The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 2 12

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 2

Will Smith combines cutting-edge, hip-hop humour and classic comedy into his very own, very funny thang in Season 2 of the hit show.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Did The Earth Move For You?

    An earthquake strikes, causing some strange things to happen to relationships in Will's family.
  2. 02 - The Mother Of All Battles

    An all-out war breaks out between Ashley's parents, Philip and Vivian, and the parents of a little girl who has been harassing her.
  3. 03 - Will Gets A Job

    Feeling that the Bel-Air lifestyle is making him lazy, Will gets a job so that he can start paying his own way.
  4. 04 - PSAT Pstory

    When Will outscores Carlton on an intelligence test, Carlton is so desperate to prove his superiority that he gets caught cheating on a history exam.
  5. 05 - Granny Gets Busy

    Philip's widowed mother, Hattie Banks, arrives in Bel-Air to spend time with the family, but finds herself spending even more time with Ed Downer, the local handyman.
  6. 06 - Guess Who's Coming To Marry?

    The Banks household is prepared for the wedding of Aunt Janice--but completely unprepared to meet the white groom.
  7. 07 - The Big Four-Oh

    When Vivian celebrates her 40th birthday, she becomes obsessed with achieving her lifelong dream of being a professional dancer.
  8. 08 - She Ain't Heavy

    Will meets a girl (QUEEN LATIFAH) whose company he really enjoys.  But he is afraid to take her out in public, fearing his friends will tease him because she is overweight.
  9. 09 - Cased Up

    When Will is involved in a car accident with Hilary's new boyfriend, Philip is forced to defend his underage and uninsured nephew in court.
  10. 10 - Hiho Silver

    Will and Carlton suspect that the Banks' heirloom silverware has been stolen by one of their neighbors: glamorous movie star Sonya Lamor (ZSA ZSA GABOR).
  11. 11 - The Butler Did It

    With all of the adults away for the weekend, Will and the Banks children rent the house out to a production company shooting a music video.
  12. 12 - Something For Nothing

    Will wins a thousand dollars at a charity fund-raiser at the Bel-Air country club, but he humiliates the Banks family by refusing to donate it back to the club for charity.
  13. 13 - Christmas Show

    When the entire Banks clan spends Christmas at a ski lodge, Will mistakenly allows a robber into the family's cabin on Christmas Eve.
  14. 14 - Hilary Gets A Life

    When the lies on Hilary's job resume earn her the opportunity to cater a fancy Bel-Air party, she begs Will and her family to rescue her from disaster.
  15. 15 - My Brother's Keeper

    Will is confident he'll earn a college basketball scholarship until he learns the truth about his closest competitor.
  16. 16 - Geoffrey Cleans Up

    When Geoffrey discovers that his new love is a wealthy heiress and not a domestic servant as he first thought, he can't ignore the gulf between their social positions and risks his happiness by ending the relationship.
  17. 17 - Community Action

    Because of her many traffic violation fines, Hilary  is ordered to work for a few days at a free medical clinic, where she immediately falls in love with the resident doctor.
  18. 18 - Ill Will

    While in the hospital for a tonsillectomy, Will learns to look at life a little differently from his roommate, a wisecracking senior citizen (MILTON BERLE).
  19. 19 - Eyes On The Prize

    When Will appears on a television game show and picks his brilliant cousin, Carlton, to be his teammate, Will's not-so-brilliant friends, Tyriq and Jazz get their revenge by arranging to appear on the show as the opposing team.
  20. 20 - Those Were The Days

    When radical activist Marge Smallwood visits old friends Philip and Vivian Banks, her stories about the civil rights movement inspire Will to lead a student protest of his own at school.
  21. 21 - Vying For Attention

    Will becomes childishly jealous when his mother arrives for a visit--with a man who could easily become Will's new stepfather.
  22. 22 - The Aunt Who Came To Dinner

    Will and Carlton's plan of having the house to themselves with two sexy French girls is spoiled with the unexpected visit of Will's Aunt Helen.
  23. 23 - Be My Baby Tonight

    When Ashley can't get Philip or Vivian to realize the new sexual attraction she's feeling for her boyfriend she turns to Will for advice.
  24. 24 - Striptease For Two

    Desperate to raise some money, Will and Carlton perform as male strippers at a party, not knowing that Vivian and Hilary are in the audience.