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Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 4 18

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season 4

It's been a great ride, now comes the climax! Belle is back and living the London dream. Glamorous, intelligent and witty but there is one thing that sets Belle apart from other successful career women her age... Belle is a high class escort.

In season 4, Belle takes on a new relationship with best friend Ben and the new role of managing Stephanie's escort business. The stakes have never been higher for Belle - accepting Ben's offer of a lasting relationship means that Belle has a real chance of happiness; but Ben is her one true friend and if she messes up, she'll lose him forever. And with Stephanie in prison for her dodgy finances, Belle finds herself being an - albeit reluctant - Madam, whilst also becoming the unlikely guardian of Stephanie's innocent 19 year old daughter, Poppy. As Belle starts to manage other girls - including the unmanageable Dominatrix, Charlotte - she still finds some time for some new, unmissable clients – The Virgin, The Adult Baby, The Wrestling Fetishist and, don’t miss, Count Dracula himself... But as Belle exceeds in her professional life, her personal life starts to fall apart... Will she give up ‘Belle’ for Ben and commit to being just ‘Hannah’ or will she cut all ties and throw herself into the world of prostitution forever?