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The Closer Season 2

An offbeat personality, a tough-as-nails approach and a track record as one of the country's leading investigators--these are just a few of the traits exhibited by television's next great detective, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, played by Golden Globe Award winner Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer.

In her first lead role in a dramatic series, Sedgwick plays a CIA-trained detective who has been brought from Atlanta to Los Angeles to head up the Priority Murder Squad, a special unit of the LAPD that handles sensitive, high-profile murder cases. Brenda is tapped to lead the team because she is a world-class interrogator, and when it comes to obtaining confessions, she is a closer.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Blue Blood

    Brenda's squad includes her boss, Assistant Police Chief Will Pope (series star J.K. SIMMONS), with whom she once had an affair; Sergeant David Gabriel (series star COREY REYNOLDS), Brenda's right-hand man; Commander Taylor (series star ROBERT GOSSETT), head of Robbery Homicide Division and a frequent thorn in Brenda's side; quick-witted veteran Detective Lieutenant Provenza (series star G.W. BAILEY); and disgruntled Detective Andy Flynn (series star TONY DENISON).

    In the second season premiere, Brenda goes on an internal investigation after the murders of an LAPD officer and the drug dealer he was tracking. But the situation becomes more complicated than it initially appeared as she discovers more and more about the dead officer's past. Meanwhile, Brenda and Fritz discuss the possibility of taking their relationship to a new level. And Pope finds his own personal life in upheaval.

  2. 02 - Mom Duty

    Brenda deals with an unexpected visit from her fussy mother, Willie Ray (recurring guest star FRANCES STERNHAGEN), which puts Brenda's plan to move Fritz into her house on hold. Meanwhile, Brenda investigates the death of a jury member in the trial of an Armenian mob boss. Risking a mistrial, she pursues the case, and a surprising perpetrator might end up behind bars.

  3. 03 - Slippin'

    Brenda investigates the shooting of three youngsters, one of whom is the son of Taylor's friends. The shooting, which took place in a known gang area and which has all the markings of a gang-related crime, leads Brenda on a complicated trail of clues that could tarnish the image of one of the victims. Meanwhile, Brenda must also deal with her mother, Willie Ray (recurring guest star FRANCES STERNHAGEN), whose visit to Los Angeles is preventing Fritz from moving in with Brenda.

  4. 04 - Aftertaste

    Brenda probes the murder of a young woman at a high-priced restaurant. Among the suspects are a corrupt investor, who had previously been investigated for murder, and her husband, an ambitious chef. As the case unfolds, Brenda learns that the victim may have used unconventional means to advance her career and that of her husband. Meanwhile, Brenda must also cope with a major landmark in her life: her 40th birthday. She attempts to hide it from the squad, but their analytical skills eventually uncover her secret.

  5. 05 - To Protect and Serve

    Provenza and Flynn are shocked to discover a dead body in Provenza's garage. However, Provenza persuades Flynn not to report it until after they get back from a big Dodger game for which they have tickets. Unfortunately, the corpse disappears from the garage and turns up elsewhere, stripped and mutilated, and Brenda furiously interrogates Provenza and Flynn. The situation soon becomes a race against time as the Priority Homicide Division tries to cover for its negligence and solve the case before the Robbery Homicide Division gets involved.

  6. 06 - Out of Focus

    Brenda investigates the death of a paparazzo who appears to have killed himself by jumping from a hotel window. Her team of investigators soon discovers that a popular celebrity was staying at the hotel and may have been the target of the photographer's prying camera tactics. Meanwhile, Fritz has been getting calls from a female colleague at the FBI, stirring up feelings of jealousy in Brenda.

  7. 07 - Head Over Heels

    After finding severed body parts in a dumpster, Brenda determines that the victim was a popular porn star who had AIDS. Brenda's circuitous investigation reveals that many of the victim's fellow stars may have also been exposed to HIV, and many had motives to kill. Meanwhile, Fritz discovers a pregnancy test in Brenda's purse and wonders if he's about to become a father.

  8. 08 - Critical Missing

    After fishermen discover the badly decomposed bodies of a mother and daughter in the Los Angeles harbor, evidence points to ritual suicide. But Brenda's instincts tell her that there's more to these deaths. As the case takes one bizarre turn after another, Brenda discovers a shocking truth about the killer.

  9. 09 - Heroic Measures

    A bereaved mother contacts Brenda and the Priority Homicide Division regarding the death of the woman's son, accusing his doctors of murder. Despite some initial misgivings, Brenda sympathizes with her and opens an investigation. But with both Taylor and Pope questioning her rationale, Brenda faces the possibility that she may not be able to close this case.

  10. 10 - The Other Woman

    Brenda is called to testify in a custody hearing between Pope and his estranged wife. Realizing that the proceedings may reveal Brenda's past relationship with Pope, Brenda worries that her squad's trust in her will be damaged. Meanwhile, Brenda's team investigates the death of a woman whose identity may have been stolen by a drug addict.

  11. 11 - Borderline

    Brenda gets into a minor traffic accident but ignores protocol and leaves the scene so she can hurry to the location of a multiple homicide involving the smuggling of illegal immigrants. Her decision comes back to haunt her when Pope decides to take away her car keys. It's going to take some internal wrangling for her to get her driving privileges back.

  12. 12 - No Good Deed

    Brenda investigates the death of a teenager who was expected to testify that a man convicted of murdering a Korean couple was not actually the culprit. But several unexpected twists in the case make her wonder if the boy was really going to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Pope's ex-wife exposes Brenda's past relationship with Pope when she threatens Brenda in front of her entire squad.

  13. 13 - Overkill

    When the wife of a major crime boss is murdered while in FBI custody, Brenda and the LAPD face off against Fritz and the FBI for jurisdiction. As the case unfolds, the team learns that today's Mafia doesn't follow the traditional rules anymore. Brenda also suspects that the agent supposedly protecting the crime lord was corrupt and hastily prepares to interrogate him before the FBI can regain control of the investigation. However, the situation goes seriously awry, putting lives and careers in jeopardy.

  14. 14 - Serving the King - Part 1

    Following the recent traumatic events at the end of her Mafia case, a demoralized Brenda is placed on administrative leave, and Taylor dismantles and reassigns her team. But help comes from an unexpected source when Brenda is offered the chance to redeem herself by unofficially working on the case of a murdered Lebanese teenager, in a highly charged situation that has the attention of top-level government authorities. To succeed, she must covertly reassemble her squad and carry out the sensitive operation without Taylor finding out.

  15. 15 - Serving the King - Part 2

    As Brenda continues investigating a wide-ranging case that began with the death of a Lebanese teenager, she uncovers layers of political intrigue and questionable loyalties--and realizes that she herself is under surveillance. Relying on a daunting 60,000-name database and a computer expert, she narrows the list, hoping to determine whom the boy was supposed to meet when he was killed. And although little direct help comes from the dead teen's evasive mother, Brenda eventually finds the small clue that could help her avert a worldwide crisis. Actor/director KEVIN BACON, series star Kyra Sedgwick's real-life husband, directed the episode.