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Revolution Season 1

What would you do without it all? In this epic adventure thriller from Supernatural's Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions, a family struggles to reunite in a post-apocalyptic American landscape: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology - computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights - has mysteriously blacked out... forever. 

A grand romantic saga with sweeping scope and intimate focus, this drama is also about family - both the family you're born into, and the family you choose. This is a swashbuckling journey of hope and rebirth, seen through the eyes of one strong-willed young woman, Charlie Matheson, and her brother, Danny. When Danny is kidnapped by militia leaders for a darker purpose, Charlie must reconnect with her estranged uncle Miles, a former Marine, living a reclusive life. Together, with a rogue band of survivors, they set out to rescue Danny, overthrow the militia and ultimately re-establish the United States of America. All the while, they explore the enduring mystery of why the power failed, and if - or how - it will ever return.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    In this epic adventure, a family struggles in an American landscape of empty cities, militias and freedom fighters, where every piece of technology has blacked out forever.

  2. 02 - Chained Heat

    In order to rescue Danny, Miles knows that he and the gang will need help.  Thus, the search begins for Nora (DANIELLA ALONSO), a rebel fighter battling against the Militia.

  3. 03 - No Quarter

    On the run from the Militia, Nora leads Miles and Charlie back to the rebel camp.  Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie search for Grace; and Danny stands up to one of Capt. Neville's men.

  4. 04 - The Plague Dogs

    After Charlie and Nora rescue Miles from the Militia, they set off to meet Aaron and Maggie.  But Nate is tracking Miles and Charlie at every turn.

  5. 05 - Soul Train

    As the gang nears Neville and his men, their hopes of finding Danny grow until a shocking discovery threatens to impede their efforts.

  6. 06 - Sex and Drugs

    In order to save Nora from her injury, Miles leads the gang to visit an old acquaintance for medical support, but they quickly find themselves in unfriendly territory.

  7. 07 - The Children’s Crusade

    When Charlie meets a boy who's suffered a plight similar to her own, she relates and longs to help him and his young friends...but first she must convince Miles.

  8. 08 - Ties That Bind

    Nora must make a difficult choice between family and a promise.  Meanwhile, one of the most ruthless members of the Militia is tracking Miles, Charlie and the gang.

  9. 09 - Kashmir

    Miles and the gang are bound for Monroe's lair, Independence Hall, but their efforts are impeded when they have difficulty separating fantasy from reality.

  10. 11 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

    In the gang's quest to rescue Danny, the time has come for Miles and Monroe to meet face to face...and Charlie is conflicted by a shocking secret.

  11. 11 - The Stand

    When a powered up Monroe begins attacking the rebel bases. Miles leads them out of danger.  And a guilt-ridden Rachel tries to redeem herself with the rebels.

  12. 12 - Ghosts

    A final act of heroism by one of their own saves the lives of Charlie and the gang, but the loss devastates everyone and they must carry on with heavy hearts but increased resolve.

  13. 13 - The Song Remains the Same

    Captured by the rebels, Neville faces personal and professional jeopardy, while Rachel struggles to restore the power and her relationship with Charlie.

  14. 14 - The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    Another betrayal pushes Monroe to the edge, while Rachel sets off on a dangerous quest to restore the power before Monroe triggers a nuclear device.

  15. 15 - Home

    When the past catches up with Miles and Monroe in the form of a mutual heartthrob, all hell breaks loose.  Aaron's life is turned upside down on the road with Rachel.

  16. 16 - The Love Boat

    Miles remains wary as Neville claims to be fighting for the same cause; and the gang makes a daring river rescue, while Rachel and Aaron are captured by militia.

  17. 17 - The Longest Day

    Romantic connections heat up between the rebels, while disastrous drone strikes threaten everyone.  An assassination attempt on Monroe heightens his paranoia.

  18. 18 - Clue

    A captive Nora is tortured and left for dead; Monroe is stalked by Rachel; while Miles is desperate to find a murderer among his core group.

  19. 19 - Children of Men

    Rachel enrages Monroe while the rebels infiltrate the Tower...with explosive results.  Meanwhile, Miles and Monroe face-off again, even more lethally.

  20. 20 - The Dark Tower

    In the first season finale, Miles and Monroe face-off, while the rebels infiltrate the Tower and the core group suffers another big loss.