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Rizzoli & Isles

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 1

Angie Harmon stars as Jane Rizzoli, a police detective in Boston who is pulled into a case involving a serial killer that finds ways to antagonize and harm her. A native Bostonian, Jane is tough and part of a close-knit family. Sasha Alexander stars as Maura Isles, the methodical and blunt medical examiner who is more than a little attractive. 

Rizzoli and Isles are bonded by their dedication to work and their strong friendship. The drama also involves the gruff but lovable detective Vince Korsak, Jane's former partner who is a bit hurt that she has taken the likable but green Barry Frost as her new partner; Frankie Rizzoli Jr., Jane's younger brother and a Boston patrol officer who worships her and hopes to one day make detective; and the handsome FBI special agent Gabriel Dean, who may have intentions other than just helping to solve the case. The drama is based on The Apprentice by internationally best-selling author Tess Gerritsen.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - See One. Do One. Teach One.

    In the series premiere, Jane and Maura investigate the grisly murder of a wealthy couple.  The modus operandi matches the work of a serial killer known as the Surgeon, who once nearly murdered Jane. Now that the Surgeon is behind bars, it seems one of his protégés has picked up where he left off. Recurring guest star BILLY BURKE (The Twilight Saga, The Closer) appears as FBI Special Agent Gabriel Dean.

  2. 02 - Boston Strangler Redux

    Tensions are high as the squad investigates a possible copycat of the legendary Boston Strangler or could it be the Boston Strangler himself? Meanwhile, Jane butts heads with her new boss, Lieutenant Grant (recurring guest star DONNIE WAHLBERG  Boomtown, Righteous Kill), who just happens to be from the same neighbourhood where Jane grew up. And Maura gets into trouble with her habit of diagnosing everyone  including her date.

  3. 03 - Sympathy for the Devil

    Jane and Maura investigate the mysterious death of a young boy whose family is from Cape Verde. At first, it appears that he may have died during an attempted exorcism, and it may take a message from beyond the grave for Jane to pinpoint exactly what happened. But Jane becomes distracted from the case when her mother, Angela, sets her up on a surprise date. Recurring guest star DONNIE WAHLBERG appears as Lieutenant Grant.

  4. 04 - She Works Hard For the Money

    After a student is gunned down in broad daylight, the investigation reveals she had more than a few secrets. Meanwhile, Jane's mother, Angela, and father get into a spat over the car.

  5. 05 - Money For Nothing

    The eldest brother in an aristocratic Boston family considered to be direct descendents of passengers on the Mayflower is found dead after an apparent sailing accident. Maura's close connection with the family and Jane's resentment over the wealth they display threaten to derail their investigation. Meanwhile, Angela tries her hand at selling a Polynesian health drink. MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR (NYPD Blue, Raising the Bar, upcoming Franklin & Bash) and PETER ONORATI (Civil Wars, The Mentalist, Boston Legal) guest star.

  6. 06 - I Kissed a Girl

    Jane and Maura investigate what appears to be a hate crime: the brutal assault and murder of a woman leaving a lesbian bar. Jane goes undercover, in hopes of luring the killer out in the open. Outside the case, Maura hooks up Jane with a handsome yoga instructor.  BRENDA STRONG (Desperate Housewives) and ANTONIO SABATO JR. (Melrose Place, The Big Hit, General Hospital) guest star.

  7. 07 - Born to Run

    The Boston Marathon turns into a crime scene when a shooter begins targeting runners. Racing to catch the killer before another shooting, Jane and Maura must conduct their investigation in secret so as not to cause a mass panic. BALTHAZAR GETTY (Brothers & Sisters) guest stars.

  8. 08 - I'm Your Boogie Man

    A body discovered in a park appears to be the work of Charles Hoyt, the imprisoned serial killer who once abducted and nearly murdered Jane. As Maura tries to get inside the mind of the killer, Jane struggles to keep her fear in check. Recurring guest star BILLY BURKE (Twilight) appears as FBI Agent Gabriel Dean.

  9. 09 - The Beast In Me

    When an identity thief with no apparent identity of his own is found murdered in his car, the investigation leads Jane into a checkered past. A startling discovery about the victim also sends Maura on a deeply personal quest. Meanwhile, Frankie Jr. tries to help his dad, Frank Sr. (recurring guest star CHAZZ PALMINTERI  The Usual Suspects, Hurlyburly) add to his client base.

  10. 10 - When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang

    In the season finale, after an undercover cop working a narcotics-smuggling sting is shot dead, the killers turn their sites on Boston homicide headquarters, leaving Jane, Maura and Frankie Jr. trapped in a fight for survival on their home turf. It's a situation that will force Maura to challenge herself like never before. Recurring guest star CHAZZ PALMINTERI and guest star ERIK PALLADINO (ER) appear.