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The Dukes of Hazzard

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The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1

Get ready for the action - Hazzard County style - as Luke and Bo Duke and their beautiful cousin Daisy Duke push the good fight just a little more than the law will allow. 

With a knack for getting into trouble there's racing cars, flying cars, tumbling cars and plenty of good old-fashioned country fun for The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - One Armed Bandits

    Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (JAMES BEST) brings slot machines to Hazzard County to fill his pockets but Bo (JOHN SCHNEIDER) and Luke (TOM WOPAT) Duke turn him into a local hero when they steal the machines and turn over the proceeds to the orphanage.

  2. 02 - Daisy's Song

    The Dukes don't realize they've taken on the syndicate, the FBI, Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (JAMES BEST) when they try to recover Daisy's (CATHERINE BACH) money from an uscrupulous music publisher

  3. 03 - Mary Kaye's Baby

    Bo and Luke Duke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) stop to help a pregnant neighbor and find themselves in the midst of one of the most explosive events ever in Hazzard County

  4. 04 - Repo Man

    The Dukes inadvertently uncover a counterfeiting ring when they try to buy one of racer Richard Petty's wrecks from Hazzard's dishonest used car dealer

  5. 05 - High Octane

    The Dukes fire up Jesse's (DENVER PYLE) old still to enter his moonshine as a fossil fuel substitute in a contest worth $20,000

  6. 06 - Swamp Molly

    Jesse's (DENVER PYLE) old moonshining friend Swamp Molly (NEVA PATTERSON) brings a truckload of trouble to the Duke family

  7. 07 - Luke's Love Story

    A lady driver wins a spot in the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby, and Luke (TOM WOPAT) flirts with her and disaster as they tackle the course

  8. 08 - The Big Heist

    A masked gunman steals $30,000 from Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKS) and Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane (JAMES BEST) and they, in turn, try to pin the crime on Bo (JOHN SCHNEIDER) and Luke (TOM WOPAT) Duke.

  9. 09 - Limo One Is Missing

    Cooter (BEN JONES) innocently "borrows" the President of the United States' limousine, and the Duke Boys (TOM WOPAT and JOHN SCHNEIDER) become equally innocent accomplices

  10. 10 - Deputy Dukes

    When Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (JAMES BEST) makes Bo and Luke Duke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) his deputies to help bring Public Enemy Number One to Hazzard for a trial, the road between the two counties is rougher than the boys had bargained for

  11. 11 - Money To Burn

    It's time for Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) to exchange a million old dollars for a million in crisp new currency, but the Dukes uncover his scheme to keep an extra million for himself

  12. 12 - Route 7/11

    Bo and Luke (JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT) take a job driving an eighteen-wheeler only to discover that they're hauling a mobile casino. Jesse (DENVER PYLE) tries his gaming talents when an old family friend falls prey to the scheme

  13. 13 - Double Sting

    A prisoner in the Hazzard jail has the symptoms of the plague, so Sheriff Coltrane, Deputy Enos, Boss Hogg and Bo Duke and Jesse Duke are quarantined while two men rob the Hazzard Bank and escape with Daisy