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The Dukes of Hazzard

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The Dukes of Hazzard Season 6

Get ready for the action - Hazzard County style - as Luke and Bo Duke and their beautiful cousin Daisy Duke push the good fight just a little more than the law will allow. 

With a knack for getting into trouble there's racing cars, flying cars, tumbling cars and plenty of good old-fashioned country fun for The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Lulu's Gone Away

    Lulu (PEGGY REA) has been kidnapped, and the Duke boys (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT), knowing what she means to Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE), help secure her safe return

  2. 02 - A Baby For The Dukes

    The Dukes become instant foster parents when a young mother leaves her baby with them to avoid giving it to its grandfather

  3. 03 - Too Many Roscos

    A million dollars is incentive for a thief to have plastic surgery to look like Rosco (JAMES BEST), and there are too many Roscos in Hazzard County when Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) is robbed.

  4. 04 - Brotherly Love

    Luke Duke's (TOM WOPAT) long-lost, little brother (RANDY HAMILTON), a professional boxer, arrives in Hazzard, as does a disgruntled gambler and his henchman who want to kill Luke's brother.

  5. 05 - The Boar's Nest Bears

    Bo and Luke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) are blackmailed into helping Boss (SORRELL BOOKE) coach his basketball team, and in the process they help a young boy overcome his father's death.

  6. 06 - Boss Behind Bars

    Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) finds himself locked up in his own jail, when moonshiners frame him so they can steal his still -- and the Dukes set out to prove Boss innocent.

  7. 07 - A Boy's Best Friend

    With the Dukes help, a dog proves to be an orphaned boy's best friend.

  8. 08 - Targets: Daisy And Lulu

    Daisy (CATHERINE BACH) and Lulu (PEGGY REA) become the targets of jewel thieves who are trying to recover a stolen necklace, and Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) and the Dukes come to their rescue.

  9. 09 - Twin Trouble

    Bo (JOHN SCHNEIDER) finds double trouble when he is attracted to an identical twin who uses him as an alibi while she and her sister (CANDI and RANDI BROUGH) attempt to fence some jewels they have stolen.

  10. 10 - Enos' Last Chance

    A syndicate assassin and master of disguise (DON GORDON) escapes from prison and heads for Hazzard to settle an old score with Enos (SONNY SHROYER) who was responsible for his capture and imprisonment. The Dukes must keep Enos safe and help catch the killer.

  11. 11 - High Flyin' Dukes

    The Dukes find themselves in the middle of things when a couple of Boss' thugs pull a double-cross and try to extort money from local farmers by threatening to poison their crops, with Boss (SORRELL BOOKE) getting the blame

  12. 12 - Cooter's Girl

    Cooter's (BEN JONES) daughter, whom he has never met, comes to Hazzard to see her father. At the same time, two scheming crooks arrive in town with plans to turn Hazzard into a toxic waste dump.

  13. 13 - Heiress Daisy Duke

    Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) schemes to collect a $200,000 finders fee by having Daisy Duke (CATHERINE BACH) declared the heiress to a wealthy Georgia tycoon (LYLE TALBOT) whose relatives want to kill her.

  14. 14 - Dead And Alive

    Daisy (CATHERINE BACH) and Luke (TOM WOPAT) are arrested when it appears they have robbed an armored car and the only one who can clear them is a supposedly dead artist (JAMES CAVEN).

  15. 15 - Play It Again, Luke

    Luke (TOM WOPAT) must save his old girlfriend, Candy (ROBERTA LEIGHTON), a beautiful country-western singer, when her manager (JEFF OSTERHAGE) tries to kill her and collect on an insurance policy in order to pay a loan shark.

  16. 16 - Undercover Dukes, Part 1

    Hired by the Treasury Department to infiltrate a syndicate boss' operation, Bo and Luke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) become drivers for the Mafia boss' daughter's NASCAR driving team

  17. 17 - Undercover Dukes, Part 2

    Bo and Luke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) uncover a mob conspiracy, but they may not live to celebrate their success.

  18. 18 - How To Succeed In Hazzard

    Dewey Hogg (ROBERT MORSE), Boss' nasty nephew, turns up in Hazzard with a plan to swindle Boss (SORRELL BOOKE), the Dukes and the people of Hazzard and put Uncle Jesse (DENVER PYLE) in jail forever.

  19. 19 - Close Call For Daisy

    When the Boss of Bosses, "Nervous" Norman Willis (MIKE GENOVESE) comes to Hazzard, Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) is terrified and Daisy Duke's (CATHERINE BACH) life is in danger ... because she has the mobster's little black book.

  20. 20 - The Ransom Of Hazzard County

    Boss (SORRELL BOOKE) promotes Enos (SONNY SHROYER) because he's too honest, then hires a crooked deputy (MICHAEL ALLDREDGE) to help him run his many illegal operations in Hazzard County. But can he trust his new deputy?

  21. 21 - The Fortune Tellers

    A fortune teller (LESLIE EASTERBROOK) and her assistant (TOMMY MADDEN) come to Hazzard, and after they steal a bag of cash from the Boar's Nest, Daisy's (CATHERINE BACH) future looks bleak.

  22. 22 - Cooter's Confession

    When Cooter (BEN JONES) confesses to a crime he did not commit, the Dukes, knowing he is innocent, go after the real culprits.