Ethan look to each other for support, but Thayer threatens to tear them apart with his accusations against Ethan. Meanwhile, Char's aunt, Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer ), has returned to town and Char is the only one happy about it.

  12. 12 - When We Dead Awaken

    With Sutton's whereabouts still unknown and a threatening note delivered via Sutton's signature packaging, Emma is feeling uncertain and on edge. So when she is invited to scout out the University of Texas's tennis program, Emma surprises her dad and accepts the invite. Still, Emma can't escape the fact that her twin may be gone for good. Meanwhile, Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) tries to help Char when her mom, Phyllis (recurring guest star SYDNEY BARROSSE), has another drinking "episode."

  13. 13 - Pleased to Meet Me

    As Emma, Ethan and Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) continue to search for the truth of what happened to Sutton at the lake, they follow a lead that raises more questions than it answers. But when a poorly timed encounter threatens to expose her identity, Emma is left in a precarious position that turns her life upside down. Will she be able to recover? Meanwhile, Laurel impresses the crowd at her mom's charity benefit with her musical talents, and Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) and Alec (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR) get to know each other better.

  14. 14 - Black and White and Green All Over

    On the night of the country club's Black and White Ball for junior members, Emma finds herself on the outside looking in, and Ethan must put up a façade in order to protect her. Although their loyalty to each other is strong, the jealousy and lies start to take their toll. Can Emma and Ethan look past their doubts and mend the wedge forming between them? Meanwhile, Laurel and Ted are both left reeling after they discover the motive behind Justin's (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE) actions. And Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) and Mads counsel each other on matters of the heart.

  15. 15 - Dead Man Talking

    Ethan insists on helping Emma get the answers she's looking for about her twin sister. So when a tattoo sparks a memory about Sutton, Ethan pursues an explanation. But the information proves costly when Ethan heads into a situation that quickly gets out of control. Meanwhile, Mads sneaks off to see Ryan (recurring guest star MISHA CROSBY - Hollyoaks), and Laurel continues to see Justin (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE) against her parents' wishes.

  16. 16 - Reservation for Two

    When Ethan is implicated in a serious crime, he and Sutton leave town and hide out with his father, Ben Whitehorse (recurring guest star GIL BIRMINGHAM -- The Twilight Saga ), on the reservation where he grew up. A burgeoning tension between father and son has Sutton playing mediator, but, despite the awkwardness, she appreciates seeing a side of Ethan that she did not know when they were together. Meanwhile, Emma is left to deal with the aftermath of Ethan's situation when she must pretend to be witness to a scene where she was not present.

  17. 17 - No Country For Young Love

    Still a wanted man, Ethan continues to live in hiding with Sutton, leaving Emma to worry if justice - and love - will prevail. Discouraged by Dan's (recurring guest star TYLER CHRISTOPHER) inability to crack the case, Emma takes it upon herself to find a way to vindicate Ethan. With the help of Mads and Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER), they search for any lead that may help prove Ethan's innocence. Meanwhile, Ethan and Sutton's time alone in hiding together has lowered Ethan's guard. Sutton uses the opportunity to encourage Ethan to bond with his estranged father, Ben Whitehorse (recurring guest star GIL BIRMINGHAM), looking to heal her relationship with him at the same time. And Alec (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR) questions Rebecca's (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) motives after she agitates Ted and Kristin by offering Laurel the opportunity to produce a music demo.

  18. 18 - Not Guilty As Charged

    Caught by the FBI, Ethan is brought back to Phoenix to face charges for murder, where he sits in jail. As Emma continues to search for evidence that can help Ethan's case, she clashes with Ted and Kristin over her unwavering support of a murder suspect. Alec's (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR) relationship with the victim prevents him from taking the case himself so he assigns a star prosecutor from his firm, prompting Dan (recurring guest star TYLER CHRISTOPHER) to reach out to an ex-girlfriend who is now a successful defense attorney. Meanwhile, encouraged by their time together in hiding, Sutton has her own plans for Ethan. Recurring guest star GIL BIRMINGHAM appears as Ben Whitehorse.

  19. 19 - Weekend of Living Dangerously

    Emma wants to find out what really happened on the reservation, but Ethan is avoiding her and Sutton is looking to send her packing for good. Curious about his father's possible link to Derek's murder, Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) starts to doubt Alec's (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR) alibi and begins investigating Rebecca's (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) past. Plus, Kristin grows increasingly suspicious that Ted is not telling her the entire story when it comes to Justin's (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE) mother.

  20. 20 - Unholy Matrimony

    In the explosive season finale, an unexpected engagement leads to a quickly planned wedding, causing suspicions that something is awry. Sutton encourages Emma to show Kristin what they found in Rebecca's (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) house, and Ethan makes a discovery that changes the game. Meanwhile, a shocking revelation leads to major repercussions in the Mercer household.